Many couples in love are nervous and on edge due to a pandemic becoming a threat to their wedding plans. 

Some couples, however, are determined to get married on the chosen date. Is it safe, and is it even possible? 

Will registry offices be open?

There was no tendency to close registry offices, even in big cities. Registration of marriages is carried out with some limitations and adjustments. You may experience some delays and need to have a limited number of people with you. You may be asked to invite as few guests as possible to the ceremony to reduce the risks of spreading the virus. Below is a link for Service Ontario, where you can find all the information you need if you are getting married in ON

Who is obligated to reschedule the wedding?

Unvaccinated сouples who have recently been travelling outside of Canada have covid-19 symptoms or have been exposed to the virus and must endure a 14-day self-isolation. If the celebration falls on one of the days of mandatory quarantine, it will have to be rescheduled.


Is it safe to get married during the coronavirus pandemic?

The employees of the Wedding Palaces comply with the Public health sanitary and epidemiological rules. The control of disinfection and the quality of cleaning and maintenance of the premises has been strengthened. Many branches provide antiseptics for both employees and visitors. 

Do I need to wear masks and gloves?

Some registry offices recommend refraining from personal visits and submitting documents online. If the wedding is indoors, everyone must wear a mask during the ceremony, including the person performing the ceremony and the couple getting married.

Since the situation constantly changes, wedding experts recommend calling the registry office a few days before the ceremony and clarifying any new rules or restrictions.