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Anniversary celebrations and dancing are a match made in heaven. Book Hips Don't Lie to make the anniversary memorable, a once-in-a-lifetime event.


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      Why hire dancers for the anniversary celebration?

      Anniversaries are important. They are the most significant days in our lives. No matter if it's a date that marks a year after the first date or 50 years of marriage (where one of the happily-ever-after ones doesn't even remember it), a homecoming gathering to remember the crazy graduation day, or a decade working on a company, the 1st or the 100th Birthday... The anniversary celebration must be big, even if only two people are in it. Choose the right style of party — the one that truly matches the occasion.

      We're sure that the anniversary day absolutely cannot happen without great music and dancing. Hiring dancers for the anniversary will make the party truly stand out, whether you choose to learn a dance and perform it or watch a dancing show. Hips Don't Lie are your dancers at the anniversary party. Contact us to discuss the scenario of the event, and we will offer ideas, from a particular dance tutoring to a striking anniversary dance performance.

      Dancers at the anniversary party: what occasions are suitable?

      Pretty much any anniversary is a good enough occasion for hiring professional dancers. A beautiful show on a stage, an interactive dance, or a couple's anniversary dance brings the attention of all guests and creates an unforgettable magic moment. Here are a few suggestions of anniversary celebrations, perfect for hiring dancers.

      anniversary with dance

      Ideas for a Birthday anniversary

      Of course, the scenario of a party will depend on the age and the lifestyle of the celebrant. To organize something really special, think outside of the box. Plan the event at least 2 months ahead of the anniversary date. For example, if your idea requires a special venue, you will most likely need to book it in advance.

      Hiring dancers for the anniversary also takes time: you need to find the best performers for the event. Contact Hips Don't Lie today to discuss the upcoming celebration, and let's not forget about the anniversary dance song! The whole scenario of the feast can be built around it.

      Looking for special celebration ideas? Here are a few truly unique ways to celebrate one's Birthday.

      1. Wine tasting
      2. Romantic ride
      3. Anniversary dance
      4. Anniversary dance show
      5. Cooking class
      6. Hiring a private chef
      7. Popping into a local mixology class
      8. Hot air balloon adventure
      9. Having a blast at an amusement park
      10. Party at the rooftop bar
      11. Visiting a comedy club
      12. Bungee jumping

      These ideas to celebrate the anniversary also suit the important work milestones, business achievements, and other significant dates.

      Ideas for a wedding anniversary

      Wedding anniversaries are traditionally classy. A beautiful venue, friends, family, kids, old photos, and great memories. Some couples love to replicate their wedding reception day, others go traveling, and some prefer quality time together in a great restaurant.

      If you're going for a grand party, a wedding anniversary dance is an absolute must. No matter if it's the first anniversary of your wedding day or the 30th! The first dance is a must. And maybe you'd even want to include a bouquet throw too!

      What is the anniversary dance at a wedding?

      An anniversary dance is the most beautiful way to celebrate the longevity of your love and true feelings toward each other. Tell your love story in a custom-created dance. Replicate your first dance at the wedding reception. And don't forget to bring all guests to the dance floor right after! Let the DJ turn the slow wedding music on, and let the magic begin.

      What song to choose for a wedding anniversary dance?

      Of course, you can use whatever music and song you want, we're sure there is a special one for that magic moment. But here is a list of 15 absolute hits in the marriage community.

      1. "Your song," by Elton John
      2. "Have I Told You Lately," by Rod Stewart
      3. "I say a little prayer," by Aretha Franklin
      4. "Amazed," by Lonestar
      5. "Still Crazy After All These Years," by Paul Simon
      6. "The Best Is Yet to Come," by Michael Bublé
      7. You're still the one," by Shania Twain
      8. "Here, There and Everywhere," by Paul McCartney
      9. "This Will Be (A Everlasting Love)," by Natalie Cole
      10. "It had to be you," by Frank Sinatra
      11. "Just the Two of Us," by Grover Washington Jr. and Bill Withers
      12. "By Your Side," by Sade
      13. "Let's stay together," by Al Green
      14. "Wonderful tonight," by Eric Clapton
      15. "Everything I do, I do it for you," by Brian Adams.

