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Nowadays, Bollywood dancing is famous all over the world, and it’s not surprising. This style is entertaining, beautiful and fun. Such a performance can become the highlight of any party. A Bollywood dancer uses a variety of tools to create a show that will captivate the audience. Every movement is a vital element of the story told through this dance.

Hand gestures are particularly important for any Indian style and there are the standout feature that differentiates this country from the rest of the world. Bollywood dancers from Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. perform with every part of their bodies and enhance the story through costumes and props.

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To make your event a success you need to provide your guests with top-quality entertainment. One of the most efficient ways to do this is to hire dancers who will present your guests with an amazing show.
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      If you're looking for something special for your event, look no further han us.

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      Bollywood Dancers Toronto Can Make Any Event Fun

      It can be said that as an industry of entertainment, Bollywood gained popularity due to dancing. Choreography has become the leading theme in Indian films and its beauty and distinctive style is one of the essential elements responsible for the success of Bollywood as a whole.

      A Bollywood dancer today doesn’t rely on folk styles and music only. These performers effectively integrate Western songs in their art and even ‘borrow’ some of other dancing styles’ elements. You can even find real disco dancers in Bollywood now.

      As India absorbs the best of international dance techniques, other cultures adopt this style and introduce it to their local shows. Thus, you shouldn’t be surprised to find Bollywood dancers for hire in Toronto.

      Why You Should Look for Professional Bollywood Dancers for Hire

      The answer to this question is simple, because they can turn any kind of event into a fantastic show program. A Bollywood dancer from Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. can fire up a wedding, a child’s birthday party, or a corporate event with equal success.

      This style of dancing is very sensual and fascinating. It contains no elements that can be considered ‘inappropriate’ by prude audiences, so it can fit into any event program.

      The Beauty of Bollywood Dancer Costume

      A Bollywood dancer costume is a vital element of the performance as it helps tell the story. Color plays a very important part in this, so every outfit is bright and cheerful.

      As the style comes from India, the traditional type of Bollywood dance costume is sari. However, today performers get more creative with their outfits and special costumes can be created to fit specific themes.

      Props play a similar role in the show. Bollywood dancing advocates transparent symbolism, so props will be directly connected to the scene.

      Bollywood Dancing

      You can only live life to the fullest if you’re in great shape. This means eating the right kind of food and keeping track of your diet. It’s not enough, however, to simply watch what you eat. It is equally important to get fit. One of the most fun things to ensure that is by Bollywood dancing.

      Imagine gyrating your hips and moving your hands and feet to the tune of danceable music – a signature style which is a combination of classical and folk Indian dances with some elements of hip-hop, jazz, Latin, and Arabic forms. It is worth losing yourself in the motion as you feel the sweat dripping off your face. The end result? A natural blush and a renewed body.
      Tracing Back Its History

      Bollywood is a combination of the words Bombay (Mumbai), which is where the Hindi film industry is based, and Hollywood. The term can trace its origins back in the ‘70s with several individuals claiming to have coined the term including journalist Bevinda Collaco and filmmaker, lyricist, and scholar Amit Khanna.

      The highlight of the Bollywood films is the fancy and detailed dance sequences plus the original soundtracks. This resulted in a style of song and dance that is unique and completely their own.

      Bollywood dancing itself stemmed from classical or folk dances coming from different places in India. These include Bharatnatyam and Kathak. Even as early as the 1950s, Bollywood films already incorporated such elaborate dance productions.

      By the ‘70s, it gained inspiration from the Cabaret style dance that became mainstream and was part of many films. A period of experimenting came after where famous dancers got to develop their own signature style.

      At the onset of MTV during the 1980s, the dance got great inspiration and influence from Western dance styles. It was at this time when musical numbers were created into music videos and were released separately as a means to advertise an upcoming film. The modern Bollywood dance is mainly anchored on different variations of hip-hop.

      The present dance is still very much influenced by the Western culture. The movements have become bolder than ever and are more extroverted than its predecessors. It may have cross-cultural influences but the dance is undoubtedly entirely Indian.

      Mastering the Movements

      The intricacy of Bollywood dancing will leave you in awe. It is indeed an art form in itself. There are several elements to the dance namely the hand movements, neck and head movements, foot movements, facial expressions, and costume.

      Hand Movements

      The dance is able to communicate a story with the help of the hand gestures. These movements are a kind of sign language to tell about a variety of themes such as animals, weather, or places.

      These gestures are referred to as hastas in Bharatnatyam. Movements done with one hand are called Asamyukta hastas while those done with both hands are called Samyukta hastas. Bollywood dancing also features another set of hand movements called Mudra, which is used in numerous classical Indian dances. There are more or less 108 mudras that a dancer should know about.

