Waltz Dance

You may have already seen waltz dancing pictures or live performances or even tried to do waltzing on the dance floor on your own. No matter what your experience of this graceful ballroom dance is, “Hips Don’t Lie” is ready to introduce you to all kinds of waltz dance performances and dancing classes. We are one of the most prominent Canadian dance companies that are famous and well-appreciated for the best entertainment acts for hire, which can combine up to 5 different dancing styles.

One hand on each other’s shoulder or back with the other hand clasped together with your partner’s - that’s the perfectly gracious picture featured in old films and numerous TV shows. Waltz dancers glide elegantly and gracefully across the floor, performing to beautiful music in their luxurious old-fashioned dresses and smoking suits. What can look more fascinating? - So, welcome to the world of waltz with “Hips Don’t Lie.”


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      History of Waltz Dance

      Let’s have a closer look at the waltz dance history and its roots. The meaning of the waltz dance is enclosed in its name. The word “waltz” was derived from the German “walzen,” which means “to revolve.” The dance can be traced back to the 13th century. Working people in the countryside of lower Germany and Austria performed a folk dance called the Waltzer at that time. Actually, it was the earliest version of the modern waltz dance style. Later on, in the middle of the 18th century, the dance entered saloons and ballrooms, though with certain restrictions caused by the conservatism of high-class audiences.

      Around approximately the same time, in the 17th-18th centuries, another dance was evolving. It was also a country dance called the Landler (or the Schleifer). The local waltz dance group could perform almost the same foot movement patterns as in the waltz but with more complicated arm movements. They allowed a waltz dancer to turn their partner around. This dance was immensely popular in Germany, especially in Bavaria, and in Austria, including Vienna, in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

      Waltz Dance Style

      That was when aristocrats made the first steps toward adopting the elements and forms of the Waltzer and the Landler, turning these waltz dances from the social performances of peasants, workers, and servants into the respectful dance of noble people in Austria, Germany, and Britain.

      Before that time, the minuet was the most popular social and ballroom dance at all festive gatherings and ballroom receptions. In the 19th century, the waltz dance performance entirely replaced the minuet across all the European dance rooms. Famous composers and musicians created outstanding masterpieces of waltz music for such occasions. We know and dance to several of them nowadays. “The Blue Danube” by the Austrian composer Johann Strauss and “Waltz of the Flowers” written by peter Tchaikovsky for his “The Nutcracker” ballet are still perceived emotionally and danced to with great pleasure.

      Stay with us if you want to know more waltz dance facts. You can dance the waltz, watch waltz dance groups performing, or order the most professional dance acts for hire for your celebrations from “Hips Don’t Lie” nowadays at your location in Toronto and GTA, Canada.

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      Popular Waltz Dance Styles

      What is waltz dancing? Most people believe that they know what it looks like. However, this style is performed both socially and competitively, and there are three main types of waltz dance and many other local waltzes that differ in their routines and representation. The three types are Viennese Waltz, International style, and American style.

      Viennese Waltz Ballroom Dance

      When we think about the Viennese-style waltz, we imagine beautiful dresses, ladies and gentlemen moving slowly and graciously around the gorgeous ballroom halls in perfectly decorated palaces, and a lot of glamors and pleasing music. However, do you know that the Viennese waltz is the fastest waltz dance of three and one of the fastest dances in the ballroom program? Its tempo is about 180 beats per minute; though, when we observe it performed, we do not notice that.

      The style has six steps in a basic box, and performers constantly change the movement directions from right to left across the floor. The pace does not allow for high rise-and-fall motions, but everything looks stunning and fantastically elegant. The Viennese waltz style is a part of the International Ballroom dance program and is always performed at competitions.

      Viennese Waltz

      International Style Waltz Ballroom Dance

      International Standard waltz dance means moving at the tempo of about 84-90 beats per minute to slow waltz music. Dance teachers consider it the right style for beginners, though some movements and figures are pretty sophisticated.

      International Standard is often referred to as a slow waltz, and it is common for dance competitions. It is a part of the International Ballroom dance program. Actually, it is the first dance, opening it.

      Waltz dancing style

      American Style Ballroom Dance

      Like in Viennese and other ballroom styles, dancers waltz across the floor counterclockwise. Though, the American waltz has more freedom in moves and a wide variety of arm and foot movement patterns. Many waltz dance companies in America and Canada offer it as a course of waltz dance lessons. It is also a part of the American Smooth competitive program.

