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      Hire an Arab Belly Dancer in Toronto to Spice Up Your Party

      Arab belly dancing is a truly magnificent form of dancing art. The grace of the dancers combined with amazing costumes and fantastic music create a show that can charm any audience. This performance will look equally impressive at a private party, wedding, or a corporate event. Hiring an Arab belly dancer is a great way to make your celebration more special and memorable.

      History of Arabic Belly Dance

      It’s impossible to determine when exactly the first Arabian belly dancers appeared, but it’s safe to say that this art has been practiced for thousands of years. During ancient times, people used these dances to celebrate their gods and perform for the entertainment of royalty. Nowadays, we can see them at public festivals, carnivals, and fairs, as well as private parties.

      At Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co., you can hire a professional Arab belly dancer whose performance can become the highlight of your event or complement the program to make it more versatile and interesting. The show is developed in a way to fit the requirements of the client perfectly. Therefore, you can be sure that it will enhance the mood of the celebration.

      Arabic belly dancers of today perform to various kinds of music, not just traditional oriental rhythms. The costumes have undergone many changes as well. Some of them are incredible bejeweled pieces made from half-transparent light fabrics, while others are quite modest and elegant, befitting of a children’s party.

      Traditionally an Arab belly dancer’s costume is decorated with coins and beads as the sparkles and chiming enhance each movement of the performer, creating a fascinating artistic show.

      Arabian Belly Dancing Styles

      The styles of Arab belly dance vary from dramatic and highly dynamic to a soft and graceful khaleegy. Modern performers combine moves from many different schools to produce show programs that fit different events.

      At Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co. we can either provide you with a contemporary show or a traditional dance that will focus on elements of some specific style.


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      When Should I Hire an Arab Belly Dancer?

      This type of performance is so universal that it will fit any occasion. Including a dancer in your wedding or corporate event program will add an element of fun and exoticness.

      At a private party, for example, for a bridal shower, a dancer can combine the show with a lesson, making the experience not only pleasant but also educational. If you want to learn some tricks of belly dancers while having fun at home, this would be the best option.

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