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Our Dance Team, Toronto's Finest

What could be better than enjoying the skilled movements and creative passion of a group of top dancers, dazzling you with the show of a lifetime?

At Hips Don't Lie, one of the premier studios in Canada, you'll find some of the most creative, original and talented dance artists in Toronto. Whether you're looking for a custom performance for your event or want to learn how to impress with the first dance at your wedding, our performers have the skills to impress, entertain, teach, and inspire you and your guests.


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Discover more about 12 popular types of dance. Dancing is one of the most common forms of expression.
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Our dance team, Toronto

All our dance artists are unique performers with special skill sets. You can read all about our Canadian dance team in more detail in their biographies but here are a few of the reasons why we love working together.

As well as amazing you with her talent for belly dance and many other forms of dancing, founder Lyana has mastered all the skills needed to expertly choreograph and teach dance. Her award-winning background and extensive training in Europe have made her a force to be reckoned with in the world of dance in Canada. Read more

With a background in more traditional forms like ballet and jazz dance, Mariana has taken her classical training and brought these skills to the world of contemporary dance. This has helped her to build an award-winning career having toured many countries of the world. Read more

Having enjoyed performing and competing for many years Jessica is now honing her art at the prestigious York University. Whether she's performing jazz dance or teaching acrobatics Jessica's extensive training from some of the best teachers in Canada always shines through. Read more

With many years of performing and touring as a professional folk dancer, Maryna is one of our most experienced artists and witnessing her dance is always a privilege. Read more

Don't let her young age fool you, Alina is one of the most talented acro dancers in Toronto, and possibly the whole of Canada. Still honing her art she splits her time between studying and wowing audiences with Hips Don't Lie. Read more

A born dance artist and gymnast, Alex has been dancing professionally for over 16 years. If you've traveled around Europe you might have seen her performing in various movies, stage shows and commercials and now she's wowing Toronto audiences too. Read more

Alyssa has been a dancer since she could walk, and her prodigal skills include winning top competitions and choreographing her own dances as a teenager. You'll see her style shining through in the moves at many Hips Don't Lie events. Read more

With a top classical education in Europe and many years of work on major events and shows, Oleksandra is a real asset for the Hips Don't Lie team. You'll see her leading many of our performances and her presence at your event will make it a real celebration. Read more

With a passion for learning all styles, from ballet to Afro-dance, Jenya's creativity and imagination can be seen in many of our shows. With her vision and skills, she elevates any event to the next level. Read more

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    Do you have passion for Dance?

    Grab a dose of how the dance world works and fill your appetite of news!

    What makes our dance group special?

    Our dancing team is made up of many unique and skilled dancers, each with their own specialties and passions, with each bringing something different to the table. This means that when they work together they can create something truly magical and original.

    When hiring performers to join our dance group we look for:

    • At least 5 years of professional experience
    • Training with top dance teachers or at top international schools
    • A range of skills, including teaching and choreography
    • Knowledge of and love for different dance styles
    • A passion for dance and performing
    • The ability to capture an audience's attention
    • That special something that makes our performers stand out from the crowd

    Make your event a night to remember

    When you work with our talented team of dance artists in Toronto, you'll be guaranteed an event to remember. Our artists bring expertise from all over the world to Canada, and by working with our experienced choreographers you'll create a show that your guests will never forget. We have experts in all types of dancing from disco and street dance to ballet and ballroom and will create a visual show with costumes, lights and music that your guests will never forget.

    Check out some pictures and videos from our recent performances and contact us today to discuss your unique event.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a dance team called?

    A dance team is typically called a performance or competition team but may also be called a dance squad or group. These terms all generally refer to groups of dancers who come together to perform at events, competitions, or shows.

    Dance teams are found in many different places including schools, universities, dance studios, professional companies, and community groups. A team will usually have a leader or coach who choreographs the routines and leads rehearsals, and the performers will have regular practices or rehearsals to prepare for performances.

    Some common examples of teams you may be familiar with in Toronto are cheerleading squads, drill teams, hip-hop crews, etc. In other countries around the world, they may have different names.

    What is the purpose of a dance team?

    The purpose of a dance team is to bring together a group of dancers to perform choreographed routines and entertain audiences.

    These teams often participate in competitions, perform at events, and get audiences excited before sports games. They also serve as a fantastic way for performers to improve their skills, gain experience and form a community through the shared love of dance.

    Some also come together to provide health and fitness benefits as regular dancing practices are a great way to build strength, flexibility and overall fitness.

    You'll find these groups in a wide range of settings including universities and studios around Toronto and the world. These teams generally all have the ability to entertain, educate, compete, build community, improve fitness, and provide professional development opportunities through the medium of dance, but each team usually focuses on a few of these goals.

    What is teamwork in dance?

    Teamwork in dance is when we talk about how dancers collaborate and coordinate their performances to achieve a common goal. It can also include working together to choreograph and perfect a routine, supporting each other during performances, and fostering a positive and supportive environment between all the members of the dancing teams.

    Mutual respect, trust, and communication are vital parts of each performer's teamwork. Each member of the group also needs to take accountability for their role in the show and to work with the other members to create a single show - not to just highlight their own abilities.

    Teamwork is essential for the success of team dance, as it allows the performers to come together to create a polished and coherent presentation that showcases everyone's skills and talents.

    What is the leader of a dance team called?

    The leader of a dance team Canada, is typically called the captain, coach or choreographer, depending on the size of the group and how many layers of management it has. They will oversee all the Canadian dancers on the team.
    A smaller team will probably have one person who carries out the roles of a choreographer, manager and coach, while larger and better-funded teams will have one person for each of these roles, possibly having multiple choreographers.

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