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Hire Dancers for Events: Toronto Loves Hips Don't Lie!

Planning an event in Toronto? Hiring professional dancers will truly enhance its program, no matter what the theme is. Contact Hips Don't Lie, and we will plan your once-in-a-lifetime dance entertainment party.


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Dancing Showcases and Performances for your Special Event!

Dancers For Parties
Looking for dancers for your wedding, special event, music video or more? Hire a Performer. We have what it takes.
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Dancers For Events
If your looking to book dance entertainment at your corporate event, branding launch, wedding or more contact us.
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Choose a dance style for your celebration


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Performance dance for the events: why go for it?

Events are the special occasions dedicated to celebrating important milestones, merry news, life changing moments, and many more exciting reasons to gather together. When we plan the next event, we always want to make it outstanding, memorable, and full of positive emotions. And hiring themed dancers is a perfect way to tick all boxes at once. If you live in the Greater Toronto area, you are very lucky: your next happening can become "The one". The one you and your guests will be remembering for years to come!

What events suit hiring dancers the most?

Actually, almost any kind of event will be only better with a suitable dancing entertainment show! You just need to choose the dance styles matching your audience tastes, and carefully plan the program. Hips Don't Lie customers usually hire our team for the following events:
- Weddings
- Stag/bachelorette parties
- Birthday parties
- Anniversaries
- Corporate events
- Themed workshops
- Product launch parties
- Private parties

4 essentials that make a good dance performance

1. Dance shows are virtuously performed by a professional team of dancers. In a way, it's always a story told with the rhythmic moves, stunning costumes, custom-made props, and music, sometimes specially composed for the event.

2. The dancers have professional education and years of experience. This is a guarantee of high-class entertainment, a theatrical show, where you and your guests are the first-row spectators. Each of the performers in the Hips Don't Lie team

3. The program of the event is thoughtfully planned. The experienced dance troupe will always offer you the best scenarios for your event: dance styles that will perfectly fit into the celebration, no matter the topic. And if you have special requests, a custom dancing program will be created specially for your occasion.

4. The venue is carefully chosen. The dancers, and the audience must feel comfortable and have enough space to either dance, or perform. After you've chosen the program (dance on a stage, an interactive show, etc.), make sure that the space where the event will be held suits it. If you have doubts, don't hesitate to consult with the dancers that you want to hire.

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Hire dancers for your next event: what style to choose?

If you are planning to hire dancers as a part of your event's entertainment program, the dance style is the key component. Toronto's professional dance scene will offer you a plethora of styles to choose from — from ballet to hip-hop. Our dancers at Hips Don't Lie specialize in a few essential styles. Watch videos on our website to have a real feel of what we offer, and perform the best. And here is the list of our dance shows styles:

  • Belly dancing
  • Bollywood dance
  • Traditional national dances (Russian, Egyptian, Brazilian, Indian, Bhangra, Middle Eastern, Arab, Persia, Jamaican, and many more)
  • Latin
  • Latin American dances
  • Samba
  • Ballroom
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary
  • Gypsy dances
  • Burlesque show

We've carefully studied and learned to perfection the dance traditions from all over the world, from all epochs and styles. We are happy to present the jewels that we have gathered along this long journey — and perform it for you here, in Toronto.

How to organize an event with dancing performers in Toronto?

First of all, you need to choose the dancer/dancers who will perform for your guests. This essential step can be tricky, as there are many companies that offer this service in Toronto. What to look for as you're Googling? As we've already mentioned — the experience, the variability of the program and the styles that the dancers have to offer.

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the online self-presentation of the dancers. The website has to have an appealing design, and contain complex information about the services that the dancers offer. Perfect, if it gives you the possibility to study the portfolio — watch videos and have a look at the pictures from the past performances. This helps to form the impression and understand whether you want to hire this dance troupe.

Then it makes sense to meet the dancer and see the performance. After you've spoken to the manager on the phone, inquire about the possibility of having a look at the life dance performance. Great, if it'll match the program of your upcoming event: whether it's a party on a dance floor or a show on stage. After you've watched the dancers in their "natural environment", it will be super easy to make the final decision.

Last but not least, discuss the program style with the performer. The experienced dancer will always offer you a few styles of a dancing program. A dance on stage (perfect for corporate events, stag parties, and anniversaries), an interactive dance (Birthday parties, evening and night events, workshops, etc.), a party on a dance floor (private events, night parties, important celebrations, etc.) are fun ways to incorporate the dancing into pretty much any happening!

These, in our experience, are the essential things to remember when organizing an event with professional dancers. The rest is up to the party organizer, and your dancer's manager. To throw the best event in the world takes a lot of care, knowledge and skill. But don't worry, and trust it to the professionals! Hips Don't Lie are ready to create "THE party" of a lifetime!

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