Diwali, Indian holiday- festival of lights

Diwali (Deepavali) is one of the biggest Hindu festivals celebrated everywhere in the world, where there are Indian communities. The holiday is celebrated five days in a row; the 3rd … Continue reading “Diwali, Indian holiday- festival of lights”

The History of Arabic Dance. Arab folk dances

Oriental dances: history and legends of the Arab countries.  The history of oriental dances: from ritual to exotic The first mention of the Bellydance dance was found in the ancient … Continue reading “The History of Arabic Dance. Arab folk dances”

Animals, children, Senior relatives: who should be at your wedding

Who should not be invited to the party? Some ideas about how an ideal celebration should be held seem interesting, unique and symbolic. But before implementing them, it is important … Continue reading “Animals, children, Senior relatives: who should be at your wedding”


The XIX century is called the period of “New time” in history. Revolutions are taking place in all aspects of society, which of course, could not pass by dance. As … Continue reading “THE XIX CENTURY DANCE”

Flamenco is love, hate, aggression and madness.

Flamenco is an incredibly passionate yet gentle dance that originated in Spain. The dancer is an integral part of Flamenco. She is called “bailaora” Flamenco is a complicated dance, not … Continue reading “Flamenco is love, hate, aggression and madness.”

Why ballerinas are so skinny?

Ballet is not just a dance style; its a lifestyle, a culture, and like many cultures, has its own myths and rumours around it. They are passed down from generation … Continue reading “Why ballerinas are so skinny?”