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Restaurant With Dancing: the Best Way to Celebrate in Toronto

From award-winning chefs and Michelin Guide-recognized restaurants to swanky hotel spots—organize a dance party in a Toronto restaurant, and make it a once-in-a-lifetime event!


Dancers available to book for every event theme. Impress your guests with a dancer who has all the right moves!
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      Why combine celebration in a restaurant with dancing?

      Restaurants are our favorite places of leisure... And you can choose a lot besides the delicious food. Want to celebrate? Add a cocktail bar. Want to impress? Book a private dining event. Want something different? Select one of the best tasting menus in Toronto. We love the restaurants for their unique ambiance, and, of course, the possibility to enjoy the live music, and often—live performances, or the possibility to dance. Restaurants for celebrations are an absolute classic.

      Restaurants can suit petite or large companies. They can host celebrations all year round. In a proper venue, you can celebrate cozily with your significant one, or have fun with a party of 100 people... And each of the events can be highlighted by the professional dancers' performance.

      Hips Don't Lie has been performing in the best restaurants of Toronto since the first days of our company foundation. A restaurant with dancing is one of the most beloved ways to celebrate for people of all ages! Ready for a unique atmosphere? Book the place, order the delicious food and the wine, and trust the rest to us, the restaurant dancers.

      We are professional dancers that know really well how to combine a fantastic dinner with a stunning performance. Just let us know what the special occasion is, and we will plan the most memorable experience that you could only dream of.

      How to choose a restaurant for a celebration?

      Look for a "dance restaurant near me". If you go for this search concept, you will get a list of the best Toronto restaurants for celebrations. And they all will either have the "in-house" performers or allow their clients to invite dance acts for hire. Be sure, when you'll find a "dance restaurant near me", you will see that they offer absolutely different food and service.

      First of all, it has to have a delicious menu! Special occasions—no matter whether it's a date night of a dinner with friends, a meeting with colleagues, or an anniversary celebration... All of these meetings deserve tasty food. Choose the cuisine, inquire about the chef, and decide on the style. If you're looking for something exclusive, check out the private dining options. And don't forget to answer yourself a question "Will my guest/-s like it?".

      Think about the atmosphere. Restaurants for celebrations can be very different, and the choice will depend on multiple factors. For feasts with close friends, colleagues, and business partners consider restaurants with belly dancers (or the appropriate space for the dance show for hire). For a warm tete-a-tete think of a cozy dinner with a private romantic dance performance. For a party with friends—restaurants with dance floors. Want some more ideas? Look for the hand crafted cocktails! Or for an open concept kitchen for special occasions with friends. And don't forget that places with wood fired pizzas often have live music nights!

      Consider a restaurant with dancing options. Eat-and-dance restaurants are the best places to celebrate and to make the night/afternoon/morning absolutely unforgettable. A special occasion combined with dancing—what can be better? Look for restaurants with a dance floor, special club, or party restaurants, and dancing bars in Toronto. Often there will be a beautiful patio where you and your guests can enjoy dancing together. Keep in mind that not all restaurants will offer you performance options. But it doesn't mean that they can become a perfect venue for dance acts for hire.

      Mind the size of the restaurant. Some of them simply don't have enough room for large groups. On the other hand, a small restaurant that offers private dining can be absolutely ideal for a romantic night with a beautiful dance. No matter what kind of dinner, brunch, or breakfast event you're planning, always consider the space before you invite your guests and book the dance entertainment. Also, keep in mind where your restaurant with dancers is located: if it's a bit out of the city, you might want to book a cozy hotel nearby for your friends and family.

      restaurants with dancers

      A restaurant with dancing: what celebrations to choose it for?

      What are the most popular eat and dance restaurants?

      Party restaurants in Toronto will offer a multitude of options for your special occasion.

      Restaurants with belly dancers

      One of the most sought-after by the public are the restaurants with belly dancers. The stunning performance by professional dancers, the bright costumes, and the rhythms of energetic music—can you imagine a better way to celebrate? From our experience, the restaurant belly dancing is very popular for Birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and bachelor or bachelorette parties.