      Neck and Head Movements

      The neck and head movements are another predominant elements of the dance. Check out a Bollywood dance video and you will notice of the neck and head move from side to side as well as forward and backward.

      These moves are not only for the aesthetics as they also contribute to the fluidity of the steps. They are useful tools for the dancers to express themselves better and convey stronger facial expressions.

      Foot Movements

      The classic styles often utilized flat, flexed foot. It requires the dancers to bang their feet on the floor, and as they do so, they lift one foot all the way the glutes and then bang again. This is largely Bharatnatyam.

      Contemporary Bollywood dancing, on the other hand, would see dancers bounce, which is actually a variation to the chicken step. The moves are best done by placing all the weigh on one side then lift the right leg from the knee and then moving the hips.

      Facial Expressions

      The facial expressions plus the eye movements are necessary components of the dance. The dance routine is really about storytelling and these elements provide a great contribution to that.

      Happiness, passion, anger, and sadness are just some of the basic facial expressions that needed to be conveyed during the routine. These are reflected mainly on the eyes and eyebrows. It is also common for the eyes to follow the hand movements.


      No Bollywood dancing is ever complete without the fancy costume. The bells found on the legs are called Ghunghroo. They emphasize timing to the music.

      The jewelry used during the dance is also very elaborate. A long necklace, a choker, and a bejeweled headpiece are among those included.

      Transcending a Dance Routine

      The origins of the dance may be as a segment to the movies but it has become completely on its own. It has taken over the world as one of the most exciting dance crazes. People of all ages are excited to try it not just because it is fun but more so due to its health benefits.

      Bollywood dancing now being offered as a means to get fit. It is a holistic approach to enriching the body, mind, and soul. The movement is not only rich in history but is full of exhilarating moves.

      Enjoying the Benefits of Belly Dancing

      This fun and enjoyable dance is also a heart-pumping workout. Getting fit and maintaining good health is made possible with the help of this dance movement. If you’re looking out for something to help you with your goals, you should try this. Among its benefits are the following:

      1. Relieves Stress

      The movements incorporated in the routine is a great help to momentarily forget your worries. It loosens you up and releases the tension in your body. Doing the dance routine means keeping the body active, sweating your worries away, and refreshing your mind. It serves as an outlet where you can blow off the steam in relation to your stress.

      1. Getting a full body workout

      Remember how Bollywood dancing involves the head then all the way down to the toes? Getting into the routine gives you a full body workout through high-intensity movements with fast and upbeat dance form. It works out both the upper and lower body while toning the core muscles at the same time. With the extreme moves, it is no surprise how this can also help in weight loss.

      1. Defines the body

      The quick and vigorous movements of the dance require you to keep up with the expressive beats. Each movement is geared towards defining most of the key muscle groups including the calves and core. Turning to this kind of dancing is a proven way to get and keep the body lean.

      1.  Exciting exercise

      Getting fit can sometimes feel like a boring routine. There are some who do not appreciate the monotony of having to go to the gym but are still very much interested in trying something else to help them get fit. This is where Bollywood dancing comes in. It is an animated activity that offers great aerobic exercise. You will definitely work a sweat when you try it. The enjoyment it offers is possibly what makes it more enticing.

      1. Acts as a joint lubricant

      You loosen up the entire body every time you gyrate to the rhythm of the Bollywood music. By doing so, the joints are kept well-lubricated lessening the onset of arthritis. You also develop more flexibility and agility. It also boosts confidence and helps you become more at ease with your own body.

      1. Keeps your heart healthy

      The heart benefits from Bollywood dancing as it is a form of exercise. In particular, it:

      - lowers blood pressure

      - increases good cholesterol

      - lessens bad cholesterol

      - raises insulin reactivity, which decreases the risks of type 2 diabetes; and

      - reduces body fat

      1. Better endurance

      High-intensity movements and upbeat activities condition the body. The extreme moves you need to exert while doing the dance routine will train your body to do better under pressure and to use oxygen more efficiently. The result is very encouraging as it gives you physical fortitude.

      Reap the Benefits of Bollywood Dancing

      It will be a different story if you try for yourself what this dance craze is all about. You can only read and learn so much about it but the only way to enjoy and reap its benefits is by trying it.

      Hips Don’t Lie Dance Company offers Bollywood dancing classes among many other dance classes. We guarantee an enjoyable means for you to achieve a healthy body.

      Do not miss the opportunity of giving yourself the most important gift of all – the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. To ensure this, get a balanced diet and maintain a regular exercise such as the dance classes we offer.

      Do you have any inquiries? Get in touch with us at 647-444-1595 or email us at lyana@hipsdontlie.ca.

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