      As for some more waltz dance information you may be interested in, there are several other varieties that formed and developed in different countries of the world. You may encounter the traditional Irish style, the Scandinavian waltz, performed as a folk dance, the Peruvian waltz, the Mexican, Cajun, Cuban (or Tropical), and Venezuelan waltz dance style, as well as the Contra Waltz (or Freeform Waltz), the Valse Musette, the cross-step waltz (or french Valse Boston), and some others.

      Waltz dancing style

      The professional waltz dance troupe at “Hips Don’t Lie” offers beautiful performances in many of these varieties. If you are intrigued, we also offer waltz-style classes from the most experienced dance instructors teaching waltz dancing in Toronto.

      Dance Styles Offered | Top Rated Dancers & Dance Acts for Hire!

      Waltz Dance Routines

      The waltz dance definition is a style that requires two participants - a leader and a follower. The routine implies that at the beginning, dancers stand facing each other. The leader puts the right hand on the follower’s left part of the back to start the dance. The left hand is clasping with the follower’s right hand. Then, the leader steps forward with the left foot, moves to the right, closes the left foot to the right foot, and steps back with the right foot. After that, they move back to the left and close the right foot to the left foot.

      The follower holds the left hand on the partner’s right shoulder, with the right hand clasped to the leader’s left hand. The first step is back with the right foot, and then they move to the left. After that, the follower closes the right foot to the left foot, steps forward with the left foot, moves back and to the right, and closes the left foot to the right foot.

      Waltz Dance Style

      It is the basic set of steps called the square. All the dance routines are done to the tempo of waltz music, that is, ¾ beat timing with 28-30 measures per minute. The other basic routine steps involve hesitation change, progressive chasse to the right, outside change, a wing, closed telemark, and 1-3 natural turns. The advanced routine steps include the natural spin turn, turning lock to the right, a wing, open telemark, promenade ronde, right lunge point, whisk, weave from PP 1-3, and natural turns.

      There are routines for beginners (basic) and for three levels of mastery - bronze, silver, and gold. The gold level is the most professional. If you need a more detailed waltz dance description, come to “Hips Don’t Lie,” a prominent waltz dance company with a professional waltz dance troupe and experienced instructors. You can order the best performers for your special occasions or take classes for beginners and at a more advanced level to get the waltz dance explained to you by the true masters.

      The Benefits of Waltz Dance

      Waltz dancing 2

      Therefore, what is the waltz dance? It is about beauty, charm, glamor, and dedicated mastery. If you want to know the waltz dance meaning, it is about support and trust in your partner. If you start by learning the waltz, it will be easier for you to master other ballroom staples.

      Another benefit of this style is that upper and lower body parts are immediately engaged, so it gives the tone to all your muscles. The fitness condition of your body improves, and you get a lot of pleasant emotions for your mental well-being. Moreover, you develop the perfect perception of rhythm and music. You will be able to dance at any special occasion or gathering with delicate grace and elaborate moves to make a truly stunning impression.

      Waltz dancing 1

      You may also be looking for a professional waltz dance group near me to hire for your celebration party or festivity. Come to “Hips Don’t Lie.” We are a prominent Canadian dance company that offers talented waltz dance groups and dancing performers in other styles for hire. Watching the best waltz dance performance combined with elegant costumes, beautiful waltz music, and a lot of lightness and grace is a true pleasure.

      We offer the most talented, professional, and experienced waltz dance troupes for hire near me or the combination of 5 different styles in one performance. The choice is yours. All in all, you will get unforgettable impressions.

      Get the answer to the question, “What is a waltz dance?” with our outstanding dance teachers. Order individual or group dance classes and enjoy every moment of them.


      What is a waltz in dance?
      A waltz is a word that comes from German and means “to revolve.” Here, the name of the most famous and loved ballroom dance originates. The dancers move around the floor, revolving right or left, and this movement creates a perfect picture of elegance and grace.

      What is the style of waltz dance?
      According to the history of waltz dance, it is a ballroom dance performed by two dancers in a couple, with one leading and the other following partner. They move counterclockwise across the floor and perform other elements of routines, depending on the level - beginner, bronze, silver, or gold.

      Where is the waltz dance from?
      Though the waltz dance in Toronto is very popular, it comes from Bavaria, Germany, and Austria. It was initially a flok dance performed by local peasants, workers, and servants. Later on, it entered the ballrooms of the nobles and became well-appreciated by them.

      Is the waltz a difficult dance?
      Experienced dance teachers and waltz dance teams believe that the waltz is not difficult to learn, so if you start with it, it will be much easier for you to master all other ballroom dances. However, you need good body shape and stamina to dance this style because your upper and lower body parts are always involved in it, and you need to perform dancing figures and moves at a certain pace.

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