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Showdance is the ultimate way to enhance the program of any event—from a Birthday party to a wedding, from a commercial to a TV series shoot. Book Hips Don't Lie and be sure that the most spectacular show is about to begin!


Dancers available to book for every event theme. Impress your guests with a dancer who has all the right moves!
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    Hire professional dancers to entertain all your guests at any event. Looking for unique entertainment?
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    Providing exceptional dancers for events including:


      What is a showdance?

      Show dances are performances that tell a story. They have a plot that harmoniously flows to the rhythm of the music. Performed by professional dancers on stage, they suit very different audiences.

      Experienced performers work in different dance styles—from ballet to jazz, from contemporary to ballroom, from belly dancing to the fire show. Show dance often includes acrobatics, stunts, and other elements of theatrical performances. If you make a decision to hire professional show dancers, they will spark any event up, and make it absolutely unforgettable!

      Hips Don't Lie are your Toronto show performers. We have worked with different audiences, and are performing in many popular dance styles. Contact us today, and let's discuss your program's details! Plus, a free estimate.

      What events are suitable for a showdance?

      Pretty much any event! If you know that your guests, your audience, or your colleagues love good fun and great music, then a show dance is the ultimate choice! From our experience, show dances are just perfect for the following events:

      showdance toronto

      I'm planning to hire show dancers: what to expect?

      Professional choreography, stunning shiny costumes, great music, and expressive emotions—this is what the dance shows are about. If you are about to host or are planning an event, consider booking one of the top show dancers in Toronto.

      We can tell a beautiful story by means of dancing, and everyone who's about to watch it will definitely remember it for years to come. A really good idea is to book a dance show for an event as a present or a surprise for a celebrant! Imagine how stunned they would be if professional artists show up and perform to their favorite song!

      Types of showdances for hire

      Burlesque show

      One of the most popular styles of shows for hire in Toronto is definitely a burlesque. Clubs, cabarets, and peculiar costumes of the end of the 19th century—are the origins of this popular style. People all over the world admire it for its energy, beauty, glamour, and stunning costumes. It is one of the favorite styles of Broadway show viewers.

      A group of dancers perform on stage and tell different stories by means of dance. It is one of the best ways to create an unforgettable atmosphere for pretty much any occasion—from an anniversary party to a wedding, from a corporate event to a TV show.

      LED dance show

      Incredible show, specially choreographed to be performed with the light off. A team of dancers wears special costumes with built-in LED lights that create a unique ambiance. You don't really see the limbs and the parts of the body of the dancers—and only see the images that they create, dancing. The most fantastic stories can be told this way, and only the best parties deserve a performance like that.

      If you want your event to become truly successful, hire a LED dance show in Toronto. We promise the most incredible dance, performed with grace and talent.

      Fire shows

      Fire shows are gaining popularity all over the world for a reason. Originating from the times of paganism, this dance is one of the oldest of humankind. The dancer is connected to the powerful element of fire—and he or she transmits its spirits to the audience. Beautiful moves to the rhythm of the music, and the glimpses of fire are mesmerizing.

      Fire performers can act in many different styles—from national dances (Indian, Egyptian, gypsy) to contemporary shows to electronic music. Props are often used during these spectacular shows—a ring of fire, for example. And the professional dancer will work with many different tools—fans, fire poys, torch wicks, whips, slack lines, and many others.

      Traditional showdance

      As we've already mentioned, a dance show for an event can come in many forms. And one of the most beloved ones is traditional dance shows. It is one of the best ways to create fun, memorable, and meaningful events. In our experience, when artists perform a traditional dance to a traditional tune, the guests end up singing and dancing all together!

      And the most popular traditional show dances are:

      1. Latin dance
      2. Latin American dance
      3. Indian dances
      4. Brazilian shows
      5. Russian dances
      6. Jamaican
      7. Greek
      8. Irish dances
      9. Hawaiian dance
      10. Chinese dances

      Hips Don't Lie performers bring to life the traditions of the world in the form of dance. Contact us if you haven't found the one that you're interested in. We're almost sure we can perform it for you!

      What does a professional show dance mean?

      A professional showdance is a high-quality performance. It has serious experience, training, and production processes behind it. A group of dancers is led by the choreographer. The show has a set scenario and timeframe. Each member of the dance troupe plays his or her role in the process and trains extremely hard.

      Once produced, the show is rehearsed dozens of times before being aired or shown to the audience. What you see on stage, has really serious work behind it!

      fire dancers toronto

      How to hire the best dancers for a show in Toronto? 6 steps

      1. Start your search in Google, looking for the "Dancers for a show near me".
      2. Choose the performers with a really good website that showcases their work, with videos, reviews, and a good social media presence (Instagram, Youtube, TikTok).
      3. Only work with the show dancers who have a professional background (ballet, a dancing academy, etc.), and years of experience on stage.
      4. Once you've found a studio or a troupe that you really like, talk to their representative, and find out about the price list and the availability.
      5. If you want to hire top show dancers for your Toronto event, do so in advance. At least 2-3 months before the date, and around June if we're talking winter holiday season.
      6. Meet the dancers in person. It is very important to establish pleasant personal contact (and to have a sneak peek at what they do in advance).

      modern dance

      We offer a wide variety of dance styles – Jazz Funk Dance, Latin American Dance, Performance Dance, Ballet Dance and others. All these types of dances you can learn at Hips Don't Lie in Toronto! List of the most beautiful dance forms and styles: Latin Dance Style, Jazz Dance Style, Ballroom Dance Style... learn more

      dance classes Toronto

      Find the best dance classes in Toronto and learn popular dance moves with our dancing experts. Take our weekly dance lessons and improve your dancing. We have a 5-star rating in Google reviews.

      dance performance Toronto

      We offer a full program of dance styles such as Samba Dance performance, Salsa dance performance, Led dance performance, Go-go  performance, Las Vegas dance performance and others. Book a dance act for your event, party or celebration. We have many top class dance acts for all occasions!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is a dance show?

      It is pretty much any dancing performance for the public. It is performed by a professional group of dancers in many styles—from jazz to contemporary, from hip-hop to salsa, etc. A dance show is one of the best ways to brighten up any event—from a city gathering to a corporate party, from a TV show to a concert.

      If you're planning to organize an event in Toronto, consider hiring Hips Don't Lie—show performers with serious professional backgrounds and years of experience on stage. Contact us today, and we will suggest the best ideas for your program, and give you a free estimate.

      What venues are suitable for the show dances?

      Pretty much any venue—from a house to a restaurant! The best spaces to invite the show dancers are clubs with a stage or a dance floor, parks, recreational areas, exhibition halls, etc. Throughout the years, Hips Don't Lie has been performing on very different stages in Toronto. It's not the space that makes the show, it's the performers! Contact us today for details.

      What is dancing with fire called?

      Most commonly it is called a fire show. Fire shows are an impressive form of modern dancing art, originating in pagan times, when people worshipped elements—earth, fire, water, and air.

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