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To make your event a success you need to provide your guests with top-quality entertainment. One of the most efficient ways to do this is to hire dancers who will present your guests with an amazing show.
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Solo Dancer

Hire a Solo Dancer or our Group for your Next Event, Wedding, Private Party.
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Hire these dancers as soloists, a duet, ar a trio for your finest events
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Dancers for hire from a single belly dancer to a troupe of can dancers.
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      We provide a wide selection of national dancers available to hire that can astound your attendees, add some enchantment to an occasion or get everyone out on the dance floor.

      Book folk groups recommended for a local wedding, party, dance or corporate event.

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      Gypsy Dance Performance

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      Chinese Dance Performance

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      Irish Dance Performance

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      Make a Fantastic Toronto Party with Jamaican Dancers for Hire

      The laidback style and festive atmosphere of Jamaica charms every person that is lucky enough to visit this tropical paradise. You can let your guests ‘taste’ the unique flavor of this magical island with the assistance of Jamaican dancers for hire. These professionals will produce a show that will get the audience into a great mood and wake in people the wish to forget about stiff formalities and enjoy the moment of celebration.

      What Kind of Show Do Jamaican Dancers for Hire Provide?

      Authentic Jamaican dance performers

      The right answer to this question is ‘the one you’d like’. As there isn’t a single traditional Jamaican dancing style, performers can be extremely flexible with combining moves and other artistic elements into a show that fits a specific event.

      At Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. we can provide you with a group of dancers who will show your guests some of the common dances performed at Jamaican festivals or a contemporary show with the exotic flavor of this distant tropical land.

      History of Jamaican Dancing Style

      The style we currently consider traditional to Jamaica was heavily influenced by Creole, European, and African dances. At different parts of the island different techniques prevailed, which is the reason why ‘traditional’ Jamaican dancing is so versatile.

      Nowadays, dancing historians distinguish seven ‘native’ Jamaican styles:

      1. Kumina
      2. Maroon
      3. Revival
      4. Myal
      5. Rastafari
      6. Hosay
      7. Jonkonnu

      All of them used to be performed at various religious ceremonies. Today they mostly serve as entertainment for tourists, though some rural regions still practice their traditional festivals accompanied with dancing.
      In Toronto, Jamaican dancers for hire are highly qualified professionals who can combine different elements of all those styles for producing a beautiful show. Their performances often resemble a primitive pantomime, which is the ‘core’ of any folk dancing. It’s fascinating and charming in its seeming simplicity, but it makes a strong impression on the audience.
      At Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. we can augment these show programs with beautiful costumes, various props, and a soundtrack that combines traditional Jamaican melodies with contemporary sound effects. This mix of amazing choreography and great music creates a drive that spreads to the audience. It’s really no wonder that any Jamaican holiday turns into a mass festival with everyone dancing in the streets. If this is the kind of effect you want to achieve, Jamaican dancers for hire are exactly what you need to get your party going in the right direction.
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