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Organizing an event is a complicated process that usually includes a live orchestra and dances. The most striking form in performing art is precisely the dance performances. For those events that are not very large and do not have a very high budget and cannot cover the invitation of artists of different genres, the corporate show dance company is perfect for such an event.

Dynamic dances of the corporate dance show company will be able to stir up even the most melancholic guests. The advantages of such a company are that they can perform any dance styles for you - tango, ballet, broadway or something in the Brazilian style with bright costumes and possibly modern types theatrical and ballet or ballroom. They can create a dance show around your theme and sometimes even match their costume colours to your decor. It all depends on what you want to see, or what dance style suits your wedding theme. Show Ballet Dancers know how to create a festive atmosphere. These talents always have a bright and unusual costume - for different forms of dances and their show programs.

Guests will always be involved in the show, and have broad smiles and energy charge for the whole evening.


Often, professional dance groups, like many specialists in the wedding industry, have a portfolio - these are photos, videos of their work.

Be sure to clarify all the details:

- what is included in the price;

- how long does the performance last;

- how many dance numbers will be included in the dance show ;

- how much for extra time, numbers or props.

Also, such shows often have a service called master class for guests or audience participation. Our company has that included in the package. If this service costs extra money, don't save on it and pay extra! This is what pumps up the guests. Master class from professional dancers is usually the highlight of the night. Of course, there will not be a difficult choreography and training for 2 hours. These are simple, sometimes funny movements that can be performed by the youngest to oldest guests; you get a fun flash mob or a battle of two teams. Guests will remember such a show for a long time.

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