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When you hear the term choreographer you might think of the person telling the dancers what to do for a big broadway show or a major ballet company. But their remit is much larger than that, and you can work with a choreographer for wedding dance or for a performance at an event you are hosting.

On your big day you'll want to shine so working with a top Toronto choreographer, like those at Hips Don't Lie, will ensure your event goes smoothly and you wow your guests with your skills as a performer, your beautiful moves, and effortless harmony as a newlywed couple!


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    What is dance choreography?

    For any dance choreography is essential. It involves creating and arranging a sequence of dance movements and steps and using different elements such as space, time, and energy to create complete and expressive performances that tell a story or convey emotions or a message through movement. Every dance company will have one or more choreographers on staff depending on their experience, repertoire, and the dance genres they know.

    These professionals will use their training to work with both skilled and amateur dancers to create performances that will move and entertain an audience.

    What does a dance choreographer do with amateur dancers?

    Hiring a choreographer for your wedding or event in Toronto brings many benefits, for any level of dancer - whether you've never danced before or you're an enthusiastic amateur they will help ensure you shine when you perform.

    A choreographer will help to ensure that your unique wedding or event dance is tailored to your abilities and preferences. This will help to make you and your dance look polished and effortless, rather than awkward or uncomfortable.

    They'll also help to create a unique and memorable routine that reflects your individual personality and style. This can be especially impactful for a first dance at a wedding, as this special moment is often a highlight of the reception and a cherished memory for the couple and their guests.

    When you work with a choreographer the process typically involves several stages:

    The first stage is finding the right professional for you, which will involve researching potential candidates and interviewing them to ensure that you will work well together and share the same vision for your dance.

    Once a choreographer has been selected, the next stage is planning and preparation. This is where you'll work together to set clear goals and expectations, as well as decide on the type of dance and music that you want to use.

    When all these details have been ironed out you will then work together to create and polish your perfect routine, which has been tailored to meet your needs and abilities as dancers.

    After your dance routine has been created you're likely to have several rehearsals to make sure you are comfortable with your routine. You may also get guidance on how to present yourself perfectly during the performance.

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    Finding dance companies with choreographers

    One of the best ways to find the right choreographer for your wedding dance in Toronto, Ontario is to work with a dance company that specializes in choreography, as they employ experienced professionals who have a wide range of experience with all types of dancing from the theatre to event rooms.

    When finding the right company in Toronto it's important to do some research so that you find a teacher who will work with you at your level and in the style you desire. One good way to find companies is to ask for recommendations from friends and family who have hired choreographers for their weddings or to search online and read reviews from previous clients.

    It's also a good idea to check out the dance company's website and social media to see examples of their work. Many dance companies will share examples of their work on their Facebook or Instagram pages, to give you a very good idea of the styles they excel in.

    When interviewing potential companies, these questions can help you determine whether they are the right fit for you:
    - What is your experience choreographing wedding dances/event dances?
    - What dance styles do you specialize in?
    - How do you work with clients to create a dance routine that is tailored to their abilities and preferences?
    - How many rehearsals will be required and how are these scheduled?
    - Can you provide references or testimonials from previous clients?
    - How much do you charge and do you have packages or set hourly rates?

    It's also a good idea to ask to see videos of their previous wedding and event work as well as check their availability. It's essential to make sure that they can accommodate your schedule and deadlines.

    When looking for choreographers for hire in Toronto for your wedding or event dance, what you look for will differ from when a professional performing arts organization is looking for one. While a top theatre may be looking for someone with numerous awards who has toured extensively and has studied at a top institution like York University, you should focus more on their interpersonal skills, teaching skills and adaptability. You should also decide if their unique style suits your needs and requirements.

    Ultimately, the most important thing is to find a choreographer who you feel comfortable working with and who you get along with. This will help you create a dance routine that you will feel comfortable with and will enjoy performing on your special day.

    Choreographing dance styles from modern dance to ballroom at Hips Don't Lie

    Experienced and well-trained choreographers in Toronto will generally know many different styles of dance and they may bring elements of different styles into your performance.

    At Hips Don't Lie our dancers are experts in a wide range of styles and are also experienced choreographers. We have specialists in contemporary, hip-hop, ballet, ballroom, Latin American dance and much much more.

    This means that when you work with us, we are sure to have one of the best choreographers in Toronto for your dance style. We are also able to carefully match your needs and abilities to our choreography teacher so that your choreographed wedding dance or event dance will dazzle and impress.

    Contact us today to find out more about our choreography services.

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    How much should I pay my choreographer?

    The cost of hiring a choreographer for your event can vary depending on a number of factors such as their experience, location, and the complexity of your routine. You may be charged a flat fee for a package, usually with various options, or you might get an hourly rate. In general, in Toronto, Ontario, you should expect to pay between about $500 and $1,000 for an expert from a reputable dance company.

    While this may seem like a significant investment, it can be well worth it for the unique and memorable experience it will give to your wedding or event. Before getting quotes we recommend clearly outlining your requirements and setting a budget.

    It is always important to get quotes from multiple dance companies in Toronto and compare their prices, experience, and the services they offer before making a final decision. You should also ask for reviews from past clients to get a good feel for their expertise and professionalism.

    What is a choreographed dance called?

    Choreographed dances are generally just called a dance or dance performances, as almost all dance events you see performed will be choreographed. Whether it's a show from a larger performing arts organization like the Toronto Dance Theatre or an amateur dance theatre group their dancers will require preparation with trained choreographers. If you want to see a choreographed event in Toronto, Ontario, check out the listings in the Toronto Star.

    When choreographing, a routine is created with a specific purpose, theme, or story in mind, and can be performed by one or more dancers. A choreographed dance is often performed in a formal setting such as a theatre, dance competition, or special event, and can range in style from classical ballet, contemporary, hip hop, etc. They can also be performed in a less formal setting such as a wedding, corporate event, or party.

    What is choreograph dance?

    A choreograph dance is the art of creating and arranging movements and dance steps to form an entire dance routine whether it's ballet, modern dance, or African dance. It's the process of designing and arranging a sequence of steps and movements to create a cohesive and visually pleasing display that will entertain, educate and move its audience. Choreographers are responsible for choreographing a dance, and they use their creative skills, knowledge of dance, and understanding of music to create routines that are tailored to the performers and the audience.

    What is a choreographed movement?

    Choreographed movement refers to specific steps, gestures, or a sequence of movements that have been carefully planned and rehearsed by a dancer with the help of a choreographer. These movements are designed to convey a specific emotion or message, bringing an event to life. Choreographed movements can be incorporated into a dance routine, theatre plays, or other artistic presentations.

    Choreographed movements can vary greatly in style, from highly technical and precise to more free-form and expressive, but they all have one thing in common: they are a result of a choreographer's vision and creativity.

    For example, when an organization like the Toronto Dance Theatre, supported by the Ontario Arts Council puts on a show, its artistic director will work with one or more Toronto-based choreographers and possibly media artists to create choreographed movements for their dance artists.

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