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    We are an international dance company led by Lyana Khatatba (a dancer with close to a lifetime of experience).
    We are dedicated to helping our customers create the most entertaining, vibrant and lively gatherings. With a variety of dance styles and performers for you to choose from, Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. ensures a colorful, engaging and original show, which will be a perfect fit for any party.

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    Jazz dance video

    Jazz dance is a dance of emotions, bright expressions, energy and strength. It can be rightfully named the oldest style of modern choreography. Jazz dance and music were born in Africa, evolving from the rituals of the local peoples, and later penetrated America, absorbing the folklore of many nationalities and resulting in a unique musical and dance phenomenon. Today, it is a thrilling combination of original African-American traditions, ballet, modern artistic trends and ethnic dance. Watching a jazz dance performance, you can see no clear staging or forms in it, only improvisation. This feature allows this dance to always be modern, reflecting the latest trends in life and art.



    Performed over 8000 shows since 2011 (12 years!)
    Only dancers with 5+ years of professional experience qualify to work with us
    Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. is a recognized name across most major banquet halls in the GTA


      Jazz dance is freedom of movement.

      It is a freedom that is considered to be the main characteristic of jazz dance. The style uses a rich set of expressive means that turn it into a free and bright spectacle where the dancer is encouraged to experiment. Neither ballet techniques nor jazz improvisations can limit the performer within a standard framework — only a flight of fancy and robust, plastic movements. However, jazz dance video clips clearly show that jazz technique is quite complex. It combines intricate poses, a variety of dance steps, asymmetrical broken movements, sophisticated hand movements, and even falls to the floor. Peculiar music always requires fresh solutions from the choreographer that will best intertwine bizarre musical turns with body language. In jazz dancing music videos, the performer aims to organically combine the movements of the soul and emotional sensations. Professional dancers can merge all movements into one graceful and energetic composition, expressing their inner world to the audience.

      Dance jazz with us!

      Jazz dance videos with music inspire many people to master the basics of this style. The good news is that this dance can be learned by almost everyone. Jazz dance is not only spectacular – it will help you improve endurance and coordination, pump flexibility and stretch, and strengthen the muscles of the legs and arms. What is more important, it will help you discharge emotionally, working away all the negativity. Despite overwhelming improvisation, jazz dance performance includes spectacular postures, rotations and turns, jumps, and isolated movements of different parts of the body in different rhythms. So we have prepared a separate section with jazz dance teaching videos. Online classes will enable you to master the basics of dance techniques. You will be able to find jazz dance videos for beginners and advanced tutorials. Open the door to the world of jazz dance together with us; just turn on the videos that we have prepared and start dancing.

      Jazz dance show for your events

      Jazz dance performances can contribute to many events – from casual gatherings to more formal occasions. A lively show will convey its energy to the audience setting a special atmosphere for the evening. Professional jazz dancers will harmoniously match weddings, corporate events, charity meetings, and just private parties. Our performers can stage a show devoted to a variety of themes. Give us some details of your event, and we will create a unique jazz dance program that will decorate your party. It will favorably influence your audience, from setting invisible emotional connections to unforgettable entertainment. The energy of jazz dance guarantees a memorable experience that your guests will remember even after the event.

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