      What is the #1 wedding song?

      Each couple has its own "anniversary song". Maybe it was the first song that they heard when they realized that they were in love or the tune that was playing during a significant moment. But if you want something really classy, we recommend considering a wedding anniversary dance to the top wedding songs of all time, the romantic dance ballade by John Legend "All of me". It is a great example of a perfect song that can be played both at the wedding reception or the anniversary years after.

      anniversary celebration ideas

      Should you do an anniversary dance?

      Of course, you should! Walk down memory lane, tell the party about your love, and refresh your feelings. Just celebrate your love with family and friends, and remember this dance for your whole life. And we at Hips Don't Lie will help you stage the dance, and offer a dancing program that will bring your guests to the dance floor.

      What dance to choose for a wedding anniversary celebration?

      It's a very good question. There are a few traditional wedding dances that we would recommend perfecting before the anniversary date. Here is a list of dances that Hips Don't Lie performers will be happy to guide you through. Even if you're the longest-married couple in town, with our professional guidance you can definitely do it! If you were looking for a romantic idea for anniversary, you found it!

      • Waltz. One of the most traditional, classy, and beautiful dances for your anniversary wedding party
      • Tango. An embodiment of passion in a dance form. Learn the moves and impress both your guests and your partner!
      • Samba/Roomba. Dynamic, passionate, beautiful! The dance floor is just created for them

      modern dance

      We offer a wide variety of dance styles – Disco Style, Break Dance Style, Waltz Style, Samba Style and others. All these types of dances you can learn at Hips Don't Lie in Toronto! List of the most beautiful dance forms and styles: Latin Dance Style, Jazz Dance Style, Ballroom Dance Style... learn more

      dance classes Toronto

      Privat dance classes in Toronto. Dance studio for everyone: adult and children dance classes, social dance programs, wedding dance lessons! We care about your experience! We have a 5-star rating in Google reviews.

      dance performance Toronto

      We offer a full program of dance styles such as Belly Dance performance, Bollywood dance performance, Latin dance performance, Can can  performance, Las Vegas dance performance and others. Our themed dance performers are a sophisticated addition to any event!

      How do you make an anniversary party special?

      Plan the event carefully. Choose the venue, and make sure it's free on the celebration day. Think of the setting and the decorations. If you are planning a performance, consider the need for a stage, and the proper equipment.

      A dance act for the anniversary is certainly a very special way to celebrate. Let the team of professional dancers help you organize the anniversary dance. Gather on the dance floor with your loved ones, and leave the dance floor absolutely happy!

      Think of the main anniversary song. As we've already mentioned, you can build the whole scenario of the event on it. Or maybe you want to surprise your guests and your partners with a flash mob dance? It's one of the most fun ways to make a party a once-in-a-lifetime event. The song starts playing and suddenly all guests do something unexpected. Super-exciting! Give us a call for the best flash mob dance ideas for your anniversary party!

      Make a guest list and don't forget to send out the invitations. Making a list of guests is smart. You don't want to leave your aunt out by just forgetting to invite her! Knowing the number of guests will also help you evaluate the needed space, the drinks, etc.

      Hire catering. If your venue isn't a restaurant, a resort, or a hotel, it makes total sense to hire a good catering company that will take care of food and drinks. You don't want to leave your guests hungry, or not having enough bubbles!

      Think of souvenirs or presents. It is a very good idea to present your guests with a memorable souvenir. Homemade gifts are the best way to keep the memory of the event.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is the purpose of an anniversary event?

      The purpose of an anniversary event is to celebrate an important date, whether it's a Birthday, a wedding day anniversary, or any other significant date. One of the best ways to wish a happy anniversary is to gather together on a dance floor and move to the rhythm. Hiring dancers for the anniversary is an idea that will make this night a once-in-a-lifetime!

      How do married couples celebrate their anniversary?

      There are many ways to celebrate the longevity of the relationship. A beautiful party with friends and family is one of the most traditional, and cherished ways. A dance show for the anniversary, a couple's "first dance", and dancing with all guests on the dance floor would definitely be the highlights of the event.

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