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    Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co.

    We are an international dance company led by Lyana Khatatba (a dancer with close to a lifetime of experience).
    We are dedicated to helping our customers create the most entertaining, vibrant and lively gatherings. With a variety of dance styles and performers for you to choose from, Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. ensures a colorful, engaging and original show, which will be a perfect fit for any party.

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    Salsa Dance Videos

    Salsa, the dance of love and freedom, was born in Cuba, where they know a lot about both. This dance, full of interesting combinations, liberated and passionate movements, has an atmosphere of fun and flirtation. Salsa dance is known all over the world. Fascinating salsa dance video tutorials are now available and it is also welcomed at major parties. Let's dive into the world of salsa dance video, where rhythm meets passion and every step tells a story.

    Salsa Dance for Events and Parties

    Your event with salsa dancers will become one of the best memories for all guests. Our salsa dance for parties and events brings a new dimension of excitement and entertainment. It will be appropriate for any celebrations as salsa dance is versatile:

    • birthdays;
    • corporate parties;
    • family gatherings;
    • weddings;
    • charity gatherings and so on.

    The tempo and vigor of salsa dancing can melt the ice, inviting people to participate or simply enjoy the spectacle. Our YouTube salsa dance videos with music capture the essence of these performances, offering a glimpse into the world of salsa that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere.

    Salsa Dance Performance

    When the music starts, and the dancers step onto the stage, a salsa dance performance begins to unfold. This dance is characterized by a blend of different cultural influences and is a combination of African, Spanish and Cuban elements. Our salsa dance show is more than just choreography; it's an expression of culture, history, and raw emotion. The dynamic partnership between salsa dance and music is what ignites the fire in our performances, making them unforgettable experiences for any event.



    Performed over 8000 shows since 2011 (12 years!)
    Only dancers with 5+ years of professional experience qualify to work with us
    Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. is a recognized name across most major banquet halls in the GTA


      Salsa Dance Video Lessons

      Unlike ballroom Latin American dances, which are, in fact, a sport, salsa is available to people of different ages and different physical fitness, because it is, above all, a means of communication. In salsa there are no permanent pairs, the change of partners allows you to learn in the dance of mutual understanding between complete strangers. Our salsa dance videos for beginners will help anyone take their first step into the dance world.

      The salsa dance instruction videos provide a comprehensive guide to mastering the art of salsa. With clear demonstrations and easy-to-follow instructions, these videos make learning salsa accessible and enjoyable. Whether you're practicing alone or with a partner, our salsa dance video lessons are your pathway to dance proficiency.

      Salsa Dance Workout

      Dance your way to fitness with our salsa dance workout videos. Salsa is a great way to develop creativity. After all, it is customary to improvise. This gives the performers great freedom and space for dance delights. These salsa dance exercise videos provide a dynamic way to stay active while grooving to infectious beats. As you follow our qualified instructors through energizing workouts, you'll find yourself burning calories and building confidence. All fitness levels may benefit from our free salsa dance videos, making it simpler than ever to adopt a healthy lifestyle via dance.

      Enjoy the Salsa Dance Completely

      Salsa dance is a great hobby for people of all ages and nationalities. Therefore, it does not matter if you have professional skills! Our salsa dance teaching videos are suitable for anyone who wants to learn. We offer salsa dance video clips that showcase both basic and complex dance moves. You can find both traditional dances and videos with modern moves.


      Salsa dance music videos can give both viewers and dancers unique emotions. With salsa dance video lessons, you can learn the art, while salsa dance performances infuse your events with unmatched energy. Our salsa dance workouts offer a fun path to fitness, blending movement and music. Rather learn this beautiful style of dance and enjoy it fully, regardless of skill or knowledge. Salsa dancing YouTube videos are your gateway to discovering the captivating world of salsa. Let salsa dance into your life and get great memories from both participating in a performance and having dancers at events!

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