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The wedding is a beautiful celebration of love and happiness, and this day should be truly unforgettable for you. Professional wedding dancers can help you make it truly amazing. They will enhance the festive atmosphere of the event and keep all your guests thoroughly entertained.

Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. will provide you with a show to remember in any style of dancing you like, including but not limited to:


Dancers available to book for every event theme. Impress your guests with a dancer who has all the right moves!
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    Hire professional dancers to entertain all your guests at any event. Looking for unique entertainment?
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    Providing exceptional dancers for events including:


      Hire Dancers for Weddings in Toronto & Make the Big Day Unforgettable!

      Invite dancers to your wedding reception, and create a special moment that you and your guests will never forget. Book Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. today!

      Wedding dancing: a timeless tradition

      The wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and everything about it has to be perfect. Wedding dance has been there for centuries. It is a way to celebrate love in a movement, and create a special atmosphere for The Big Day. While the first dance is definitely up to newlyweds (and for sure they've taken many dance lessons), it is the wedding dancers who will keep the couple and their guests entertained.

      Today, themed wedding parties are almost a must, and you can definitely find a perfect corresponding dance to the theme of the event.

      If you wish to up the entertainment level of the show, we can involve your audience. It’s a great method for big weddings where many people don’t know each other. Dancing together ‘breaks the ice’ and puts people in a great mood.

      Learning a few steps in some fancy style will definitely be appreciated. This opportunity will make people remember the party fondly for many years to come.

      Nowadays, couples like to turn their first dance after the ceremony into a beautiful show, and Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. can help you produce this performance. The vast experience of our wedding dancers allows them to develop a dance that will fit any theme and tell your love story perfectly.

      What dances are perfect for the wedding reception?

      Actually, the choice of dances for a wedding party is absolutely limitless. You can contact Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co., and we will help you decide which personal style is the best for your wedding day. Here is a list of a few dances that many couples choose for the celebration:
      - Belly dancing
      - Latin
      - Samba
      - Jazz
      - Bhangra
      - Bollywood
      - Russian
      - Ballroom
      - Irish

      Why hire dancers for weddings in Toronto?

      A wedding is like a little life. It has its rhythm, its timeline, its style, its idea, and even its highs, and lows. And the perfectly matched dance show will make this special moment in the life of two people smooth, and absolutely unforgettable. The best wedding dancers bring that bright spark that a celebration of this scale truly needs.

      When the cake cutting is done, the best man said his speech, and the bridesmaids have had enough champagne, it's definitely time to get that party started!

      wedding dancers

      Two types of wedding dance performances for your Toronto special day

      Besides different styles of dances, there are different styles of performances. And what dances will be performed — totally up to you, Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. offers a multitude of styles, from traditional to modern.

      1. Professional dance show on stage
        The bright performance on stage that the newlyweds and their guests will be watching while sipping their drinks. The music plays, and the professional dancers perform their hit show with choreography and style that will stun the guests and definitely brighten the evening up.

      2. Entertainment show involving the wedding guests
      Another option is an "entertainment" kind of show where the performers involve your guests in the process, inviting them to the dance floor. The latter is a perfect way to break the ice at big weddings, where guests don't know each other. Here are some fun dances that the audience absolutely loves:
      - Money dance
      - Dollar dance
      - Apron dance
      - Parent dances

      No matter the age, your friends and family will definitely be happy to learn a few steps of some fancy dancing styles! Absolutely everyone — young and older guests love that! After this fun and engaging performance, your guests will definitely remember the party for years to come!

      wedding dance performance

      And what about the first dance?

      The first dance is as inevitable as love itself. Most weddings have this moment when everything gets silent for a moment, and then the music plays. Newlyweds show up on the dance floor, and mothers and mothers-in-law get their handkerchiefs out.

      Almost every couple wishes to turn their slow dance into a beautiful show, and Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. can definitely help you with that. We guarantee impeccable results, and don't worry about choreography!

      Our professional dancers will gently lead you to the unforgettable moment when both of you glide on the dance floor... and all the wedding planner needs to do it to play "that" song...

      As we've already mentioned, parent dances are another beautiful idea for the celebration, and we will help you organize their "first dance" too.

      The routine of wedding dancers bookings: 5 pro tips

      1.Plan the dancing performance for your wedding reception in advance. You want to be sure that everything goes smoothly on your special day!

      2.Choose the theme of the wedding dance show/the style of the dance. Don't know where to begin? Inquire from the professionals! But the theme of your wedding party will definitely give a few tips!

      3.Consider the celebration's timeline. The entertainment part of the big day has to perfectly fit in! Plan your wedding entertainment schedule carefully and discuss it with the venue owners, your wedding planner, and your dancing group.

      4.Discuss your Toronto wedding venue with the dancing troupe. And the best way to plan the night is to bring your dancers to the venue so that they can understand the conditions they’ll have to work with. If you want to set up a stage for a band or DJ, discuss its size and location with all entertainers who will use it. Inquire about any venue restrictions in advance (no music after 10 p.m. can be a problem)! If that is an issue and you are sure about your program, you might need to find other vendors.

      wedding party dance

      The perfect time for the dance show at a wedding reception

      As we've already mentioned, a wedding is a like a little universe in its own. And the entertainment routine (even the money dance!) has its own time and space. There are a few moments at a wedding that are perfect for incorporating a "little dance".

      A moment right after a ceremony, a traditional champagne, or cocktail time. The troupe performing a romantic, or a traditional dance, suits this time the best.

      A moment after a bride and a groom perform their first dance. Suits perfectly for inviting all guests, including parents, to join the dance floor.

      A moment after the cake cutting, is usually when the fun truly begins, and the energy of the guests is all at the dance floor. It is perfect for all-time-favorite songs and that bright dancing show that everyone's waiting for!

      Some "dancing ideas" for your wedding

      Bride's and groom's own dances

      The bride and the groom are undoubtedly the center of the ceremony. You probably know that it's not only their slow dance that brightens the reception up. Both of them can perform a dance of their own. Dancing groom — what an entertainment for the party! Need some great ideas? Contact Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co., and we'll provide you a plenty!

      Parents' dance

      Parent dances are another beautiful way to make your Toronto wedding unforgettable. It is a truly touching moment of the ceremony, celebrating love, and values shared from one generation to another. If your parents have celebrated a significant date recently, it would be a great idea to include their anniversary dance to the wedding reception program. Maybe it won't beat the first dance, but it definitely would touch the hearts of all attendants.

      Granparents' dance

      Just a few of us are lucky to have their grandparents with them. Probably, if you got them dancing, you don't even need hire dancers for your wedding! And, just as the newlywed parents, the Grandma and the Grandpa can do the anniversary dance, probably, to some tune from their youth.

      Bridesmaids' dance

      This wedding dance can be performed in many-many styles — from something super-romantic to energetic, pardody, and even burlesque. We're sure that the made of honor will come up with a few bright ideas, and we are here to help!

      Best man's dance

      Have you seen that video on TikTok? Where handsome best men enter the ceremony hall, each dancing in his own style, to his own music? Millions of likes are absolutely yours if you incorporate this idea to your reception program (and if the best men are at least as half as handsome as those guys from the viral video).

      dancers for weddings

      Hire the best dancers for your Toronto wedding & never forget that day

      Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. is a Toronto dance troupe. Each of our performers has an impressive professional background and years of experience on stage. We've joined together to make people happy and to share our craftsmanship with the audience. And a wedding dance is one of our all-time favorite performances. Want to become the longest married couple? You definitely need that dance!

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