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We all enjoy watching artists at work, whether they are actors, painters or dancers! For an event, a group of dancers on the stage can provide wonderful entertainment for your audience, wowing the crowds with their graceful, synchronized movements and drawing the audience's attention.

If you're planning a corporate event, party, wedding, or other big events, hiring a dance trio will make your event memorable and exciting. At Hips Don't Lie we can provide highly experienced and talented dancers to perform various styles of dance at your events. Our trio dance routines are particularly popular crowd-pleasers. Contact us today to arrange a booking.

Private or Corporate Trio Dance Performances

To make your event a success you need to provide your guests with top-quality entertainment. One of the most efficient ways to do this is to hire dancers who will present your guests with an amazing show.
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Everything you'll ever need to know about booking a dancer or dance group. Want to mix up the entertainment at your event?
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Dance Trio

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      We have a fantastic range of national dancers for hire to wow your guests, bring some magic to an event or get everyone up on the dance floor.

      If you're looking for something special for your event, look no further han us.

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      What is a trio in dance?

      You'll sometimes hear the term "trio" used in dance to talk about a group of three dancers performing together as a group. Trios are found in a variety of dance styles, including ballet, modern dance, hip-hop, tap dance, and contemporary dance.

      When you have three dancers performing together you get many opportunities to witness different pairings and impressive levels of coordination and teamwork. A solo dance focuses on a single dancer and a set of two dancers will focus on the pair. But with a trio, you have opportunities for solos from each dancer, pair dances and more complex three-person dances in the same performance.

      The Hips Don't Lie team is adept at performing in various groupings and our dancers have been working together for many years so their levels of teamwork and coordination are impressive. Watching them perform trio dances, specially arranged by our in-house choreographer, is really a treat not to be missed.

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      Trio dance styles

      Many different styles of dance make use of three dance performers, including hip-hop, modern, ballet, contemporary and tap. To give you some trio dance ideas here are some popular types of trio performances:

      • In ballet, a pas de trois is a dance performed by three dancers and it is a showcase of technical skill and partnering.
      • In modern and contemporary dance, trios can be a choreographic exploration of a theme or concept.
      • Trios are popular in hip-hop dance with many groups being made up of three performers.
      • Tap dance also makes use of three dancers with the performers either moving together or responding to each other's movements, to create a lively and enjoyable performance.
      • A high-energy jazz dance can be great fun to watch with three dancers.

      While these are some of the styles that more readily suit trio performances, many other types of dance can be performed by three figures. These include the tango and the paso doble, with one male dancer with two women, and jive which is even more lively with three performers. You can even swing dance in threes with these performances being very lively and exciting.

      If you'd like one of these styles of dance performed by a trio, contact Hips Don't Lie today to discuss trio dancers for your events.

      Hire a dance trio for your event

      These days a conference or party isn't complete without some sort of performance, and one of the most striking forms of entertainment you can bring to your event's stage is a group of dancers. Watching a dancer, or a trio dance group perform is sure to make the night memorable for your guests.

      If you want dancers for your party, hire a dance trio from Hips Don't Lie, as our dancers are head and shoulders above the rest. Our choreographers are experts at working with our dancers to bring the movement to life on the stage and choosing the right music to suit your event theme and the style of dance.

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      Frequently asked questions

      Is dance a sport yes or no?

      Dance can be considered a sport, as it involves physical activity and training, but it is also considered an art form. Generally, sports are considered to be physical activities which take skill, where an individual or team competes against each other for public entertainment.

      By this definition, competitive dance would be considered a sport but dance purely for pleasure or entertainment would not. So in our opinion dance can be a sport when it is competitive but is not a sport when it's not part of a competition.

      Who invented dancing?

      The specific person who invented dance is unknown as humans have been dancing for thousands of years. Dance has been an integral part of human culture for over 4,000 years, and its origins can be traced back to ancient civilizations. There are records of dance from ancient Egypt and Africa, where they used to dance to worship their gods as well as for entertainment.

      As one of the oldest art forms, Hips Don't Lie is proud to be continuing this wonderful performance skill, that celebrates the human body and movement.

      What are 3 dancers called?

      A group of three dancers is usually called a "trio." However, in certain contexts, such as in a ballet performance, the group of three dancers may also be referred to as a "pas de trois", as "trois" is the French word for three.

      The artist, Pablo Picasso famously painted three ballet dancers taking part in a macabre dance in his famous painting from the surrealism movement, called "The Three Dancers", painted in 1925. This is one of his more popular paintings from this era.

      What is the best size for a dance group?

      The best size of a dance group depends on many things including the specific performance, choreography, and style of dance. Different sizes can create different dynamics and visual effects on stage.

      A solo dancer really focuses the audience's attention in one place and can be used to show deep emotions as well as highlight the performer's particular skill and artistry.

      Small groups, like a duo or a dancing trio, can be intimate and showcase the chemistry and connection between the dancers. Larger groups, such as corps de ballet or dance companies, can create a sense of grandeur and spectacle.

      Ultimately, the best size of a dance troupe depends on the choreographer's vision and the dancers' abilities. A choreographer may choose a smaller troupe for a more intimate and nuanced performance, or a larger troupe for a more grandiose and spectacular performance.

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