Hip Hop Dance Classes

Hip-Hop Dance Classes

Have you ever wanted to hit the floor without any worries about what the viewers will think of your skills? Or have you thought you could not dance hip hop like the kids? Guess what? Dancing is not only for kids. Our hip hop adult classes are a great way to experience new impressions, socialize, stay active, and learn choreography to dance "like you just don't care."


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Hip Hop Dance Classes & Lessons | Reach Your Dance Goals

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      We are a prominent dance company in Toronto and GTA, and each hip hop dance class for adults is taught by professional dancers who are mature and experienced instructors. These lessons are a mix of true passions and a variety of music styles, from old-school funk to contemporary hip-hop pop. You can find a true dancer inside you with our excellent choreography and intuitive movements.

      Even if you don't have a friend who is dancing or taking hip hop dance classes today and might advise you on hip hop, you can find all the necessary information on our site. You will feel comfortable diving into your first hip hop dance class for absolute beginners, even if you are not new to dancing. Opt for drop in group sessions or private classes with a professional hip hop dance instructor and get a fun dance experience that will shake off your stress.

      What to Expect from Our Hip Hop Dance Classes?

      Each talented dance trainer near me explores proper stretching and fitness warm-ups first. Then, you will be exposed to the basic moves of different styles of hip-hop, including popping, locking, elements of breakdancing, and more. You can even have an opportunity to perform at the end of the hip hop dance course, but it is not mandatory. Performing is fun, but it is optional, and it won't affect the running of your class. Therefore, no worries if you are too shy or not interested in showing up to the public. We are here to enjoy time together at our hip hop dancing classes and have fun, no matter what your goal is.

      We have a great team of experienced and creative hip hop private dance teachers who are eager to put you at ease. They will create a comfortable and warm environment where adults feel relaxed and find their groove. You can opt to drop in group hip hop dancing classes if you feel comfortable working with others and don't get distracted easily. Alternatively, you can order a private class and work face-to-face with your hip hop dance teacher.

      hip hop dance classes

      How to Prepare to Take a Hip Hop Class?

      As soon as you decide to take up hip hop dance classes and find a dance instructor, it's time to prepare for it.

      Start with the outfit. Your clothes should be loose and comfortable. You need to feel confident dancing in them. Never try to follow the latest trends of the so-called "dancer fashion." You need to feel cool and relaxed.

      When you get to the private hip hop dance lessons, you first have to register at the front desk, pay for the lesson, and wait for the room to be vacant. We recommend you arrive at the place 10-15 minutes before the start of the lesson to be able to change your clothes and leave your things somewhere in the cubby. Waiting for your class and private dance coach is a great opportunity to look around, hang out, start stretching, or talk to other dancers.

      You should not feel nervous when you are at the hip hop dance school for the first time. It's all about your mindset, so remain positive and enthusiastic. You are here to learn, and your personal dance coach will do their best to expose you to some new and exciting experiences.

      The Most Obvious Benefits of Hip Hop Dance Classes

      Hip hop dance lessons near me from "Hips Don't Lie" offer a lot of inspiration. However, you will benefit from physical and mental health, socialization, and relaxation. Let's consider some of them.

      1. Physical health. Hip hop dance is a full-body workout. You will normally have 60 minutes of intensive training. Your heart rate will rise, and your arms, legs, and core muscles will start strengthening. If you practice hip hop several times per week, you will also improve your bone and joint health.
      2. Mental health. This dance style will help you keep your psyche happy. You will exercise a lot to relieve stress, and dancing to music will decrease your anxiety and depression. The combination of music and energetic dance moves will play a role of a decompressor. When your muscle memory develops, you will become more coordinated and tuned with your body. It is a great skill for your everyday life.
      3. Social benefits. If you attend our drop-in hip hop dance lessons in groups, you will have a chance to meet many new people outside your common social circle. These people are of different ages, from different walks of life, and with different dancing and overall backgrounds and experiences. Our private hip hop dance lessons offer a safe space to relax and relieve from everyday pressure at work, studies, in your family, with peers, and in other relationships. It's the best outlet for your negative energy, too.
      4. Cardio benefits. Hip hop will get your heart rate up. That will increase the flow of oxygen. Since you need to move intensively, it is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise. It can serve as a pleasant fat-burning tool, too. So, our hip hop dancing lessons can help you lose weight, lower blood pressure, and relieve continuous stress, You will get the energy boost you badly need. You will get a great opportunity to transform your fitness level, too.
      5. Cognitive improvements. You may not believe it, but hip hop dance will improve your cognitive abilities. The research shows that individuals who take up hip hop improve their abilities to learn, remember things, and solve complex problems. For example, students can succeed in science or math classes.
      6. Building up strength and stamina. Hip hop dance classes for beginners can build your strength. You will learn more and more sophisticated routines, so your muscles will work in a way no other form of exercise can provide. Our experienced dance instructors are dancers themselves, so they understand how important building-up stamina is when you consider how to start hip hop dance and why it is necessary to start at the most basic level to move on gradually to more complex moves and routines.

      Our hip hop dance classes in Toronto provide many other benefits. You will immerse into a fast-paced yet fun environment where you can exercise for your fitness improvement, dance to your favorite music, and make friends. Learning hip hop is a perfect way to bring you out of your shell and enhance your confidence and self-esteem.

      If you are looking for dance instructors, our professional trainers are waiting for you. You can join us right now by ordering your first drop-in hip hop dance lesson.

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