How not to annoy and offend the newlyweds. 

The celebration of the wedding with a party and a banquet is primarily done for the guest's sake. And guests must repay the couple not only with gifts but also with proper behaviour throughout the celebration. So, what shouldn't be done by those invited to the wedding reception?

Know your alcohol limit 


Alcohol at weddings is a tradition, not a direct offer to get drunk. There is no goal of finishing the glass with every toast.

Having gone through many shots, you will undoubtedly annoy newlyweds and other guests. Even if you turn out to be just "fun," doing stupid drunk funny things, you will be embarrassed the next morning.

Tell dirty jokes

A wedding is a celebration of love. On this day, romance and tenderness should float in the air. There is also a place for good humour, but your jokes should not offend anyone or make anyone uncomfortable. Avoid financial topics and below-the-belt humour.

It is better to check the toast several times and let someone proofread it to ensure that there is no double meaning or hints at the bride's or the groom's turbulent past. Also, it would be best if you weren't telling personal stories that can compromise them or put them in an awkward position without the couple's prior consent. 

Don't wear a white dress (unless requested) 

white dress

All guests pay attention to the white colour, and if you are in the same, you can distract the attention from the bride, which certainly will not do you any good. 

Be with the newlyweds at all times.

Newlyweds are surrounded by attention, which causes them enough discomfort as it is. But, at the same time, some people are glued to their sides.

This is a bad idea because the newlyweds must be able to attend to all their guests. This day is always stressful for them, and it causes many difficulties; you should not be adding to it.