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If you want your on-stage performance truly stand out, hire backup dancers. Hips Don't Lie is a troupe of professional dancers with an impressive experience in Toronto theatres and at concerts. Call us today to discuss the details.


Dancers available to book for every event theme. Impress your guests with a dancer who has all the right moves!
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      Why hire backup dancers?

      Have you noticed that in some performances the backup dancers are as (or even more) impressive that the superstars themselves? This is because if it is real pros who are acting, their technique, choreography, and dance moves will be of the highest level! All first-tier singers, and many of the theater and live performances have a dance theatre as a backup.

      Experienced dance companies like Hips Don't Lie will offer you the best backup "support" with all the components that the contemporary dance world requires. And what are they? Let's find out.

      What makes the best backup dancer

      Professional training

      All top backup dancers have years of professional training. Ballet schools, the best choreographers, super high competition, and years and years spent in dance classes. Often they are or were part of a troupe, and have the ability to perform even in the hardest environments.

      Dance experiences

      Most dancers that perform as a backup for theaters and at concerts have a serious professional background, and you definitely shouldn't underestimate it. Gigs, tours, auditions, and music videos with different bands—are a part of their daily routine.

      These dancers have perfect technique and thousands of hours of rehearsals. Usually, they are fans of what they do, and they have built their careers through extremely hard work.

      The versatility of the dancing talent

      Of course, artists always are better in one style than the other. But when it comes to dancers for concerts and dancers for theatres, these professionals can usually offer you a very versatile program.

      Their job is to perform for contemporary performances, classic concerts, modern theater, and even hip-hop shows! And their audiences are often as versatile as their talents. Call Hips Don't Lie if you are planning a concert or a theater show. We are one of a few Toronto dance companies that offer these services. Each of our performers is professionally trained, acted, and toured for a significant amount of time.

      Personal characteristics

      When you are choosing a performers' dance center, don't forget about the personal side of things. You have to "click" with the group of dancers, and even with each of the dancers individually. You know your audience, and your community better than anybody, so choose wisely.

      dancers for theatre toronto

      What performances hire concert and theatre dancers?

      • Music concerts of any kind, and of any style
      • Music videos shootings
      • Touring with the bands
      • Artist's auditions
      • Different events: from corporate to weddings
      • Movie shoot
      • Theater plays
      • Exhibitions
      • Live performances
      • Carnivals
      • An important dance class

      What is theater dancing?

      Concert dance (also called performance dance, or a theatre dance) is a dance performed in front of an audience in a theatrical environment.

      Often, but not necessarily, it is performed on a regular basis. But definitely choreographed and performed to music, the lighting design, etc.

      dancers for concerts

      What does a backup dancer do?

      Backup dancers perform with top recording artists on tours and on a concert stage, as a part of their versatile skill set. In the professional field of gigs, there is space for performers with dozens of backgrounds.

      However, that doesn't mean the dancing world is forgiving: the background dance is super competitive, and anyone making a career in it, must work extremely to reach their professional goals. Let's have a look at the superstars who managed to do that.

      9 artists who started as backup singers or dancers

      1. Jennifer Lopez
      2. Kathy Perry
      3. Mariah Carey
      4. John Legend
      5. Whitney Houston
      6. Gwen Stefani
      7. Julianne Hough
      8. Jenna Dewan Tatum
      9. Heather Morris

      What are the other factors to consider before hiring backup dancers?

      Planning in advance is essential

      First of all, you need to plan everything in advance. Popular dance companies sometimes have a few auditions a week, and to make sure you book them for touring or a particular performance, start planning at least 6 months ahead.

      Discuss the venue characteristics before booking

      Or even better, perform an audition right at the venue. Some forms of performances need particular spaces, preps, and stage characteristics. Make sure that everything is in sync before you actually book.

      Inquire about the equipment

      The band and the dancers might need a particular item of modern equipment that is not easy to find, or not every venue can be proud of owning it. Before you pay your deposit, make sure that every piece of equipment needed, is actually there!

      modern dance

      We offer a wide variety of dance styles – Jazz Funk Dance, Latin American Dance, Performance Dance, Ballet Dance and others. All these types of dances you can learn at Hips Don't Lie in Toronto! List of the most beautiful dance forms and styles: Latin Dance Style, Jazz Dance Style, Ballroom Dance Style... learn more

      dance classes Toronto

      Find the best dance classes in Toronto and learn popular dance moves with our dancing experts. Take our weekly dance lessons and improve your dancing. We have a 5-star rating in Google reviews.

      dance performance Toronto

      We offer a full program of dance styles such as Samba Dance performance, Salsa dance performance, Led dance performance, Go-go  performance, Las Vegas dance performance and others. Book a dance act for your event, party or celebration. We have many top class dance acts for all occasions!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What are the backup dancers called?

      A backup dancer is also referred to as a background dancer or a dance-in-dancer.

      How is dance used in theatre?

      There are numerous styles and forms in the theater dancing world. Long theatrical plays (when with the help of dance the plot is told, and certain characters are presented), dramatic dance, and background dance—are probably the most popular of them.

      Hips Don't Lie is one of the most experienced theater dancers 0n the Toronto stage. Give us a call, and let's discuss the upcoming performance.

      Why is dance important in theatre?

      Because often is it a necessary part of the performance. Or the way to enhance the plot with choreography. The skills of the dancer, and the music accompanying the play are extremely important, as they emphasize the climax moments of what the audience sees on stage.

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