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Belly dancing is a tradition of many Eastern countries. It can take many forms, but all of them have one thing in common, they look absolutely fantastic. If you want to light up your event by adding this exotic performance, you’ll need to know what to consider when looking for belly dancers for hire in Toronto.

"Lyana is full of energy and an awesome entertainer. My wife booked her for my surprise 40th Birthday and Lyana's performance was another surprise for me. She did a great job and also danced on a Bollywood song requested by my wife earlier. Apparently my wife just sent her a Youtube video of the song and she performed on the song beautifully. She completely captivated the audience ranging from toddlers to seniors and was admired by one and all. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Belly Dance performance. Thanks again Lyana and Hips Don't Lie!" - Robin Nayyar


Mix up to 5 different Dance Styles in One Show

3 Strong Reasons to Hire Egyptian Belly Dancers in Toronto

Belly dancing is becoming more and more popular around the world because of its beauty and inner power. Among several established traditions, the most popular ones are Turkish and Egyptian. Egyptian oriental dance stands out as a unique style with authentic movements.

Styles of Belly Dancing in Toronto

Professional performers from Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. can provide you with a show in numerous belly dancing styles, including classics, such as Persian, Egyptian, Gypsy, Brazilian, Indian, and Arab.

An experienced dancing troupe will be able to come up with the best type of show based on the requirements of your event. Due to the extreme versatility of belly dancing styles, it’s possible to develop a performance that will meet the exact needs of any audience.

Who Should Hire a Belly Dancer for a Party?

You may need to rent a belly dancer if:

  • You are planning an oriental-style event.
    Introducing professional dancers will make it more authentic and impressive.
  • You want to make your party special and original.
    Our belly dancers for hire can provide shows that will truly stun the audience. This effect can be achieved by using props, creative costumes, and other elements that enhance the performance (music, lighting, etc.)
  • You need to impress your business partners.
    A grand show with a team of belly dancers as its highlight will make an impression on anyone. You may even request the troupe to include some of the guests in their performance to ‘enhance’ the entertainment.
  • You wish to learn some dancing tricks from a pro.
    Hiring a belly dancer for a hen party will make the celebration not only fun but also educational as you can include a dancing lesson in the program of the evening.

What Does a Professional Belly Dancer Costume Look Like?

Costumes of belly dancers for hire vary greatly to fit the different styles as well as the ‘mood’ of the event. At Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. we use a large number of professionally made costumes that can fit anything from a child’s birthday party to a theme Halloween show.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Belly Dancer in Toronto?

The exact cost of the show depends on many factors, including the length and complexity of the performance, number of dancers, special requirements, etc. Be sure to provide the dancing company with all details in order to get a correct quote.

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