Bollywood Dance

Have you ever seen eye-catching Bollywood dancing pictures? You are sure to be attracted by their colorfulness and brightness.

Though Bollywood dance is often considered a commercial dance style because it comes from the movie industry, its fusion with Indian folk and Western popular styles makes it a stunning cultural phenomenon.

The dance provides a wide variety of dancing moves, feels, and approaches. You can express any emotion with it, so this style is suitable for most big events, special occasions, and unforgettable celebrations.


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      Apart from many other different dancing styles, “Hips Don’t Lie” is also known as a great Bollywood dance company that offers professional Bollywood dance in Toronto and GTA. Even if it is a family gathering, a group dance party with your friends, an engagement, a wedding, or a birthday celebration, our entertainment acts for hire can make it entirely flaming and unforgettable. Or you can enjoy the classes with expert dancers in this and many other dancing styles.

      Bollywood Dance Culture As an East-West Fusion

      What is Bollywood dance? The name “Bollywood” is derived from two others - Bombay and Hollywood. Everyone knows what Hollywood is, and Bombay is a big city in India whose name is Mumbai now. Bollywood is located in Mumbai, and it is the largest film-making industry in the world. The number of films it produces and the tickets they sell every year is impressive.

      Bollywood films are well-known for their colorful dancing scenes. The four types of Bollywood dance known nowadays have been developing for many decades. The style has experienced the strong influence of Western pop and classical dance cultures.

      Though this dancing style was initially popular in the countries where Indian films were widely watched and appreciated, it has gained rising popularity in Europe, the USA, and Canada by now, so many Canadian dance companies offer performances and classes. All in all, Bollywood films and their dances have taken the world by storm, and they are now one of the most stunning cultural spotlights.

      bollywood dancing

      The Indian diaspora is expanding, and these people bring the fascinating vibe of the Bollywood dance style to Western culture. However, non-Indians also pay a lot of interest to it due to the extravagant costumes and lavish sets, presented in the films. Such worldwide famous stars such as Britney Spears, Madonna, and Shakira have incorporated a lot of elements from the Bollywood style and music into their live performances and videos.

      The classical Indian dances Bharatnatyam and Kathak gave a lot to Bollywood style. They both are used to tell stories via movements and rhythm. Bharatnatyam was initially a temple dance from South India. Kathak comes from the Northern Indian regions. These dances are used in Bollywood films to liven the mood and create the appropriate atmosphere.

      Original soundtracks and elaborate dance routines from Bollywood films have developed their own unique atmosphere perceived by Westerners. Bollywood dancers are happy to present a rich combination of folk and classical dance forms with elements of hip-hop, jazz, and Latin.

      The costumes here are very colorful. Most of them come from traditional dance styles, and modern trends do not influence them much. Their design and color also depend on the type of dance, its choreography, and the Bollywood dance troupe performing it. Vibrant colors mostly dominate the shows, while spiritual dancing requires a pure white costume.

      The popularity of Bollywood style across the world may also account for the appearance of global streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and many others where you can see Bollywood films and enjoy their soundtracks and dancing.

      Since many Bollywood dance groups from different parts of the world desire to incorporate Bollywood elements in their individual dancing routines, taking up this dance also becomes a fitness craze.

      You may find it funny but the Bollywood style of dancing performances is in big demand for weddings and special events all over the United States and Canada nowadays. Bollywood dance troupes for hire near me can bring with them a lot of high-energy excitement and a touch of whimsy.

      Dance Styles Offered | Top Rated Dancers & Dance Acts for Hire!

      How Bollywood Dancing Evolved

      bollywood dance style 1

      You will be surprised but Bollywood dancing is already about 100 years old. It has been used and well-known since the first Bollywood movies appeared in 1913. The very first famous film is called “Raja Harishchandra.”

      However, the history of Bollywood dance had started long before. The dance was considered purely Indian folk or classical at first. It was performed by only one person. Performances by the entire local Bollywood dance group started in the late 50s-mid-60s, though the dancing routines used then were still Indian classical.

      The dancing style of many earlier Indian films highlighted Indian dancing forms from different folk groups and parts of India. The most well-known are the forms of Bharata Natyam and Kathak.

      So, what is Bollywood dancing in groups? Such groups appeared in Bollywood movies in the late 1950s-mid-1960s. Choreographers did their best to manage large groups of dancers influenced by the folklore culture.

      bollywood dance style 2

      The Bollywood dance history has many famous names. When the era of color films arrived, the world saw the best Indian dancers like Mahipal, Sandhya, Geetanjali, and Helen. They were loved by audiences in many countries and raised their dancing style to a new level. Choreographers still followed classical and semi-classical dancing routines but incorporated a lot of elements from other styles into them.

      The most outstanding change in Bollywood style happened in the 1970s. It was related to Cabaret dancing and featured in many films. Later on, Cabaret was changed to disco and spread worldwide.

      After all those experiments with classical, semi-classical, folk, cabaret, and disco styles, Bollywood dance started introducing the free style of dancing routines. The famous Bollywood dancer Govinda and other prominent performers made the style individual and full of even more attractive elements and forms. Simultaneously, Hrithik Roshan is a well-known dancer who brought a completely new style into Bollywood movies and made the dance look like that of Michael Jackson.

      bollywood dance style 3

      The heavy influence of Western dance styles was observed in the 1980s with the appearance of American MTV. Musical dance performances were released as separate entertaining videos. The soundtracks to the films appeared before the movies themselves for advertising and promotion. So, the Bollywood style gained more and more fans.

