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How Burlesque Dance Classes Can Reveal Your Hidden Talents

Burlesque dance may help you discover some unexpected sides of your feminine charm. If you believe that seduction is a real art that can be embodied in the form of exquisite movements, taking burlesque dance classes is the right choice for you.


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Discover more about 12 popular types of dance. Dancing is one of the most common forms of expression.
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      What Skills Do Your Need to Become a Burlesque Dancer?

      One of the pleasant things about burlesque is that it doesn’t require any special skills. You can easily start from a beginner level and soon achieve the results that will impress you. Actually, an eager attitude, a mind open to creative experience, and a bit of boldness is all you need to get started. Toronto has a rather developed burlesque culture, so if you want to become a professional burlesque dancer here, there are a lot of opportunities for you.

      With the careful guidance of our professional instructors, you will quickly build up your own unique arsenal of tease but it’s a good idea to learn some hints on what to expect in the classes in advance.

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      • You should choose your style.
        There are two main types of burlesque choreography: a solo-strip and a so-called chorus. The teachers of Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co will gladly inform you regarding their features so you can choose the most suitable variant.
      • You will have to get used to high heels.
        This dance style implies moving freely and gracefully on high heels. Three inches is the most comfortable height for beginners.
      • Your gestures and expressions are part of the art.
        As this dance is an act of seduction, feel free to enhance the effect with your face and hands. Wave, wink and smile – whatever seems right for you to feel sexy and admired onstage.
      • It’s useful to get acquainted with the main striptease techniques.
        As burlesque includes some elements of striptease, you should learn how to make it an elegant and attractive part of your dance.
      • You will become not only a dancer, but an actor.
        Burlesque is actually a show where the hidden senses and proper decorations play an important part.

      What Are the Benefits of Taking Burlesque Dancing Classes?

      Attending classes at Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co will provide you with many additional pleasant bonuses. This style is helpful to keep your hips and legs fit without excessive sweating. As it’s a kind of show, you will become experienced in style and makeup as well. Finally, it’s very cheerful and helps you to always maintain a positive and playful mood.

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