Lately, belly dancing has become increasingly popular in our country. Schools and clubs are opening up in almost every city, where everyone is taught this exotic dance style. Why is oriental dance has so much demand in our country?

Belly dance transforms any woman and makes her sexier, comfortable in her skin, confident. And, as a result, she becomes even more desirable. And the secret here lies not only in the fact that belly dance classes give plasticity and grace. But also by training in oriental dance, the woman trains her abdominal muscles, which provides them with elasticity. A flat, firm tummy is known to be highly attractive .

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Belly dance experts claim that the movements weren't chosen randomly; each move is created for a reason. Each of them leads to the fact that during the dance, the woman reveals her energy. Therefore, it is not surprising that with a good teacher, and during the dance's correct performance, the ladies get incomparable pleasure. And this means that belly dancing awakens the desire to love and be loved in a woman.

Choosing the right costume is also very important for correct belly dancing. A suitable outfit should emphasize the beauty of the figure and not hinder movement.

The other important positive effect that is caused by dance is the health of the body. Performing a belly dance, the dancer activates those muscle groups that practically do not work in everyday life. These are the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks.

When these muscle groups work, the work of the gastrointestinal tract improves. The buttocks become tighter and more elastic. The condition of the skin in problem areas is normalized. Cellulite disappears by itself.

With the stabilization of the digestive tract and an additional burst of energy, the girls are transformed, becoming more attractive. And also, belly dancing helped many lose weight by burning excess calories during practice, improving metabolism. This means that body itself gets rid of excessive fat reserves more actively than when using various diets. Thus, belly dancing adds not only attractiveness to a woman, but also health.

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The third aspect is psychological. Carried away by belly dancing, a woman opens up. She becomes more charming, self-confident. No dance in the world, even as sensual one as a strip, can give these sensations.

In addition to beautiful music and attractive oriental costumes, there is a whole culture that is so mysterious and romantic that even those ladies who are already tired of home life look differently at themselves and at what surrounds them.

After all, it is no secret that a modern woman is juggling a lot of responsibilities by being a mother and a wife, a housekeeper, an entrepreneur, lacking time for herself.

Bellydance gives mental strength and stability to take risks, gain confidence, get energy and successfully go up the career ladder.

Many researchers claim that belly dancing can help you unleash your creativity. Some women who were seriously interested in belly dancing, over time, began singing, writing songs or poetry, or dance professionally.

Apparently, nature has a particular creative talent in each of us, and belly dancing gives a powerful push to its development.

Hips Don't Lie dance company offering Bellydance classes every Monday at 7:00 pm. Please contact us for registration