      Restaurants where you can invite a dance show for hire

      These kinds of restaurants have appropriate space and equipment, so you can have a dance performance for hire, and not worry about a thing. The menu and the drinks will be thought-though too. Just think of a theme that you want to pursue, and book your performers. Need professional advice for inspiration and don't know whether to choose dance, salsa, Bhangra, or belly dancing? Contact Hips Don't Lie today, and we will be happy to give you a few ideas, and a free estimate too!

      Dancing bars in Toronto

      One of the best ways to mark a special day is to invite your guests to one of the city's dancing bars. Usually, at the bar, they serve food too, so you don't have to worry about your friends, colleagues, or family members getting hungry. And they definitely wouldn't be able to stay out of the fun! Live music, electronic rhythm, or viral pop hits—choose your accompaniment. And inquire if you can invite dance acts for hire there too! The cocktail party can become an unforgettable event!

      Restaurants with a dance floor

      These venues can host pretty much any event that involves dancing! Just Google "Dance restaurant near me" and choose the one that suits your event the most. Everything—from a fine dining Italian to a cozy pizza place can be a wonderful place to celebrate. Often these are the restaurants with dancers that can perform in your desired style. And last but not least... Dinner and dance restaurants will definitely have good wine and a good choice of shots!

      A club restaurant in Toronto

      Party restaurants in Toronto are another great option for a dance event. The music can be absolutely different, and so does the menu. But a club restaurant will definitely have all that's needed for a night of a lifetime! And don't forget dance acts for hire! Usually, club restaurants welcome them!
      This is just a short list of restaurants with music and dancing that the Toronto dining scene has to offer. Choose the one that fits the style of your event the most. And trust the rest to the professionals! Hips Don't Lie will offer you the best dancing program for the upcoming event, or create a custom performance scenario for the celebration of a lifetime!

      modern dance

      We offer a wide variety of dance styles – Disco Style, Break Dance Style, Waltz Style, Samba Style and others. All these types of dances you can learn at Hips Don't Lie in Toronto! List of the most beautiful dance forms and styles: Latin Dance Style, Jazz Dance Style, Ballroom Dance Style... learn more

      dance classes Toronto

      Privat dance classes in Toronto. Dance studio for everyone: adult and children dance classes, social dance programs, wedding dance lessons! We care about your experience! We have a 5-star rating in Google reviews.

      dance performance Toronto

      We offer a full program of dance styles such as Belly Dance performance, Bollywood dance performance, Latin dance performance, Can can  performance, Las Vegas dance performance and others. Our themed dance performers are a sophisticated addition to any event!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Are there restaurants with belly dancers in Toronto?

      Sure, and there are a few! Google "Restaurant belly dancing near me" and choose the one you like the best! Another option is restaurants with a dance floor: inquire about the possibility to invite your own dance performers for the upcoming event.

      Hips Don't Lie is a professional troupe of Toronto dancers. If you have decided to throw a dance-and-eat party, consider booking us. Contact us today, and we'll share some ideas for your party at a restaurant, offer dance style suggestions and, of course, give you a free estimate!

      How to find the best restaurant with dancing?

      There are a few options:

      1. Refer to Google the almighty
      2. Search for online reviews
      3. Ask friends
      4. Inquire directly from the dancing performers

      At Hips Don't Lie, we know all the best Toronto restaurants that can host dancing parties. They offer great food and great service and have the necessary space and equipment. Call us to find out about the best restaurant with dancing for your celebration!

      Can I book the performers at the club restaurant in Toronto?

      Most likely, you can. Also, there is another option: to look for a dance show for hire and contact the restaurant that you're planning to book for the upcoming event. Ask them whether you can invite the performers, and what are the conditions. After you get the answer from your restaurant with dancing, you can start planning the party.

      Hips Don't Lie has extensive experience of performing in the best restaurants in Toronto. We can offer you an incredible show on stage, an interactive dance, a fun dancing class, and many more options.

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