Bollywood Dance Classes

Bollywood Dance Classes

Do you love Bollywood films or dancing, or maybe both? Or do you just want to remain fit and healthy? You are welcome to "Hips Don't Lie," the hottest Bollywood dance classes destination in Toronto and GTA. Get immersed in the fantastic world of Bollywood music beats and a perfect fusion of dance forms from various styles used in famous Indian films.


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Bollywood Dance Classes & Lessons | Reach Your Dance Goals

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      Born in Bollywood and inspired by the world-known film industry of India, our Bollywood dance course accommodates different cultures, age groups, and diverse individual backgrounds. Each Bollywood dance instructor at our company starts with simple steps, so you will feel comfortable even if you don't have any prior dancing experience. You can choose between the drop-in group Bollywood dancing classes and working face-to-face with your private dance coach.

      You don't need to be a movie star to get energized and delighted in a great way. You will just burn excessive calories, tone your muscles, and strengthen your core. Of course, you will enjoy your experience with this perfect combination of styles, like folk Indian Bhangra and Kathak, and more modern Western dances, like jazz or hip-hop. Join us and get the best dancing experience ever.

      Advantages and Benefits You Will Get from the Bollywood Dance Style

      Our Bollywood dance classes are engaging and energetic. They provide a lot of benefits to your body and mind. They are the most enjoyable way to work out and socialize. Let's consider these advantages by their details.

      1. Enhancing coordination and the sense of rhythm. You will need to immerse in the musical beats you move to fully. Tapping feet, struggling shoulders, and elaborate arm, hand, and torso work will strengthen your coordination skills and balance.
      2. Exercising in an exciting manner. You will experience incredibly animated activities during your Bollywood dancing lessons. It is much more engaging than most aerobic exercises. Dancing will involve your entire body, and the enjoyment will be unrivaled.
      3. Toning the body. The beats you move to are upbeat and expressive. You will have to move quickly and tone your key muscle groups, for instance, the calves or the core, so that you will get fun and leanness simultaneously.
      4. Lubricating joints. The elaborate moves practiced during our Bollywood dancing classes loosen up the entire body keeping all your joints well-lubricated. It is the most enjoyable way to stay fit and avoid arthritis. You will become more flexible and agile, feeling more at ease with your body.
      5. Relieving stress. Bollywood dance is a happier version of traditional dances coming from India. It helps you get fun and forget all your worries. You will refresh your dance routines in mind and keep your body in a pleasant and upbeat motion.
      6. Providing cardio exercise. Each Bollywood dance class for adults is developed to provide different aerobic exercises that require commitment and consistency. It can be an excellent substitution for boring cardio workouts. You will build your stamina and endurance easily and enjoyably.
      7. Supplying oxygen. Bollywood dance is a great form of aerobic exercise, indeed. It involves a lot of energetic moves that help supply oxygen through the body. The style appeared in the 1990s, and it was a boom of aerobics, so many movements were taken from this fitness program at that time, such as jumping jacks, side-to-side lunging, toe touches, and many others.
      8. Working out for the whole body. The Bollywood dance classes in Toronto provided by our experienced private dance teachers are highly intensive and full of fast full-body movements, helping to work out bother the upper and lower body parts and toning the core muscles.
      9. Having fun. Our Bollywood dance course ensures a feel-good factor. If you are dancing in a drop-in group or practicing with a personal dance coach, you will enjoy the energy and tempo of every routine. It is also a great way to make new friends and socialize with other dancers.

      The best thing about our Bollywood dance lessons is that they are pretty variable, and you can find your individual perks and advantages in them. This amazing combination of folk, jazz, Arabic belly dance, salsa, and street dance provides great opportunities for everyone. That is why people from all walks of life and all backgrounds can find something special for them here.

      bollywood dance classes

      What to Consider Before Taking Up Bollywood Dance

      So, you have decided to get started with private Bollywood dance lessons and are looking for dance instructors. You have arrived at "Hips Don't Lie," and you have made the best choice.

      However, you need to consider something beforehand to know how to start Bollywood dance. Bollywood style is one of the world's most versatile and energetic dance forms. So, think about the following:

      • Your objectives and goals. Define your dancing agenda, meaning how many classes you would like to take per week and whether you want to get fit, practice the dancing elements, learn new choreographies, meet people, or perform in front of the viewers.
      • The amount of time you can spend practicing. Depending on this, you may decide whether to learn only simple or more complex routines. Practice makes perfect, so your achievements will depend on the time spent. You will avoid many disappointments and frustration if you plan your time properly.
      • Your preferences and inclinations. Think about the music you like and want to perform to. You can opt for something more energetic, like Bhangra, or slower dancing based on more modern dance forms.
      • Your style. Think about what you are looking for - a solo dance, group performance, or couple presentation. Once again, it is the best way to avoid dissatisfaction and frustration.
      • Your dance trainer near me. Talk to your potential instructor, and ask them questions about your training course, requirements, and their suggestions individually for you.

      Anyway, taking our Bollywood dance lessons near me is a much better option than trying to learn some moves from videos. So, you are welcome to your first class.

      How to Prepare for Your Bollywood Dance Classes

      Don't make your first class nerve-racking. You have to consider some preparation tips to make this experience as smooth and fun as possible. Don't miss a big part of the magic by making wrong choices. First of all, it refers to your clothing. Wear anything comfortable - leggings, joggers, shorts, T-shirts. Though avoid wearing jeans! You need to move freely without any restrictions.

      The next tip is related to your hair. Get it styled away from your face. You can make braids, a ponytail, a bun, or have it pinned back with a headband. Your hair getting on your face can become a big distraction.

      Our Bollywood dance classes for beginners do not require any special footwear because we dance barefoot. It provides more control over the footwork. Talk to your Bollywood dance teacher to ensure that you have understood this point properly.

      Don't wear any jewelry when in class, nothing dangly or dangerous. It can get caught in your clothes, hair, or hands and hurt you. Anyway, all the requirements for clothing are related to convenience, so you should feel comfortable and relaxed in what you wear.

      Bring a bottle of water to the class. You need to stay hydrated. Water should be easily available at any time. If you take some medication or need helpful aids, take them with you. Your inhaler, glasses, hearing aid, or anything you may badly need, should be handy for easy access.

      Try to come to the Bollywood dance class at least 10-15 minutes before the start to place your belongings in cubbies and find the room where your class will be held. Bring a positive mood with you.

      Remember, we are waiting for you and want to offer the best and most delightful experience. You will find a dance instructor who is perfect for you and a lot of new friends. Come up, join the club, and enjoy!

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