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When you think of Brazilian dancers you probably think of samba dancers, shaking their stuff at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, but Brazilian dance is so much richer than just samba. This country has a rich and diverse culture of dance that is woven into many aspects of everyone's life. This makes Brazilian dance culture one of the most vibrant and exciting in the world and the perfect style to provide entertainment at any event!

Private or Corporate Brazilian Dance Performances

To make your event a success you need to provide your guests with top-quality entertainment. One of the most efficient ways to do this is to hire dancers who will present your guests with an amazing show.
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Everything you'll ever need to know about booking a dancer or dance group. Want to mix up the entertainment at your event?
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Solo Dancer

Hire a Solo Dancer or our Group for your Next Event, Wedding, Private Party.
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Hire these dancers as soloists, a duet, ar a trio for your finest events
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Dancers for hire from a single belly dancer to a troupe of can dancers.
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      We provide a wide selection of national dancers available to hire that can astound your attendees, add some enchantment to an occasion or get everyone out on the dance floor.

      Book folk groups recommended for a local wedding, party, dance or corporate event.

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      Gypsy Dance Performance

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      Chinese Dance Performance

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      Irish Dance Performance

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      Everyone loves to watch the talent and style of professional dancers, and that's even more true with Brazilian dancers and their hip-shaking moves. So if you're organizing a party, festival, or event one of the best ways to keep your guests entertained is to hire Brazilian entertainers from the dance experts at Hips Don't Lie.

      Brazilian dance - more than just samba dancers

      When you hire a Brazilian dance show for your special occasion, including samba dancers is a wonderful idea, as everyone loves to watch this lively and energetic style of dance - especially with the fabulous costumes the samba dancers wear.

      But there is more to Brazilian dance than just samba - you can create an entire routine for your private party or event made up of a wide range of dance styles from Brazil, that evoke different moods and energy levels but all keep your guests entertained and mesmerized by the performance.

      At Hips Don't Lie we can provide trained and experienced dancers in all of these styles and many more:

      • Samba
      • Carimbo
      • Forro
      • Zumba

      The Hips Don't Lie Brazilian dance performance will leave everyone impressed by the fluid motion, high energy, and vibrancy of the dancing. Each and every samba dancer in our company is experienced in making an event truly special.

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      Hire Samba dancers for your event in Toronto

      When you work with Hips Don't Lie and our expert Brazilian carnival dancers you know you are getting the best dancers for your events. Our past performances have included many types of special occasion, including:

      Samba dancers are especially a crowd favorite for your corporate event as they add a touch of glamour, style, and cultural awareness without sacrificing class, and you can trust that your guests will be entertained for the whole night. Talk to us now to make your corporate event or party stand out from the rest.

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      Why Hips Don't Lie

      You might wonder what makes Hips Don't Lie samba dancers so special and we'd love to tell you. Each and every samba dance in our company has had at least 5 years of professional experience in the world of entertainment. They have also had extensive training, so their dancing skills are unparalleled.

      As well as the training and experience, our dancers are experts and keeping your guests entertained and happy with their stage presence and people skills. They are more than just dancers, they are all round entertainers.

      Our shows and performances are also unique, in that we can tailor them to your exact needs. If you want a show made up of just samba dancers - done. But if you want to highlight a range of Brazilian dancers or even other Latin American or World dancers, we can create a special performance just for you.

      Our dancers are always impeccably dressed in the most beautiful and appropriate costumes that catch the eye and enchant the soul. Our choreographers put together the most exciting routines, that your guests are guaranteed to love. And we set it all to the music of your choice - or we can recommend a suitable soundtrack for your special event or party if you prefer.

      So when you are looking for Brazilian carnival dancers for hire talk to the event planners at Hips Don't Lie. We'll design your perfect event and make sure everyone has a fun time. Contact us now for a no-obligation quote and consultation about your unique event.

      Frequently asked questions

      What are Brazilian carnival dancers called?

      Brazilian carnival dancers are called passistas, or samba dancers and they dance the samba in the parade at the Rio Carnival. Passistas are leading samba dancers who perform elaborate and energetic moves while wearing fabulous costumes and skillfully dancing in the slow-moving parade. The carnival parade is a wonderful sight to see, filled with beautiful dancers, impressive music, and fantastic sights and the passistas are one of the highlights of Rio Carnival.

      What are Brazilian dances called?

      Brazil has an immensely rich and diverse dance culture, with many different styles and genres with their roots in both Europe and Africa. Some of the most popular Brazilian dances include:

      • Samba
      • Carimbo
      • Brazilian Zouk
      • Forro
      • Lambada

      These are just a few of the many traditional and modern dance styles that have come from Brazil and are wowing international audiences today.

      Do Brazilians like to dance?

      Yes, Brazilians love to dance and it's an important part of their culture. Many famous dances like Samba, Bossa Nova, and Forró came from Brazil and Brazilians often dance them socially at parties, festivals, and celebrations, as well as performing professionally. Dancing is an important part of their culture and is something that brings people together in a joyful manner. Whether it’s a wild street festival or a simple family gathering, the rhythm of Brazilian music ensures that everyone gets up and dances.

      What is the most famous Brazilian carnival dance?

      Samba is the most famous Brazilian carnival dance, with its roots coming from a mix of African and Brazilian traditions. Samba is a very lively dance that is most famously performed at carnival time by mostly female carnival dancers. The samba parade held to celebrate the Rio Carnival is probably the biggest and most famous dance performance on earth, with visitors from around the world flocking to Rio to experience the magic of samba and carnival.

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