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    We are an international dance company led by Lyana Khatatba (a dancer with close to a lifetime of experience).
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    Sensuality, femininity and hypnotizing grace - you can see all this in a belly dance show. It is a magic performance where a female dancer creates a unique body movement pattern characterized by spontaneity and improvisation. The appeal of belly dance derives from its rich cultural and historical roots. For centuries, belly dance and music have been a part of celebrations, rituals, and social gatherings in the Middle East and North Africa. There are a lot of YouTube belly dance videos that will enable you to better feel its spirit and authenticity. A belly dance video or live performance can be a great addition to a number of events, including weddings, corporate celebrations, birthdays, and cultural festivals.

    Belly dance video clips

    An original belly dance workout involves rhythmical moves of the hips and pelvis. However, it has undergone multiple changes and modifications over time. Today, a dancer focuses on different body parts to produce fluid, undulating movements. For example, they may concentrate only on their hips and move them in a circular direction or a figure-eight style. Arms and hands create graceful, flowing movements, and feet are also engaged in the process. Performers tend to use small steps to underline a particular rhythm.

    But as they say, a picture paints a thousand words. You can find a lot of free belly dance videos on this page, and if you need more content, continue to YouTube to search for more belly dancing music videos online. The diversity of this performance is impressive – you will enjoy belly dance for parties or even belly dance video lessons.



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    Only dancers with 5+ years of professional experience qualify to work with us
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      Master belly dance! Belly Dancing Videos

      Many people fall in love with the magic of belly dance performances and dream of mastering these gracious movements. It should not necessarily remain a dream! This type of dance is suitable for women of all ages. It can be easily studied by teenagers and women of a more mature age. Belly dancing fully transforms the body, giving it a feminine shape. Besides, belly dance brings a lot of health benefits as it involves all muscle groups.

      The popularity of this dance is growing every day! Today, you can watch belly dance teaching videos on YouTube to follow and exercise. Watch belly dance instruction videos and master this dancing art on your own. The most significant benefit is that you can train straight from home and at any convenient time. You will also find belly dance classes on this site – do not miss a chance to gain a new exciting experience.

      Hire belly dancers. Performance videos

      Belly dance is appropriate in various settings. This sensual performance will add zest to many occasions. Order belly dance for events to make them more spectacular and enjoyable. Where is belly dance used most often?

      Cultural events. Festivals that include music, food and dance will harmoniously host belly dance performances. Dancers can use Arabic or even modern music to entertain guests.

      Weddings and childbirth events. Belly dance is traditional entertainment at wedding parties, thanks to its close connection with a fertility legend.

      Nightclubs and restaurants. Belly dancing is always a winning attraction in places that offer Middle Eastern cuisine.

      Fitness classes. Belly dance exercise video classes have recently gained immense popularity. You can order belly dance videos for beginners or belly dance video tutorials for coaches.

      This list can be continued – you can freely use this fabulous performance in other settings and contexts. Incorporate belly dance videos with music into your event to make it unique and memorable and entertain your guests.

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