One of the most romantic moments of a wedding is the dance between the bride and groom. But, to make it truly magical, you need some preparation.

The wedding dance is a tradition that has existed in most parts of the world for ages. The belief in ancient times was that a couple allying should perform a ritual dance. Those first dances were not filled with grace and carefully choreographed moves but instead would have seemed bizarre and awkward for a modern person; however, they carried a sacred meaning. With their help, a man and a woman expressed sympathy and swore loyalty to each other.

Which dance to choose?

First, decide on the dance style: whether it will be a slow or fast dance, a classic waltz, a contemporary or even a flash mob with friends. Then, you can match your dance to the concept of your wedding.   

The next step is to choose the music. It can be a song to which you first met and/or kissed the soundtrack from your favourite movie or a composed piece, especially for your wedding. Do not take very long songs: the ideal duration of the wedding dance is 2-3 minutes.

If you can't make up your mind to a song and style, you can always mix different genres.  

How to prepare?

Depending on the complexity and your dancing skills, it will take several weeks to several months to prepare a wedding dance. It is better to take a few lessons from a professional choreographer - you will be provided with good moves, dance space, the opportunity to make a video and analyze mistakes. Let the choreographer listen to your song and offer suggestions. Together you will create something unique that reflects your couple.

At rehearsals, you should wear the shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day - this will help you get used to them and break them in. However, perhaps you may find it impossible to do steps with 12cm stilettos and decide to buy comfortable dancing shoes that you will put on before the performance.

As for clothes, of course, you don't need to take a wedding dress and suit to rehearsals, but you should choose something as similar as possible in length and style so that your choreographer can create appropriate moves so that you don't trip over on the day of the celebration. Also, if your dance is fast and has lifts, you should prepare appropriate dance costumes - after all, it is weird to dance salsa or hip hop in a gown.

 It's better to rehearse in the same space as your wedding. It may get frustrating when you rehearsed a large-scale dance and did not have enough space in the hall. The last rehearsal is best done directly at the wedding venue.

When to dance?

Traditionally, the first dance of the bride and groom opens the dance floor.

However, you can dance your dance at the beginning after the entrance or towards the end of the evening. 

How to diversify?

To make the first dance more spectacular and impressive, you can use various special effects. It can be smoke that will add mystery to the dance, a laser show, candles, confetti, sparklers and fireworks, bubbles.

You may dance in a human size balloon. Have a fire show around you or fireworks. 

 If one of you is a singer, you can start your dance by singing a few lines. You can also hire professional dancers to create beautiful figures around you, such as ballerinas, angel dancers or ballroom couples.

You may also connect the bridesmaids or some guests to the dance - let them become your support group. 

In addition, all these "distractions" will help in hiding mistakes, if any. However, the wedding dance does not have to be perfect - no one expects you to perform at "so you think you can dance" standards. It is enough for everything to work out to be in love and happy.

Remember, it's all about you, not the audience, and you are dancing for each other, not for anyone else.