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Dancers available to book for every event theme. Impress your guests with a dancer who has all the right moves!
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      Hire Dancers for Clubs in Toronto

      High-quality event entertainment is always connected to hiring the best professionals — DJs, dancers for clubs, bar attendants, lighting specialists, and so on. If you're looking to create the best events on a highly-competitive Toronto club scene, definitely hire well-known club dancers!

      Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. is a team of club dancers with serious professional backgrounds and huge experience in night clubs. Give us a call today for a free estimate, or to discuss what we can offer for your parties.

      Hiring dancers for a club: why is it a good idea?

      A good party is all about people having fun dancing together. If you're a club or a pub owner, and you already got the music part covered, the next step is definitely hiring professional dancers. The crowd needs inspiration and that special vibe that only a great dance to a great rhythm creates.

      Dance performers for clubs not only create an impressive show, but they make guests start dancing. And what can be better than an energy-charged moment that makes it impossible to stay away from the dance floor? Drinks sales flow at the bar, and the night smoothly turns into dawn.

      hiring dancers for club

      5 kinds of parties, perfect for hiring club dancers

      Which dances for clubs are the best?

      There is no particular answer to this question. The choice of the best dances for clubs would depend on the favorite music and the kind of entertainment that your crowd's looking for.

      So, the different events will require different performers: for some, you hire hip-hop dancers with pants hanging loose or go-go dancers in high heels, or a burlesque show with the most stunning costumes. The others call for refined ballet dancers or even performers specializing in swing! If your audience is into electronic music, you need dancers who will perform to techno, chillout, and even drum and bass or trance!

      dance performers for clubs

      To secure yourself a worry-free dancer hiring process, follow these simple steps.

      1.Google "Dancers for clubs near me"
      You need performers who will be on set on time, and the schedule of the event wouldn't be determined by traffic conditions and other similar factors.

      2.Explore the experience of dancers for clubs you want to hire
      The experience has to be extensive, as the professional background of each of the dancers. Long practice is the key factor in every performer's career.

      3.Inquire about the dancing style that the performer specializes in
      This point is one of the basics in the dancers' hiring routine. It is very important to inquire what style the performers you're planning to book are specializing in, as it needs to match the vibe of the upcoming event!

      4.Read the reviews
      Real customer reviews can tell a lot about the dance team you're about to hire. Don't skip this step, and go through feedback with extra care, you might learn a lot!

      5.Ask to see video recordings of past performances
      Every professional group of dancers will have a comprehensive selection of past performances in their portfolio (clubs, private parties, festivals, etc.). Many would be available on their website, but some can be sent on demand.

      6.Meet dance performers for clubs before hiring them!
      Talking on a phone and watching videos is one thing, and seeing what the girls (or boys) do on stage or on the dancefloor is another. Professional dancers will gladly show you what they've got, so you can have a feel of their live dancing. And, of course, just see whether you like them personally or not.

      7.Don't forget to discuss technical requirements
      Before creating that one-of-a-lifetime show, you need to be totally prepared in each and every way. And the technical details are super important. Do your nightclub dancers have special requests about the characteristics of the dance floor? What kind of equipment they might need? Discuss it in advance and make a list of all requirements.

      8.Ask your dance performers to provide you with a program of their show
      To be sure that guests will walk out of your club or pub happily exhausted, your party has to be perfectly planned. The performer you're about to hire must provide you with a program, and the exact scheduling of the performance.

      9.Ask your dancing team to give you a detailed estimate from
      And this estimate needs to be as detailed as possible! All expenditures connected to this dance event must be included in the estimate. Also, ask your dancer to include the prices of the extra services that you might suddenly need. You don't want to over-extend your budget, and you need to get acquainted with the pricelist in advance.

      10.Sign a contract!
      A step that even experienced party organizers sometimes skip. Even if the go-go dancers that you're about to hire are your friends (and especially if that's the case), make all things legal. A party is about fun, but the planning of it is the time to keep your head cool.

      Protect yourself and the people who would perform at your event from any misunderstandings. If you're hiring a club dancer long-term, it won't hurt to involve a lawyer too.

      And don't worry about too many steps to follow you'll grab your drink when the beat will kick in!

      dancers for clubs

      Enjoy a perfectly organized dance party in your club or pub!

      You've made the right choice by deciding to hire club dancers in Toronto! A professional club dancer can create a spectacular atmosphere that none of the guests, or organizers, would ever forget. The beat, the costumes, the mood of a crowd... And the night becomes the morning in a unified movement of everyone who's involved.

      No matter what style your upcoming club party is going to have, we at Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. will help you create that once-in-a-lifetime memory, or maybe even a few of them! Give us a call today, and let's discuss the details.

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