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Burlesque dancing defies definitions. It can be fired up like cabaret or sensual like erotic dance. It can tell a special story and ‘bring the audience to a boil’ through electrifying music and graceful movements of dancers. As the unofficial capital of burlesque show, Toronto offers some of the best performers you can find today. The troupe of Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. is always ready to add some spice to your event with our creative dancing.

Modern burlesque dancing has been inspired by pin-up culture with a flavor of old-fashioned glamour. This style is bordering on erotic, yet it’s focused on sensuality instead of sex. Burlesque shows are artful performances that combine dancing and performance techniques from different schools, complemented by props and fantastic costumes that highlight the movements and beauty of dancers.

Including this kind of show into your event will surely make it much more entertaining. It will work great for theme parties and weddings. If you aren’t fond of making your corporate celebrations overly formal, including a burlesque show Toronto crew into the program is a splendid idea.


Dancers available to book for every event theme. Impress your guests with a dancer who has all the right moves!
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Hire professional dancers to entertain all your guests at any event. Looking for unique entertainment?
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Toronto Burlesque & Cabaret Show. Provides Burlesque Performances in Toronto

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      Spice up the Night: Invite a Burlesque Show to Your Toronto Event!

      Having a party or an event in Toronto? “Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co.” will create an unforgettable atmosphere with their famous burlesque show! Book today.

      What is a burlesque show?

      Burlesque shows are unforgettable on-stage performances that are perfect for many events. Dancers create a dynamic, sensual show full of color, excitement, and beautiful moves. Stimulate your senses at a bachelor or a cocktail party, bring a sexy vibe to a Birthday celebration, surprise your friends during a weekend out of town, or even invite burlesque dancers to corporate celebrations! They definitely know how to spark the night up!

      What to expect from the burlesque shows in Toronto?

      The best burlesque show in Toronto is performed by well-experienced burlesque dancers. Dressed in fantastic costumes, graceful and stunningly beautiful, they combine the dance, the performance, and acrobatic techniques... with the most unforgettable props and nice music. Sexy, fun, dynamic, and cool, these events are one of the most beloved by our audiences.

      No matter if you've invited dancers to a themed party, at a Toronto wedding, or decided to treat your employees at a corporate celebration, expect to enjoy the performance 100%. Just order another cocktail, sit back, drink, and relax! Just as the visitors of bar Lokys, one of the most famous Toronto burlesque venues, do!

      burlesque dancing

      Bringing the 19th-century vibe into modern events

      Modern burlesque dancing has been inspired by pin-up culture with a flavor of old-fashioned glamour. This style is bordering on erotic, bringing it on stage in a non-vulgar, sensual way. First of all, it is a beautiful show!

      Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. is happy to bring this unique 19th-century genre to modern audiences and let them experience a mix of bright feelings and emotions. Originally, the burlesque shows would parody famous theatre plays or operas, and what we perform today is, of course, just the reminiscence of that. Our plots are modern, fun and suit absolutely different audiences' tastes.

      Let the burlesque come to you!

      Don't miss your opportunity to organize the most memorable event of your life, call us today and book your Toronto burlesque show! We promise that you and your guests will be feeling good days or even months after the show. You don't need to visit bar Lokys, the show will be coming to you!

      toronto burlesque

      Inspiring attributes of the show

      The burlesque show is definitely not for faint-hearted audiences! It often includes elements of striptease but doesn’t progress to outright nudity. The dancers of a burlesque show will most likely feature these inspiring attributes:

      - Shiny costumes with spangles and tinsel
      - Shimmy fringes to accent dancers' hip moves
      - Beautiful slick elbow-length gloves that can be slowly taken off during a dance
      - Boas, feathers, and fans as an integral part of the show, especially striking when the performers enter the stage.

      How to choose the best burlesque team? 5 tips

      Toronto is known as an unofficial capital of the burlesque shows. Indeed, the city loves its burlesque dancers, that's why it is important to choose the troupe that will perform at your events with great attention to detail. You don't want your guests to be overwhelmed or disappointed, do you?

      Here are a few tips from Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co.:

      • Real customer reviews are super important. Reputable burlesque dancers will have a plethora of them! Read them carefully and note what customers loved the most. Is it what you're looking for?
      • After the initial research is done, make a phone call and organize a visit to meet your troupe. You just have to personally like the people!
      • Inquire about the program. Does it match the expected vibe of your event? Will your guests enjoy it? Is the duration of a program suitable for your event's timeframes?
      • Discuss the venue. To feature the burlesque show at its full potential, the venue and the service in it must feature a few essential features. Discuss them with the manager of the troupe.
      • Plan the event ahead. Ask your Toronto burlesque performers, how much time they need to plan things, and what is there booking schedule like. For festive seasons plan at least a month ahead!

      Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. burlesque troupe

      “Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co.” is a reputable Toronto burlesque troupe that performed at a multitude of events and has hundreds of positive real customer reviews on the website. No matter what celebration is ahead of you, or if it's just a Friday cocktail party, don't miss a chance to spend it tastefully and with great fun. It is a unique way to surprise your guests... and maybe even yourself!

      burlesque shows

      Focused on natural beauty and grace

      "Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co." perform burlesque shows that are focused on natural beauty and grace. Each of our performers has an impressive professional background. We tastefully combine energizing rhythms, fantastic costumes, creative props, and an absolutely unforgettable vibe that you can only experience... But never forget.

      What events in Toronto are best for a burlesque show?

      Pretty much any events for adults! Weddings, Birthdays, corporate celebrations, bachelor parties... These and many other gatherings will leave their mark on the Toronto events map if you invite "Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co." to perform their unforgettable burlesque show!

      Call us today to book the party of your life. We guarantee the highest quality of our dancing product. And the proof... is in the dance!

      modern dance

      We offer a wide variety of dance styles – Bollywood Style, Belly Dance Style, Contemporary Style, Salsa Style and others. All these types of dances you can learn at Hips Don't Lie in Toronto! List of the most beautiful dance forms and styles: Latin Dance Style, Jazz Dance Style, Ballroom Dance Style... learn more

      dance classes Toronto

      Privat dance classes in Toronto. Dance studio for everyone: adult and children dance classes, social dance programs, wedding dance lessons! We work with your schedule. Locally Owned & Operated. Our classes give you the tools needed to start your journey.

      dance performance Toronto

      We offer a full program of dance styles such as Ballroom performance, Jazz performance, Hip Hop performance, Contemporary performance, Burlesque performance and others. Our themed dance performers are a sophisticated addition to any event!

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