Lezginka Dance

Ladies and Gentlemen let us introduce to you Lezginka

The most famous and popular dances for the people of Caucasus.

This is a story of a Caucasian Dance
When the lights come up on the Lezginka dance we are in another world. The colourful costumes speak of folklore. The precision and grace tell of discipline.
Lezginka is a male solo dance and also a couples dance. It shows an action dance of a strong and combative man where the woman accompanies him with his grace and sensitivity. The man, imitating the eagle, falls to his knees, leaps up, and dances with concise steps and strong, sharp arm and body movements. It is said that Lezginka was created for a young man to express his interest in a young woman in a respectful manner. When performed by both genders the woman is supposed to try and escape the man through soft and fluid movements while the men are to stop her escape by blocking her without ever touching her.

The young man and woman look at each other, clearly drawn to one another but there is no physical contact.
This amazing show will make your event unforgettable.

In conclusion, Lezginka is a beautiful dance that demonstrates strength, and virility of male dancing, as well as the beauty and grace of the women, dance.