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To make your event a success you need to provide your guests with top-quality entertainment. One of the most efficient ways to do this is to hire dancers who will present your guests with an amazing show.
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Everything you'll ever need to know about booking a dancer or dance group. Want to mix up the entertainment at your event?
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Solo Dancer

Hire a Solo Dancer or our Group for your Next Event, Wedding, Private Party.
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Dance Trio

Hire these dancers as soloists, a duet, ar a trio for your finest events
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Dance Troupe

Dancers for hire from a single belly dancer to a troupe of can dancers.
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      We have a large selection of professional dancers from across the country that are available for rent and who can wow your guests, captivate a gathering, or get everyone on the dance floor.

      Name the country and we'll create a personal number with talented dancers who know the right dance inside and out!

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      Hire Irish Dancers for Your Toronto Party

      Professional Irish dancers

      If there is one thing that the Irish people know how to do it’s how to have fun. They own inimitable style of partying is so fun that Irish festivities are now known all over the world through anecdotes. Dancing is a vital part of these celebrations, so if you hire Irish dancers for your Toronto event, you can’t fail to make it a fantastic experience for your guests.

      When to Hire Irish Dancers in Toronto

      There are two distinctive types of Irish dances, and each can suit a different purpose at an event. The first style is solo dancing, and it’s one of the most amazing performances you can witness. It requires years of practice and includes numerous complex acrobatic elements that make for an incredible show.

      This kind of dancing is well suited for ‘exhibitions’ where the entertainment has to impress the audience and show off the high class of the event. Irish solo dance highlights the natural grace of the performer and looks relaxed and simple, yet it is definitely not like this for the person on the stage. This illusion of relaxation is created through tight control of every muscle and step. This combination of ease and focus ‘charges’ Irish dancing with a unique aura that permeates the atmosphere of the event and makes the audience excited.

      The other type of traditional Irish dance is figure dancing. It’s better suited for events where you want to use a professional entertainment program to get the guests relax and motivate them to start moving along with the performers. Weddings, as well as some types of private and corporate parties will benefit greatly if you hire Irish dancers who rile up the audience with a dynamic jig to the fantastic folk music coming from flutes and violins.

      Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. produces Irish dancing performances that suit the requirements of the client to the letter. One of the benefits we offer is including the audience. Traditional figure dances consist of several simple steps and reels, so they are very fun to practice and can ‘break the ice’ between people who don’t know each other well. This is a good form of entertainment for business workshops at various conferences as well as reunions and weddings where large groups of guests meet for the first time.

      Modern Irish dancing carries the charm of old folk dances but looks much more fun with colorful costumes and interesting props that enhance the show. Even children love them because these dances are dynamic and exciting so the little ones want to hop along with the performers.

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