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    Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co.

    We are an international dance company led by Lyana Khatatba (a dancer with close to a lifetime of experience).
    We are dedicated to helping our customers create the most entertaining, vibrant and lively gatherings. With a variety of dance styles and performers for you to choose from, Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. ensures a colorful, engaging and original show, which will be a perfect fit for any party.

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    Hip-Hop Dance Video

    Some dances are so vibrant and catching that you involuntarily start moving just watching them. It can be rightfully said about hip-hop. It is a mixture of energy and enthusiasm. It is not even only a dance but a whole culture with its own clothes, habits and moves. Hip-hop started purely as a street dance and gradually evolved into rich hip-hop movements. It embraces much more than a dance – this robust culture encompasses music, graffiti and fashion. You have definitely seen hip-hop dance video clips on YouTube to acknowledge that the energy of hip-hop dance performance is so overwhelming that it is absorbed by everyone around.



    Performed over 8000 shows since 2011 (12 years!)
    Only dancers with 5+ years of professional experience qualify to work with us
    Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. is a recognized name across most major banquet halls in the GTA


      Enjoy our hip-hop dance video.

      Take a minute to watch hip-hop dance videos with music and try to delve into this incredible atmosphere. The first thing that will attract your attention is the bold and flashy costumes of the dancers. Their outfits are baggy and loose-fitting pants and tank tops designed not to restrict moves. You can see these typical clothes in all hip-hop dancing music videos. With regards to shoes – it is usually sneakers with a flexible sole and a good grip. Watch several free hip-hop dance videos on this page to understand why it is so. Dancers move to the rhythmic rap, replacing high jumps with low sliding, turning distinct and sharp movements into slow and smooth ones. The position of the body is often low, with relaxed knees. Performers demonstrate softness and swagger at the same time, decorating the dance with stunts.

      Learn to move like a hip-hop pro!

      Today, hip-hop has moved to clubs, catwalks and shows from the streets. So more and more people want to master and perform it as in YouTube hip-hop dance videos and shine on the dance floor. Of course, it is not easy to learn it at home, without classes with a professional teacher, but still, it is possible. There is plenty of hip-hop dance video lessons to get you acquainted with the basics. On this site, you will find a lot of hip-hop dance instruction videos to get started. Follow the page not to miss new content. Our dancers will record hip-hop dance videos for beginners as well as more advanced workouts in this style that you can use to replace your regular exercise program.

      What is the main point to take into account when you start dancing hip-hop? It is vital to realize that hip-hop is improvisation, even if a sense of rhythm is crucial. While you are learning, watch the pros dance, try to follow their style, and memorize some moves to practice them. But to become a real dancer, hip-hop dance teaching videos are not enough. You must study the subculture from the inside. A hiphoper can achieve true mastery when he is in perfect control of his body and can improvise to any music. In other words, you must fully absorb the philosophy of freedom.

      Order a hip-hop dance show for your event.

      A professional dancing show can become a great addition to any event. The high-energy performance will liven up a corporate event, a company conference, and just any team-building activity. Hip-hop dance will be appropriate for many occasions – weddings, birthdays, graduations and other receptions. This genre is popular at music festivals and various cultural events. Hosting hip-hop dance for parties always sets the right atmosphere for the event – it encourages audience participation. This interactive experience brings unforgettable emotions and memories. The key point is to hire professional performers to make your event successful. Check what our dancers can offer you, or tell us your preferences, and we will stage a unique show to match your expectations and impress your guests!

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