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Jazz often appears in various commercials, TV shows and movies, so there’s no surprise that so many people have become attracted to this positive and energizing dance style. Today many jazz dance tutorial videos are available online so you can learn the fundamentals of this dance even at home. However, attending jazz dance lessons given by professional choreographers have some important advantages that are hard to skip.


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      Why Is It Better to Take Professional Jazz Dance Lessons?

      Jazz dance classes

      First of all, it significantly saves your time and effort. Skilled choreographers will help you quickly and effectively learn basic turns, steps, kicks, and simple jazz dance combinations for beginners. If you have any questions in class, your teacher is always at your service to explain everything to you. Finally, your progress will be evaluated objectively by an expert.

      In addition, a professional dance teacher has enough knowledge and experience to develop a jazz dancing routine that will be perfectly suitable for your personal abilities and aims. The instructors of Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co will offer you a wide variety of jazz dances to learn so you have only to check the class description and make up your mind.

      Another valuable advantage is the company. Exercising in a group means much more fun! Competitiveness often raises the motivation level significantly and helps achieve better results within a shorter period of time. You will also be able to broaden your skills not only due to the careful tuition of our instructors but also by exchanging experience with your group mates.

      How to Organize Your Jazz Dance Exercises at Home

      After your jazz dance class is over, you may want to refine your choreography at home. To complete your basic exercises effectively, it’s a great idea to benefit from the jazz dance workout. It’s a perfect way to warm up and improve your strength, flexibility, co-ordination, and balance. Also dance routine for too long.

      How to Improve Your Jazz Dance Performance

      The teachers of Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co will reveal all the secrets of successful performers to you during classes, but here are some interesting starting tips to get inspiration.

      • Avoid sameness.
        Feel comfortable with trying new combinations and patterns. If you stay repetitive, your dance won’t be as mesmerizing and outstanding as it could be.
      • Use more space.
        Try to dance without limiting your movements excessively – winning experiments often require enough space. Don’t incorporate only one corner of the room – explore your dancing environment freely!
      • Get inspired by other performers.
        It’s useful to seek additional sources of inspiration outside the jazz dance classes. Montreal, London, Chicago and some other cities host big international jazz festivals where you can surely get plenty of creative ideas.
      Jazz dance training
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