Lyrical Dance

What do you usually associate with the image of a lyrical dance style? Flowy costumes and emotion-filled reaches, acrobatics tricks, and leaps to the floor? Is this a true lyrical dance example, or is there anything else? Who dances this style? Where does it come from? What is its place in today’s dance culture?

This style is a newcomer to the range of many dances, though it has rapidly become popular among both children and adults in this country, and a professional lyrical dance troupe is what “Hips Don’t Lie” can boast of.


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      We are one of the prominent Canadian dance companies that offer true pieces of art to everyone who wants to enjoy the freshness and sophistication of this combination of jazz and ballet and the influences of many other dance styles. Our perfect dance acts for hire are meant to provide a lot of drive and enjoyment to our clients.

      If you want to learn more about this majestically emotional and influential style, let’s discuss it in more detail.

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      What Is a Lyrical Dance?

      As for the lyrical dance definition, it is a modern dance variation that combines the elements of jazz, ballet, and contemporary dance styles. It is physically demanding, and you need an excellent technique to perform it because all the moves are rather difficult and precise. Facial expressions also play a great part in a lyrical dance performance, often seen in live shows where contemporary music artists present their creative work on stage.

      The main goal embedded in lyrical dances is to convey the emotions of a song’s lyrics via dancing moves. Therefore, all those intense, emotionally expressive moves of the body are meant to tell a story to which the song is devoted.

      Physical stamina is important for dancers, so many former jazz and ballet dancers are in every lyrical dance group near me. This style requires a high degree of flexibility and a lot of lifts, so most dancers are thin and slim, and they should always be in excellent physical shape to perform every lyrical piece properly.

      However, most lyrical dance companies and schools prefer to work with those who are older because they believe that too young people cannot convey all their emotions properly. Our lyrical dancers are mostly at the age of 25-30, and it is the best time to practice this beautiful style.

      You may also wonder what the difference between contemporary ballet, pure lyrical, and contemporary lyrical dances is. The most essential one is that in lyrical dancing, one conveys a story, while in contemporary, one conveys one’s own story.

      Music is very important in this style to inspire dance movements. That is why choreographers often use music with lyrics from popular pop songs that focus on strong emotions and provoke the individual interpretation of the story via moves. Rock ballads are also widely used here alongside blues, hip-hop, and other music styles worldwide. For example, African music has recently become a part of this style.

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      Lyrical Dance Style Routines and Meanings

      The lyrical dance meaning conveys emotions, and its characteristic is connected to the flowing moves presented throughout the performance. The upper body movements differ from those in ballet. Body angles are also different from both jazz and ballet styles. These moves resemble the traditional African dance forms very much.

      Lyrical dances are partner movements that consist of body and leg lifts. The toes are flexed, and a dancer should be physically fit and mature to cope with them. The lyrical dancing choreography focuses on interpreting love relationships or the pains of lost love.

      As for famous lyrical dance groups, their practitioners, dance teachers, and choreographers are distinguished by the use of jazz and ballet elements evolving into something more modern and unique. The style has also attracted much attention, being presented at numerous television dance competition shows. Some prominent choreographers, such as Mia Michaels, have even set up individual lyrical dance schools and companies.

      “Hips Don’t Lie” also strives to develop its own choreographic novelty, like lyrical dance solo performances, and we are pretty successful in it.

      Present Day of Lyrical Dance

      If you have some experience in either jazz or ballet, you can become a part of one of the lyrical dance teams that are very popular in Canada nowadays. However, taking dance lessons is compulsory for mastering this style.

      The present-day lyrical style is marked by the famous productions of Cirque du Soleil, and its emotional content is pretty appealing to different people. The presentation of this style at shows and competitions continues to attract more and more followers.

      Many parents want their children to learn the lyrical and join lyrical dance groups for further dancing education. Learning it is not as physically demanding as ballet or jazz. Nowadays, the style evolution led to a stronger focus on individual performance than on exact dance moves. Therefore, it is accessible to different people of any age and dance ability.

      All dancers and choreographers contribute much these days to evolving and changing this style. They are looking for new ways of self-expression. That’s what we are doing in our well-known Canadian dance company. “Hips Don’t Lie” offers new opportunities for every individual to get engaged in lyrical dancing in Toronto and GTA.

      If you are looking for some lyrical dance troupes for hire near me, you are welcome to “Hips Don’t Lie.” We are happy to represent the best and most talented lyrical dance troupe in Canada and offer you beautiful entertainment acts for hire. We are sure you will fall in love with this stunning dance style.


      What is lyrical dance?

      It is a modern dance variation that represents the combination of jazz, ballet, and contemporary styles. As the offspring of jazz, it is characterized by the strong influence of African music, rhythms, and dance moves.

      What is the lyrical dance style?

      The style is relatively new and is continuously evolving from jazz and ballet. However, every dancer and choreographer adds a lot of unique elements to it. Therefore, this style has become more popular and appealing to younger and older people.

      What is the difference between contemporary and lyrical dance?

      According to some professionals, the main difference is in conveying a story. In contemporary dance, we convey our personal story, while in lyrical dance, we convey a story told by the lyrics of a song.

      What are the differences between lyrical and ballet dancing?

      Ballet dancing requires more precise techniques and perfect physical fitness, while lyrical dancing is interpretive, more theatrical, and acrobatic. It has the elements of jazz dance and is strongly influenced by traditional African rhythms and music.

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