      Modern Bollywood films, however, also use a lot of hip-hop dances and their variations. Today, the Bollywood style experiences even more Western influences in its elements and forms. Frequent changes in costumes and locations are a characteristic feature of this new trend. The use of a larger Bollywood dance troupe is also quite common and highly appreciated. The movements have become more extroverted and bolder. They are developed to capture more attention.

      Anyway, the Bollywood dance style is still in the process of its evolution. On the one hand, it is fully Indian, and on the other hand, it is highly cross-cultural. Here, at “Hips Don’t Lie”, we can offer our clients the best Bollywood dance performance from true talents and professionals. Due to them, Bollywood dancing in Toronto has become so immensely popular and continues to boost this popularity.

      Body Movements, Routines, and Techniques in Bollywood Dancing

      This dancing form involves a lot of body movements. In fact, all parts of the body are used in the dance - from head to toe. To some extent, the Bollywood dance description of movements differs from other dancing styles because you can do it to both fast and slow-paced songs. Very often, Bollywood music may change rapidly from very fast to very slow and vice versa. That is why beginning amateurs dancers may find it hard to adapt to the tempo.

      The main purpose of any Bollywood dance performance is to tell a story or share a message. That is why it often matches the storyline of Bollywood movies. For instance, if a girl is in love with a boy, the dance will show this girl moving around that boy while performing.

      All the body moves here are graceful but energetic. The dance is perfectly synchronized when done in large Bollywood dance teams. That makes every performance so mesmerizing. You can feel the immense energy from the dancers in Bollywood groups and enjoy the story showcased in every dance movement. It is especially important to follow the hand movements (mudras) because they help understand what the Bollywood dance means. These moves are usually done with one hand but very often, you can use both. Such moves make up the basics of the dance.

      bollywood dancing 1

      The moves of the head and neck add a lot to the feeling of fluidity. The foot movements form the entire picture of the style. They are highly complicated, though you may not notice them if you are watching the dance for the first time. They have much in common with ballet feet and their positions. Moreover, the bounce of steps is pretty similar to the English chicken step, so you will need to practice a lot.

      You can also learn the choreography of the Bollywood Indian dance style in our classes and be able to dance as perfectly as they do in the Bollywood movies.

      They say that the most colorful and enjoyable Indian dance forms are Bhangra and Garba. The latter originated in the Indian state of Gujarat. Only the merge with other dancing forms from all over the world has produced the style we call Bollywood dances nowadays.

      The main key to Bollywood style mastery is confidence and love for yourself. You will never find any exact Bollywood dance information as in other styles. It does not have exact forms or rules to follow. So, as many people argue, it is one of the easiest dances to learn. You can try one class comfortably at our “Hips Don’t Lie” studio and, if you like it, move on to make progress at your own pace.

      However, since the Bollywood dance meaning is pretty sophisticated, the style involves different types of movements, including hands, neck, head, facial expressions, and feet. Each element feels perfect in the combination with others.

      Nowadays, Bollywood dancing is becoming mainstream in the USA and Canada. It’s exciting and can offer a lot of fun, fitness, and emotions. So, find a professional Bollywood dance company and enjoy the Bollywood dance near me performance to relax and get distracted from dull everyday routines. We will eagerly help you to do this.


      What is a Bollywood dance?
      You cannot find an exact Bollywood dance definition when you want to learn more about this style. It is a fusion of different cultures - Arabic, European, and Latin American, but with a strong basis of the traditional Indian folk dances that originated in different parts of this big country. The name, however, is pretty straightforward - the dance appeared in Bollywood films and then developed and spread across the world.

      What are Bollywood dance moves called?
      If you want to get Bollywood dance explained in simple terms, it is rather difficult to find such an explanation because the number and characteristics of the moves are amazing. All parts of the body are involved in dancing - from head to toe. However, the most well-known name is given to hand movements. They are called ‘mudras’ and are performed either with one or two hands.

      Is Bollywood a cultural dance?
      You may think that this style is purely commercial because it originated from Bollywood movies and became popular due to them. However, the meaning of Bollywood dance is much deeper, and it started from the folk culture and traditions of the Indian people. That is why Bollywood dance is also a cultural phenomenon.

      Is Bollywood dance from India?
      You may encounter Bollywood dance groups in every corner of the world nowadays. Though, it is an Indian dance composed of local folk dances and elements from other traditional and new dancing styles. It appeared in Bollywood movies, so we can be sure that this style is from India.

      bollywood dancing 2

      Final Thoughts

      If you are ready to experience this wonderful dancing style with “Hips Don’t Lie,” one of the prominent Bollywood dance companies in Toronto, Canada, you are heartily welcome. Remember that it will be your perfect start in the world of dancing, and it does not matter what your skill level is.

      Taking up the Bollywood dance style is your great chance to wear bright performance costumes, enjoy the movement, and express yourself. Take a class for your emotions and embrace your inner Bollywood star. You will learn the basics and feel you have discovered a new passion.

      The main characteristics of Bollywood dancing are its dynamics, colorfulness, and a highly theatrical vibe in every move. This is not only the style you can see in Indian films. It’s a perfect combination of traditional Indian folk dances, belly dance from the Arabic world, Salsa from Latin American dances, as well as many contemporary dance forms like jazz, funk, and hip-hop. Bollywood dancing is always captivating and thrilling to see and try.

      You may also get a lot of emotions from our dance acts for hire because we are happy to represent the most talented and professional Bollywood dance group near me. Learn more about this and other dancing styles we practice by visiting our website or calling us at any time.

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