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Christmas dances are the best way to celebrate the main holiday of the year. Book Hips Don't Lie and make it the best night of your life!


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      Christmas dance — the best idea for an unforgettable night!

      Is it beginning to look like Christmas? It's time to think of the entertainment program for the night! Christmas dances are one of the most fun, engaging, and memorable things to do to celebrate the beautiful holiday season. No matter what you have in mind: a cozy dinner with family and friends, or a fun party till dawn — every way to enter the Boxing day is better with a Christmas dance!

      We all want this Christmas to be "The one". The one we will remember for years to come, the night when everything just came together. When everything was perfect. And if the creation of the proper atmosphere, the decorations and the dinner is an easy part, it is the entertainment that often makes us confused, not knowing where to begin with.

      That's why we decided to create this little party Guide... And dedicate it to Christmas dances! This is our favorite way to navigate through the night, and we're sure that our passion for dance is contagious! Hips Don't Lie is the professional team of dancers with years of experience on the Toronto dance scene. Let's discuss the program of your upcoming Christmas dance party. We got a few great ideas in mind.

      corporate christmas event

      What kinds of celebrations are best for hiring dancers on Christmas?

      • Home celebrations with family and friends
      • Outdoor Christmas party
      • Corporate Christmas party
      • Christmas dance party for kids
      • Celebrations in the night clubs or restaurants
      • Parties in special places

      Why is dancing the best Christmas party entertainment?

      Christmas dances bring people together. Creating a perfect mix with the all-time favorite Christmas songs, they make beautiful memories. Memories that you, your family, friends or colleagues will cherish for years to come.

      Hiring dancers for a Christmas party is a very smart decision. Professional performers will create the magical atmosphere of the winter holiday season, offer the best themes and the dancing styles that perfectly fit your party. They will bring you happiness and inspire you to go out dancing.

      christmas dance parties

      What's a good theme for a Christmas party?

      The holiday season is the perfect time for dancing! You've probably already played the most popular Christmas songs collections on YouTube. Now it's time to get serious. Here is a list of the most popular Christmas dance party themes.

      hristmas dancers for hire

      Traditional Christmas

      The favorite way to celebrate with kids and family! The best Christmas dance songs, such as Jingle Bells, will set the tone for the holidays that we all know and love. Invite the professional dancers and make Christmas Eve even more cozy and warm. And the most exciting part is that the choreography can be absolutely different. The performers can offer you multiple dancing styles — from Latino to salsa, from Bollywood to jazz!

      The beautiful Christmas dance can be performed on "stage" (even if it's just a specially dedicated part of your living room), or become an interactive show, where you and your friends and family get together to your favorite Christmas dance songs.

      That's why we decided to create this little party Guide... And dedicate it to Christmas dances! This is our favorite way to navigate through the night, and we're sure that our passion for dance is contagious! Hips Don't Lie is the professional team of dancers with years of experience on the Toronto dance scene. Let's discuss the program of your upcoming Christmas dance party. We got a few great ideas in mind.

      All-night long party with friends

      Looking for something less classy? Hiring dancers for a Christmas party will definitely bring the fun to the next level! Choose the music that you and your guests like — whether it's pop, electronic rhythm, or other music, and trust the rest to the performers! Let the manager of the dancing team know the style and the mood you wish to achieve at your Christmas dance party, and choose from the most appealing options.

      According to the Hips Don't Lie experience, the all-time holiday season favorites are the belly dance (Brazilian, Arab, Persian, Indian, etc.), Latino, contemporary, Bhangra, and the Burlesque show. Want to know more? Contact us now, and we will offer you the best Christmas dance options!

      Interactive Christmas dance

      Ideal for a corporate Christmas party! Corporate parties are very important milestones in the life of any company. The best way to bond with colleagues and employees, and to celebrate the success achieved together. Become Santa everyone secretly wishes for. Wish Merry Christmas to your "work family" by throwing a dance party with the best Toronto performers! Enjoy the stunning choreography, get together on the dance floor, or get blown away by stunning on-stage performances. Beautiful shiny costumes, only the best Christmas dance songs, rhythm of music and the flow of bubbles... What can be better?!

      christmas dance parties

      Outdoor party to Christmas dance songs

      Every year, people get together to wish each other Merry Christmas. If you are planning an event for your community, a cozy outdoor party with the best Christmas dance songs is a great idea. Invite professional dance performers to set the right tone for the happy holidays! The professional troupe will create a unique atmosphere, and all participants could warm up moving to the familiar rhythms. Whether it's Jingle bells or "Last Christmas", grab your mug of mulled wine, and enjoy the fun! Dance style that matches this type of event? Everything from salsa to jazz!

      A one-song show (sparking and unforgettable)

      Stunning dancing performance can last one song and become a pinnacle of your Christmas event. Looking to stun your family, friends, or colleagues? Dancers for the Christmas show are your number one choice! Choose "THE song", discuss what dance suits the party the most, and trust the rest to the professionals! Contact Hips Don't Lie for the unique ideas for the Christmas dance of a lifetime.

      How do you host a fun Christmas party?

      A very important question! To properly entertain guests at a Christmas party, you really need to plan everything ahead. And by "ahead" we mean at least 6 months before "Jingle Bells" starts playing from every speaker! The scale of the party will determine whether you can do the rest by yourself or will need to hire a party organizer. No matter which one is your choice, here are a few "boring" essentials that, in fact, determine the success of any fun party.

      Hiring the dancers. As this article is dedicated to Christmas dancing, we recommend thinking of a dance act for hire in advance. Discuss the date with the manager of your performers and make sure they are available.

      Choosing the music. Essential! The best Christmas dance songs will "make" the party. And make sure that your guests like them.

      Booking the venue. Once you've chosen your Toronto performers, the music, and the choreography style, make sure to book the venue. Consider the technical requirements listed by your dancers!

      Considering the timing. The important part of the Christmas dance party is the timing. When do you want the show to start and to begin? What will your guests be doing at the time? Answer all the essential questions and create a thorough schedule of the event.

      Organizing and decorating the space. What will the setting be like? Will your guests stand or sit at the tables? Do you want traditional decorations or something modern, like balloons with sparkles inside and disco balls?

      Buying presents. If you want the Christmas to be merry, presents, or small souvenirs are essential. Think of what your guests will like the most, and never compromise. There is nothing worse than a meaningless cheap Christmas "giveaway"!

      Ordering drinks and catering. There's never enough champagne at Christmas dances. If you don't want the fun to be spoiled, trust ordering food/snacks and drinks to somebody who really knows what he's doing, and don't forget to include it into a party budget.

      Creating the entertainment program. Fun games, singing "Merry Christmas" or "Jingle Bells" all together, and the other dance party essentials are important. And you know what? Most likely, your performers will offer you the best Christmas party entertainment program! Ask them what they can offer together with the dance (a Secret Santa?) and enjoy the beautiful holidays with your close ones!

      No matter what kind of event you're planning, hiring dancers for a Christmas party is a perfect idea. Focus on appreciation of closeness and friendship. Believe in all the best things in the world, and let the magic happen! The best Christmas dance songs will create the atmosphere, the rhythm will bring everyone together... And the rest is up to us, your Christmas dancers!

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