Bellydance with a sword

There are many theories and legends about the origins of dancing with a sword.   Some people believe a legend that in ancient times, women accompanied men on military campaigns to … Continue reading “Bellydance with a sword”

Dancers for senior homes

Our dancers perform at the senior homes each year. Besides regular shows that our dancers perform, we also create specialized shows that fit the event’s theme at retirement homes. Dancers … Continue reading “Dancers for senior homes”

Belly Dancing: Delight for Men and Benefits for Women’s Health

Lately, belly dancing has become increasingly popular in our country. Schools and clubs are opening up in almost every city, where everyone is taught this exotic dance style. Why is … Continue reading “Belly Dancing: Delight for Men and Benefits for Women’s Health”

What is in our dance bag?

    As our economy opens up and more people are planning their postponed events, the event professionals have to start getting back to working mode and get those costumes … Continue reading “What is in our dance bag?”

Holi Celebration

Holi is one of the major festivals in India.     A day before Holi, a large bonfire is lit that helps burning out the evil spirits, and that whole tradition … Continue reading “Holi Celebration”