Teenage years are considered the most challenging transition in a person's life, from a carefree childhood to a youth full of adventure and emerging responsibilities. You are no longer a child; many horizons open before you, which is exciting and frightening at the same time.

 What does a 12-14-year-old teenager want for his or her birthday?

 There is a growing need for socializing with peers at this age, an urgent need to be a group member, to be fashionable, cool, and trendy. But with all of this need of being in trend and fit in, every teenager desires to be unique and special, recognized and stand out from their peers. Based on such contradictory characteristics of age, you need to draw the right conclusions t be able to organize a teenager's birthday properly.

 There is no more place for clowns and animators at such a party. However, you can still use decoration with balloons because they are relevant at any age and various activities that correspond to a given age's hobbies and needs.

Teenagers Birthday dance Party 2

Here's an example of a set of activities for a teen's birthday.

  • Dance battle. All guests participate in it, and everyone can fully reveal their individuality in the dance. Make a box full of notes with different dance styles written on them. Ask everyone to pull out one by one without looking and dance the style they pulled.
  • Karaoke competition. You can start with individual songs and end with one, where everyone sings their phrase.
  • Ethnic drums. The drums provide an opportunity to express emotions and show your creative breakthrough. When ten people are drumming simultaneously, you can get a good concert, created with your own hands. (or a major headache 🙂 ).
  • The art of a bartender or barista mixing cocktails, shaker tricks or drawings on the coffee crema will help you realize that you can do everything yourself if you want.(non-alcoholic, of course )
  • Original photo session. Trendy poses and trendy looks, who can resist? Consider photo booths. They have already come with lots of cool props. 
  • Renting a limousine or party-buss is also suitable. Such a party will become unique and will be remembered for the longest time.

Most importantly, let the birthday boy/girl choose the party's location and theme themselves and participate in the organization. It creates freedom of choice and helps to feel their significance and independence.

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