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    Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co.

    We are an international dance company led by Lyana Khatatba (a dancer with close to a lifetime of experience).
    We are dedicated to helping our customers create the most entertaining, vibrant and lively gatherings. With a variety of dance styles and performers for you to choose from, Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. ensures a colorful, engaging and original show, which will be a perfect fit for any party.

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    We offer high quality instruction at affordable prices in both recreational and competitive.

    Contemporary dance

    How can a dancer best express their feelings, emotions and inner experiences? Dancing is versatile and bottomless. But contemporary is not only a dance but a story, and every time it is unique. It is enough to watch contemporary dance video clips to get a deeper understanding of contemporary dance performance. It is not just one of the directions of modern choreography but a universe of knowledge about the capabilities of the human body and its interaction with mind and space.

    Contemporary dance videos with music demonstrate how skillfully elements of ballet, modern jazz, yoga and even oriental martial arts intertwine in one improvisation. At the same time, you will be involved in a dialogue with a dancer, where you need to individually interpret his message and the feelings contemporary dance and music could evoke in you.



    Performed over 8000 shows since 2011 (12 years!)
    Only dancers with 5+ years of professional experience qualify to work with us
    Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. is a recognized name across most major banquet halls in the GTA


      Enjoy the energy of contemporary dance video.

      Watch contemporary dancing music videos on YouTube to better understand the philosophy of this performance. There are no strict rules on the choice of music - it can be absolutely anything. Movements are also free, varying from extreme muscle tension to complete relaxation, including abrupt stops, rises and falls. The distinctive feature of the dance is that many elements are performed on the floor – you will see it in all YouTube contemporary dance videos. The dancers don't follow a particular pattern, they don't have a script, and there are no two dances alike. Each contemporary dance workout conveys exclusive personal experiences and emotions. Clothing for this plastic and emotional dance should be as comfortable as possible – usually, these are elastic suits that do not restrict movements. The majority of performances are barefoot to convey the deepness of emotions.

      Do not miss the contemporary dance video tutorial!

      Dancing is the best way to learn to express your mood through movements. Contemporary classes improve posture and grace, strengthening all muscle groups. Contemporary dance exercise video can also replace regular training in a gym, making your workouts less boring. However, this type of dance is quite challenging to learn on your own. It is vital to master the correct breathing technique and learn to work with space, body weight and emotions. In addition, you will need to understand how the principles of falling and balance, interaction with the floor and jumping work. But do not worry; there is plenty of contemporary dance video lessons online. You can also find enough helpful content on this site, including contemporary dance videos for beginners and advanced performers. This section will be growing – follow it not to miss new contemporary dance teaching videos.

      Order contemporary dance show.

      Are you interested in contemporary dance for events? Find the most appealing contemporary dancing youtube videos, and we will select a composition in this style. Our professional dancers will easily interpret any event theme, and their performance will become a great artistic addition to it. A bright show program will contribute to any occurrence – a corporate, wedding or birthday party. Fill your event with colorful emotions. Modern contemporary dance for parties will delight your guests, bringing drive and unforgettable memories. We will help you establish particular contact with the audience and a positive atmosphere. Original dance scenarios and the exclusive grace of dancers will ensure a festive mood for everyone!

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