Parade Dancers For Hire

Parade Dancers for Hire: Brighten Your Event Up!

Are you organizing an event soon and looking to add some glamor and show-stomping entertainment to it? If you can't get to Brazil for Carnival, but still want to bring that decadence over to your event, consider parade dancers for hire from Hips Don't Lie, no matter what kind of event you are organizing.


Dancers available to book for every event theme. Impress your guests with a dancer who has all the right moves!
Dancers for hire
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Hire professional dancers to entertain all your guests at any event. Looking for unique entertainment?
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Parade Dancers in Toronto. Beautiful ladies with colorful dresses

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    Providing exceptional dancers for events including:


      Why go for the parade entertainment for hire?

      The first Carnival in Rio was held in 1723. And ever since then, female carnival dancers have become synonymous with fun, frolic, and femme fatale. Consider hiring carnival dancers if you are searching for entertainment for the upcoming event, be that a communal party or a large city feast! Why?

      High-end professional entertainers

      Looking for a performance that's going to blow the attendees' socks off? Hips Don't Lie might be the perfect match for you. We are one of the most sought-after troupes in the country, and there's a reason for it. Our dancers bring their A-game to every event, they have performed at hundreds of events—their experience is more than extensive.

      Full performance dance gear

      Hips Don't Lie performers are dressed up in stunning extravagant costumes replete with feathers, Swarovski crystals, and high heels. Your guests will wonder for a second if they have been transported over to a party in Brazil, instead of sitting at the special event!

      Perpetuate the fantasy of your event using our performers to your benefit.

      Outstanding dance styles

      Hips Don't Lie professionally performs in many dance styles:

      No matter if you are a dancer or not, you will be able to appreciate the hip movements and the magnificent energy our performers bring to the event.
      You will be getting up to dance or move your own hips, no matter if you haven't danced in eons, just because you will get infected by the entertainment presented!

      Also, you can ask our samba dancers to give you a bit of a dance lesson and help rekindle the love of dancing in your audience. You never know what a night like this will bring up!

      Matching the event theme

      Themed parades

      Even in a Halloween party parade, we can ensure that our dancers are dressed up spooky and have that ghostly feel to them. On the other hand, if you are going for a more elegant motif, we can accommodate that as well.

      Communal/city events

      Are you in the city council and planning the upcoming Thanksgiving parade? At Hips Don't Lie, we can offer you wonderfully themed dances that would be a reason to thank each other for the years to come.

      Public holidays

      Imagine watching Independence day's fireworks that are followed by a stunning dance performance. Dancers in themed costumes encrusted with the Swarowsky crystals, wearing feathered boas, are moving to the beautiful rhythm. If you can imagine it, we can recreate it!

      Hips Don't Lie dancers are in high demand, and if you're looking to book us for a particular event, it's better to do it in advance.

      parade dancers for hire

      Stop holding boring events!

      Dreading the idea of holding another bland event where everyone daydreams while waiting for the event to end? If that's the case, then you are in luck. Hips Don't Lie helps you think outside of the box for your next special even—be that a parade at a University campus or a large city gathering.

      Hire samba dancers and get the audience undulating to energetic music along with some elegant ladies. The event attendees will surely remember this special event for a long time to come if that were the case.

      And don't worry if your event audience is a bit on the older side. Even folks in their 80s will enjoy samba dancers flouncing about in front of them! Who can truly resist these professional dancers' charm?

      Make all kinds of events a thing to remember with our Toronto samba dancers. Your audience will be speaking about the event for days to come, hoping for an encore.

      Every event welcome

      Whatever your event, no matter if it's for a Bar Mitzvah or a city feast, we will send our carnival dancers and make it a glamorous show-stopping happening! The rhythms of the dancers will venture deep into your audience's soul.

      You can rest easy as an event organizer knowing that Hips Don't Lie will take care of everything entertainment-related for you, from the costumes and set up to the grand finale. A stress-free event? Yes, please!

      modern dance

      We offer a wide variety of dance styles – Jazz Funk Dance, Latin American Dance, Performance Dance, Ballet Dance and others. All these types of dances you can learn at Hips Don't Lie in Toronto! List of the most beautiful dance forms and styles: Latin Dance Style, Jazz Dance Style, Ballroom Dance Style... learn more

      dance classes Toronto

      Find the best dance classes in Toronto and learn popular dance moves with our dancing experts. Take our weekly dance lessons and improve your dancing. We have a 5-star rating in Google reviews.

      dance performance Toronto

      We offer a full program of dance styles such as Samba Dance performance, Salsa dance performance, Led dance performance, Go-go  performance, Las Vegas dance performance and others. Book a dance act for your event, party or celebration. We have many top class dance acts for all occasions!

      Hold your audience's attention with professional dancers

      If you need to get in someone's good books during this party, then putting them into a good mood with all the dancing and laughter will be ideal. This way you can sign that business deal or convince a higher-up that you are a high performer and someone to highlight at the organization.

      Also, there's no need to be flustered if you haven't been able to hold your audience's attention previously. With the carnival dancers at your event, there will be little need to fret about that. You will have to agonize more about ending the event on time because the audience will have so much fun that they won't want to leave.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Are all your dancers professionally trained?

      Yes, they are! We only hire the best of the best to ensure that you never have to worry about untrained professionals ruining your event. Our dancers are trained in a wide variety of dances, from Bollywood to Flamenco.

      How do I hire Toronto samba dancers for my event?

      On our website! Decide on which dance style you are looking for. Then contact us on our website with details on your event date, type, and more. We will then be able to give you a quote on parade entertainment for hire. It's as easy as that.

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