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To make your event a success you need to provide your guests with top-quality entertainment. One of the most efficient ways to do this is to hire dancers who will present your guests with an amazing show.
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      We have a fantastic range of national dancers for hire to wow your guests, bring some magic to an event or get everyone up on the dance floor.

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      3 Strong Reasons to Hire Egyptian Belly Dancers in Toronto

      Belly dancing is becoming more and more popular around the world because of its beauty and inner power. Among several established traditions, the most popular ones are Turkish and Egyptian. Egyptian oriental dance stands out as a unique style with authentic movements.

      Why Egyptian Belly Dancers Will Make Your Event Memorable

      If you are going to have a special occasion, you have to think about a special entertainment program which will be a surprise for everybody.

      1. Make a perfect entertainment program for your guests.
        Egyptian belly dance can add some exotic and oriental luxury to your party. All of your visitors will not be able to look away from the marvelous show. The stunning performance as well as the gorgeous and colorful costumes of our dancers will not give them the chance to get bored. What is more, your guests can join in and receive a lesson from the professionals.
      2. Achieve a real WOW-effect.
        If you want to shock your guests with something extraordinary, you should definitely include belly dancing in your program. When everybody is expecting an ordinary celebration, beautiful women in amazing costumes will come on the stage. If you really want to wow your visitors, then our company in Toronto can guarantee a memorable experience for them.
      3. Leap into the unknown Egyptian culture.
        Egyptians have developed their own style which differs hugely from those of other countries. Along with the general movements, there are absolutely unique ones which are present only in Egyptian culture. Your guests will have the possibility to watch traditional authentic Egyptian dance due to the skilled professionals from Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. who fell in love with belly dancing. So, there can be a great opportunity not only to relax, but also dive into the Egyptian culture and know something brand new.


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      We always take into consideration religious, cultural and other aspects in our performances.

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      Lyana Khatatba loves sharing her passion for dance with her audience and helping her clients create unforgettable experiences.

      The Magic of Egyptian Belly Dance Costumes

      The first impression hugely depends on the outfits dancers wear on the stage. Therefore, the magical effect of the show can be reached by the charm of the special Egyptian costumes.

      The authentic costumes differ a lot from those of Turkey or other countries. Most clothings are normally consist of a bra, a belt, a skirt and other additional items. But a real treasure of the Egyptian style is a baladi dress made up of a piece of fabric with long sleeves. Another peculiarity is a specific Alexandrian style which is famous for its exquisite form. Watching the professionals dancing in ethnic costumes can capture the sight of the viewers and make your party irresistible.

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