Contemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary Dance Classes

What is contemporary dance about? It is not about movements and choreography - it interprets space, music, rhythm, and emotions. A dancer always tells a story through elaborate, fluid, and dynamic movement.


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Contemporary Dance Classes & Lessons | Reach Your Dance Goals

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      Discover contemporary as a fun and emotive form that does not have a rigid structure or well-established rules with our contemporary dancing classes.

      If you have a passion or curiosity for this style, join our drop-in contemporary dance lessons near me or order individual lessons at every level of mastery. They will help you to reconnect with yourselves via fluid and powerful techniques and principles of variety.

      We are "Hips Don't Lie," a prominent Canadian dance company where you can find everything you are looking for when you decide to join contemporary dance classes - a beautifully developed program based on the profound knowledge of our contemporary dance instructors and private dance teachers, building-up self-awareness and stage presence skills, and enhancing your physical and mental stamina.

      If you are looking for dance instructors for your needs, our dance teachers are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with students who love to work, learn new things, and create their unique environments. Whether you are just at the beginning or want to train to the next level, "Hips Don't Lie" will help you achieve your goals. Talk to us, book our drop-in group or private classes, and enjoy.

      How Can You Benefit from Our Contemporary Dance Classes?

      This style can provide students of all ages with unique benefits. It will change all your body parts and brain areas to help them release energy and get a new, more positive view of yourself and your emotions. This style draws a lot from multiple sources of inspiration, such as jazz, lyrical dance, ballet, and modern style. That is why every contemporary dance class for adults is full of variety. Let's consider other benefits and reasons for taking our contemporary dance classes.

      1. Building flexibility and coordination. While other sports are meant to improve stamina and fitness, this style trains muscles and enhances coordination and agility.
      2. Spacial awareness and proprioception. Every class with a professional contemporary dance instructor is taught in open spaces. So, as a student, you can move freely and explore your individual dance style by understanding the space around you and how your body moves within it.
      3. Promoting a storytelling persona. This style is about telling stories via movements. So, you will learn how to use quick changes of pace and direction to tell a story and evoke emotions. It's the best way to express yourself.
      4. Mental challenging. The style requires a focus and engagement of all senses. During our contemporary dance course, you will develop musicality, a sense of space, and an understanding of your physical moves and mental expressions.
      5. Psychological well-being. The dance and music will both stimulate your mind-body connection and activate new levels of consciousness in these contemporary dancing lessons. That will support your overall health and abilities in problem-solving and dealing with unpredictable situations. The ability to concentrate will play a great role in your future life, too.
      6. Enhancing self-confidence. The sense of dedication and self-discipline will help you build up resilience and mental stamina. This determination skill will improve your self-esteem.
      7. Reducing stress levels. The emotional component of each contemporary dance class encourages the use of feelings and inner narratives. You will remove all that turmoil from your life and gain more inner peace and optimism. Your vulnerability to unfavorable mental states, such as anxiety and depression, will also substantially reduce.

      So, call us now if you want to find a friendly, experienced, and understanding personal dance coach for your contemporary dancing classes.

      contemporary dance classes

      Do You Need Any Special Skills for Our Contemporary Dance Classes?

      Actually, if you are wondering if the dance is for you, no worries. You don't need anything special to learn how to start contemporary dance training. If you want to connect with yourself both physically and artistically, you have arrived at the right place! We offer fun and pretty instructive contemporary dance classes for beginners.

      If you have already got a playlist packed with songs that fill you with strong feelings, if you have watched a million contemporary dance performances on YouTube, or if you are dreaming about expressing yourself through music and movement, this style is right for you. You will need to find a professional dance trainer near me and start right now.

      Contemporary is about freedom of self-expression. So, even if you are at the beginning, you are sure to adopt the mindset of a dancer as if you were prepared in the contemporary dance academy. You will learn how to communicate your emotions by moving every inch of your body with a specific purpose. You will know how to create clean lines and aesthetically pleasing shapes.

      Even if you have some experience in dancing other styles, such as hip-hop, ballet, or house, adding contemporary movements and musicality skills will do you a lot of good. You will learn to think outside the box, involve muscles you have never known you have, and create pictures you have never imagined.

      You are welcome to our drop-in group contemporary dance lessons near me and individual classes with private dance teachers, and we will create one more beautiful world together.

      How to Prepare for Our Contemporary Dance Classes?

      Your first lesson will go according to a special contemporary dance lesson plan and thoroughly cover the basic techniques, encourage you to discover new feelings and explore new ways of expression, and help you build your artistic foundation. Each contemporary dance teacher does not just show common moves like Chasses or Kick Ball Changes. All our instructors are professional dancers who begin with clear explanations of different ways to create an unforgettable atmosphere, different visual effects, and specific emotions.

      Our contemporary dance classes in Toronto are more interactive than any other typical dance lesson where you just need to copy your private dance coach. Our teachers use the achievements of the most prominent dance school so that you may be asked a lot of questions about your thoughts and intentions, and you will spend a lot of time freestyling and improvising.

      Therefore, you need to know how to prepare properly for your first lessons. After you register for the program you have chosen, you may need to talk to your potential teacher to find out what type of clothes you must acquire. Since this style requires a wide range of motion, your clothes should not restrict free movement. Opt for loose tops, pants, shorts, and other items that are breezy enough to sweat in during the course. You can train barefoot, but you will need to wear socks because the floor in the contemporary dance studio may be carpeted, and you will have to do a lot of gliding movements across the floor.

      If you wanted to find a dance instructor, who would use individual approaches, you are here and don’t need to look anywhere else. Our dancers know well how important it is to warm up before every session. Each teacher includes a short warm-up part of 5-10 minutes in every lesson to do light cardio and stretching. You can receive everything you expect at our group and private contemporary dance lessons.

      You can also prepare your body for the intense sessions by holding planks, balancing on one foot (preferably on its ball), and doing crunches. Finding about 10-15 minutes daily to strengthen your back, legs, and abs is important. Contemporary dancers need a strong core and stable lower body, so if you help your teacher develop these characteristics will be great.
      "Hips Don't Lie," with its contemporary dance lessons, will do its best to introduce you to this amazing modern dance style. We are waiting for you and your fascinating love for creativity. If you have been looking for contemporary dance lessons near me, we are happy to welcome you to our company in Toronto.

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