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Thinking of hiring dancers for the New Year's Eve party? Book Hips Don't Lie and make the next countdown absolutely unforgettable!


Dancers available to book for every event theme. Impress your guests with a dancer who has all the right moves!
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Hire professional dancers to entertain all your guests at any event. Looking for unique entertainment?
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New Year's Eve Parties in Toronto. Hire Dancers

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      Why hire dance performers for New Years Eve?

      New Year's Eve is definitely one of the most important moments... in both — the coming and going years! We always want to make this event special, memorable, and fun.

      No matter whether you're celebrating with friends or family, organizing a New Year's Eve Dance is always one of the best ideas to celebrate the significant 00 pm! You will definitely remember the night if you spend it on a dance floor!

      A perfect dance party just cannot do without professional dancers. We at Hips Don't Lie offer you a wonderful festive dance program.

      You can choose different styles of dance, music, and an overall approach to the way the event will unfold. Give us a call today, and we will discuss the best options and provide you with a free estimate for your New Years Eve Dance.

      How to throw a fun New Years Eve party?

      A New Year party, especially in Canada, is one of those events when you can let your imagination fly. The ideas for a perfect event can include everything from getting together in a nightclub, on a skating rink, to spending it in the casino... Or simply at home! The most important thing is that you and your guests have the best fun not only this December, but the whole year!

      But the dancing part is still essential. A New Years Eve dance would make your friends and family remember it for a long time! Open doors to the professional dancers, and the night would become an absolute blast.

      Hips Don't Lie will make this 00 a.m. on December 31st last in eternity!

      new year dance parties

      The best ideas for the next party, by the New Year dancers for events

      Happy New Year dance/New Year welcome dance
      When the time on the clocks and iPhones passes 00 pm, the real dance party begins! You and your guests can greet the New Year with a dance. And what kind of dance, and to what music, is totally up to you! It can be an electronic rhythm, a meaningful song, or a pop hit that just makes everybody rush to the dance floor. Hips Don't Lie Dance. Co can help you decide on the best ideas for your event.

      A group dance for a family, or at a corporate event
      An especially popular option among families and colleagues. A group dance at New Years Eve can be a lot of fun! It brings people together, and can mean a world to the participants. We can create a scenario of this dance together, for the most unforgettable moment. Choose the right one for your event — from the interactive show to the New Year female dance. Need something absolutely special? We can create a custom program!

      Counting down, dancing
      Countdown is definitely the pinnacle of your dance party. Gather together on a dance floor, turn on that rhythm that all of you love, and start counting down to music! And it absolutely doesn't matter if you are in a dance club, or your venue is your own backyard. Beautiful decorations, dear people, and a lot of champagne will do what they're supposed to! All you have to do is seize the moment.

      A dance show, performed by a professional troupe
      Another beautiful way to celebrate NY is to enjoy a stunning dancing show, performed by the professionals. Inspiring music, stunning costumes, unforgettable dance moves, grace and rhythm... Aren't these the perfect ingredients of a perfect party? The setting can be absolutely different — you and your guests can enjoy watching the show right at the festive table, at the outdoor party, or at an absolutely inclusive event. Choose the style that suits your intentions the most, and trust the rest to Hips Don't Lie!

      An interactive dancing performance
      An interactive dance is a great way to join together and celebrate to the fullest! This kind of event is popular all over the world — when dancers encourage guests to do the dance together! Choose one of many possible New Years Eve dance party themes by inquiring about them from your dance performers. They will surely recommend the best dance styles and the music that suits the night the best. No matter, if you choose traditional tunes, electronic rhythm, or something classy: if you've chosen the right dancers, it can't go wrong!

      Hiring dancers for New Year's Eve party

      Professional performers can definitely brighten up your dance party. They can perform on and off-stage. The latter is basically an interactive show, when the dancers invite guests to join them.

      On-stage show is for you and the ones you're celebrating with to watch. Enjoy stunning costumes, incredible rhythm, and beautiful movements. Hips Don't Lie offer the following New Years Eve dance party themes:

      We are happy to create a custom dance, a mix of these styles, or something absolutely unique! Contact us via our website, or call on the phone, and together we'll come up with a few brilliant ideas!

      new years dance themes

      How to find the best dance performers for the New Years Eve dance party?

      Google the best dance party performers near you. It is very important that the team of dancers show up at your door in time! If you live, and plan to organize the NY party in Toronto, hire dance performers from Toronto!

      Check out the testimonials and reviews in Google. You don't want to be disappointed on such an important date, so study online reviews in advance.

      Talk to the manager of the troupe on the phone. Discuss all the organizational points with the manager (the contract, the deposit, the refund in case of one of the sides breaking terms of the contract, etc.).

      Meet performers in person. Meeting performers before the actual party is essential. You have to have a special connection with them and simply like what they do on stage.

      Plan your NY party in advance. If you want a perfect December 31st-January 1st event, start organizing it in the beginning of Autumn the latest, better — late Summer! This date is obviously one of the busiest in the year, and if you want to get the best dancers in Canada, hire them early!

      Choose, and book the venue. Pretty much the same as with booking the performers, it has to be done in advance. 100% that if you remember to do it in December, all the best venues in your city will be already booked, so don't waste your time and start looking. And make sure you have visited the place and not just seen it online, you might simply not like it in reality.

      Inquire about the program, and approve it. An essential step in planning your party is to understand how exactly you and your friends (family, or colleagues) will be entertaining. New Years Eve dance party themes are essential. Ask your dance troupe the scenarios they offer, choose the one that perfectly fits the occasion and the age of the participants.

      Make sure the venue meets the dancers' requirements. Ask the manager of your dance troupe about their technical requirements. What kind of space suits performance the best, what kind of equipment is needed. Ask the owners of the venue if they can provide the required items, and if the space has any restrictions (like, no noise after 10 p.m. would be a nuisance, would it?!)

      Don't forget to send out the invitations. Remember each person you want to invite to your Dec New Years Eve event, make a list, create the design (it can be a simple online invitation), and don't forget to send it!

      Order snacks, food, drinks, and presents! To create the most memorable New Years Eve dance you might need to check out the caterers that specialize in serving at the parties. You don't want your guests to be hungry, not have enough champagne, or leave without a memorable souvenir or present!

      Make sure you’ve got the video- and photo shoots organized! Ask your dance party performers, they might have the right person to capture the best moments of the eve!

      We’re sure that with our advice your New Year’s Eve dance party will be one of the most memorable in your life! Don’t hesitate to contact Hips Don’t Lie if you have any questions or need help, or inspiration!

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