As our economy opens up and more people are planning their postponed events, the event professionals have to start getting back to working mode and get those costumes and bags ready. The successful show depends on many factors; you must be in the best shape, know your dance and make sure you look outstanding. 

     As a dedicated creative professional, you should also be prepared for any emergencies that appear out of nowhere. You should always be ready, always! The best way to be prepared for a busy performance night is to have a checklist for your dance bag.

Here is a list of what our professional dancers carry in their dance bags. 

  1. Nude short
  2. Black shorts
  3. Black bra
  4. Nude bra
  5. Black jazz shoes
  6. Nude jazz shoes
  7. Fishnets
  8. Hair extensions
  9. shoes 
  10. Black gloves 

11. Safety pins pack

12. Bobby pins 

13. Extra elastic for your hair and small hair spray for touch up  

14. Hairbrush

15. Make-up (lipstick, eyelash glue, powder) 

16. Water bottle

17. Protein Bars ( for those long nights full of shows)