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More than 21 different dance forms and styles are known and performed worldwide. Dance lovers and scholars may want to research them in more detail. If you want to find multiple dance styles’ definitions, visit our website. We provide a lot of information here to help you make the best choice for your hobby or celebrations. You will learn a lot about the history of every style. Some date back to 30 thousand years ago, which is truly amazing. You will also track the dance changing, merging, and evolving process in what we see and enjoy today.



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Different Types of Dance Styles: Which is Perfect for you?

What are Popular Dances at Weddings?

Dance is an ancient art form that appeared in times immemorial to meet social and religious needs. Later on, it became a kind of entertainment, relaxation, and even sport. You can use it to celebrate your special events, spend a good time with your family and friends, or even be part of your artistic career.

Human civilization produced different styles of dance according to the area, country, ethnicity, and social requirements. Dancers learned to convey the most intricate human thoughts, feelings, and emotions. They can also tell stories via movements.

Modern people choose dance styles to boost their mental and physical health, entertain themselves, and enjoy the dancing process as a hobby.

At “Hips Don’t Lie,” we are happy to introduce a huge dance styles list that contains dances coming from different parts of the world, like belly dance, Latin dance, ballroom, jazz, disco, performance, contemporary, ballet, hip hop, break, and other types of dance forms.

When you want to enjoy beautiful performances, it makes sense to order them from professionals. If you prefer to take up dance classes, refer to experts. If you are planning to enjoy dance as art, come to “Hips Don’t Lie.” We can offer classes, entertainment acts for hire, help from professionals, and a lot of information.

Our 5-style performances at one price have gained a lot of popularity. We do our best to preserve all dancing traditions and introduce new elements that can complement your views on dancing and help you enjoy it to the fullest.

The Most Popular Types of Dance

People’s tastes and preferences may change over time. Those dance styles that were popular several decades ago may experience decline or indifference nowadays. However, many old dance style forms and routines have been revived and still, enjoy a lot of popularity worldwide.

“Hips Don’t Lie” is a prominent Canadian dance company that offers its clients preserved and modified dance routines, classes, and performances, trying to establish and keep the connections between the old school and present-time dancing styles and habits. You can see our complete dance styles list with pictures on our website. The list includes ballet, ballroom, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, tap dance, Irish dance, folk dance, modern styles, swing dance, and many others. All these styles are immensely popular among our audiences and customers nowadays.

Ballet belongs to the top dance genres. Though the dance’s choreography follows classical music, we introduce different subgenres, like neoclassic, romantic, and contemporary, alongside the classical one. Our talented professional dancers know and implement the six core widely recognized methods, like Cecchetti, French School, Vaganova, Bournville, Royal Academy of Dance, and Balanchine.

You can also enjoy perfect ballroom dances. These dance styles popular in the eighteenth-nineteenth centuries are revived and highly appreciated by many people across the world. We use all the subgenres in our performances - European Standard, Latin, American Smooth, and Rhythm. We also offer classes from experienced dance teachers on these styles. You can learn how to dance the waltz, tango, foxtrot, bolero, samba, paso doble, rumba, and many others.

We love contemporary and do our best to promote it to our clients. This style incorporates many stunning characteristics of classical and modern dance forms. A specific emphasis on torso and legwork, contract and release, fall and recovery, floorwork, and unpredictable acrobatic tricks and speed and rhythmic changes make this style unforgettable.

Hip Hop belongs to the most popular and beloved dance styles names we practice and perform in our studio. We want to take you back to New York and Californian streets of the early 1970s when this style and culture appeared. We want to introduce to you all these amazing substyles, like breaking, locking, and popping, alongside their derivatives of turfing, Memphis jookin’, jerkin, and krumping. We have a specially designed dance floor that meets the needs of hip hop and other popular street dances in our studio.

If you do not know what jazz dance is, come to see it and get involved in it at “Hips Don’t Lie.” It is known and appreciated for its dramatic and highly improvisational body movements and the entertaining mixture of swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Shimmy, and other jazz dances modified to the tastes and requirements of the present day.

Among many other dance styles, modern dance is extremely popular in Canada nowadays. Its forms are structured, and steps are set, though every modern dance relates to the interpretational skills of its performer. Modern dance does not like any limitations and rigid rules. So, if you are interested, you can order stunning dance acts or personal classes on this style.

dance styles

The Top Worldwide Dance Today

Among many popular dance styles’ examples presented at our studio to our respected and well-appreciated customers, we want to emphasize contemporary dance, salsa, ballet, belly dance, and hip hop as the top worldwide dances of today.

We do our birth to revive dancing traditions of the past and give the second birth to well-known dancing forms and styles. We strive to design our entertaining acts for hire and classes as strong therapeutic and detoxifying activities for the improvement of our customers’ moods, physical conditions, and spiritual and mental health.

If you are a pretty style dance girl or a bulky mid-80s biker, you will find our contemporary dance performances eye-catching and entertaining. Every movement's endless perfection, romanticism, and deliberate grace will touch your inner strings.

You can also enjoy salsa, a western dancing form with a complicated style dance routine. You will follow the unexpected artistic shifts of weight with the performers’ upper bodies staying leveled. You will enjoy the distinct beats and Latin American rhythms that will fill you with a lot of energy and joy. Many people in the world appreciate salsa for its energy and drive, and you can become one of its fans.

We also present dance styles with a partner, like a ballroom dancing or ballet. The latter is introduced into all our best performances. You will see our talented ballet dancers at work and admire their sophisticated choreography performed to light classical music.

Belly dance is also ranked among the most popular dance forms in the world. It is very expressive with its Middle-Eastern folk dance routines, colorful costumes, and stylish moves. Or you can learn with us what hip-hop dance and culture really are. If you have never seen break dance and other elements of this culture, it’s your perfect chance to do it now. This dance form is one of the world's five most popular dance styles.

You will be amazed at the variety of forms, styles, services, and routines “Hips Don’t Lie” can offer. Even if you are used to watching dance styles’ YouTube videos, you cannot imagine how they may look in real life. We provide you with the best opportunity to enjoy the colors, rhythms, and movements performed live.

You can opt for any style of dance from our list to order for your party, special occasion, festival, or family gathering. Every event will become unforgettable with our picturesque and eye-catching performances. You may also want to learn how to dance with style. Our professional dance teachers provide expert individual and group classes on any style of your choice.

If you want to learn more, visit our website.

How many styles of dance are there?

Dance scholars have defined approximately 21 different kinds of dance forms and styles. The most well-known are ballet, contemporary, break dance, hip hop, salsa, waltz, belly dancing, tango, swing, Latin dances (a wide variety of forms and options), ballroom dances, cancan, disco, folk, electronic dances, and many others.

What are the 10 popular types of dance?

Different dances of the past have changed a lot, merged, and developed into what we see today. Today's 10 most well-known dance genres are ballet, ballroom, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, Latin dance, folk, modern, swing, and salsa.

What are the top 5 dances in the world today?

Dance is a part of every culture. We cannot imagine any people’s life without this art form. The list of the five most famous dance styles appreciated around the world includes salsa, ballet, belly dance, hip hop, and contemporary.

Different Latin and European ballroom dances and social dances are also pretty popular. Everybody enjoys tango, foxtrot, samba, rumba, or jive. Bachata is also well-known, and electronic dance paves the road to fame.

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