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    We are an international dance company led by Lyana Khatatba (a dancer with close to a lifetime of experience).
    We are dedicated to helping our customers create the most entertaining, vibrant and lively gatherings. With a variety of dance styles and performers for you to choose from, Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. ensures a colorful, engaging and original show, which will be a perfect fit for any party.

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    Samba Dance Videos

    Samba is part of the sport ballroom dance program. A mixture of Brazilian cheerfulness, South American primitive passion and the fiery temperament of Spain and Portugal - each of the ingredients here is unique and attractive. It is a dance with a multifaceted history, although Brazil is universally recognized as its birthplace. From dynamic samba dance performances to instructive videos, the world of samba offers an all-encompassing experience.

    Samba Dance Performance

    Samba is a fantastically incendiary dance, which is based on specific, characteristic only for this type of dance hip movements. This choreographic composition is characterized by a special fun, intrigue, playfulness, sexuality and unique rhythm. Samba is a dance that can decorate any dance floor.

    Imagine a gathering infused with the sizzling spirit of samba. Whether it's a corporate gala or a lively birthday party, a samba dance show has the power to elevate the atmosphere. The pulsating energy, the mesmerizing choreography, and the enchanting costumes all blend harmoniously to create an unforgettable experience. Samba dance for events and parties will ensure that the celebration is a success and will make your guests happy.



    Performed over 8000 shows since 2011 (12 years!)
    Only dancers with 5+ years of professional experience qualify to work with us
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      Samba Dance and Music

      A distinctive feature of samba, as well as other types of African-American music and dance, is syncopated rhythm. The use of polyrhythms and cross-rhythms is characteristic. Rhythmic polyphony is created by a wide range of percussion instruments. Even the modern variation of samba still has figures and rhythms that convey the multifaceted origins of this superb dance.

      Samba Dance Exercise Videos on YouTube

      Samba dancing YouTube channels offer a plethora of content, from samba dance videos with music to comprehensive tutorials. Beginner dancers and everyone who is interested in this style can easily discover the world of samba dance video clips, immersing themselves in dynamic movements and infectious rhythms. The accessibility of YouTube samba dance videos ensures that the art form reaches a global audience, transcending boundaries.

      Samba Dance Workout

      For those eager to embrace the art of samba dance for parties, video lessons and samba dance video tutorials provide a structured learning experience. Samba dance video lessons cater to all levels, from beginners to seasoned dancers looking to refine their skills. Beginners can access free samba dance videos tailored to their skill level, gradually building their confidence and competence. Samba dance videos for beginners dissect complex routines, making samba dance accessible to anyone with a passion for movement.
      Beyond its captivating performances, samba dance offers a dynamic workout routine. Samba dance workout sessions incorporate the rhythmic movements of samba into an invigorating exercise regimen. This fusion of fitness and fun makes samba dance workout videos a popular choice for those seeking to stay active while enjoying the rhythms of Brazil.

      Samba Dance in Various Contexts

      The samba dance is universal and will be suitable for many occasions:

      • Cultural events benefit from the samba dance's contagious energy because it brings authenticity and life to the celebrations.
      • Similar to its cousin from the Middle East, samba dance symbolizes joy and unity and adds a festive touch to weddings and other important life events.
      • Samba dance's rapid motions provide for energizing training routines that appeal to anyone looking for a fun and effective method to keep active. Observe the samba dance teaching videos.


      Samba dancing music videos showcase the essence of Brazilian culture, transforming events into vibrant celebrations and providing enthusiasts with accessible learning resources. From samba dance performance to samba dance instruction videos, it is a colorful mixture of Brazilian and European rhythms, a rousing and at the same time sensual dance, a hymn to love, youth and beauty. So, whether you're seeking to invigorate an event or embark on a samba dance journey, the world of samba dance offers an exhilarating experience that resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds.

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