The chances of something going wrong on your wedding day is pretty high. Our tips will help you stay calm and for-see most of oops moments.

 1.It's raining

  With beautiful summer weather and all the covid restrictions, more people are making their reception outside. The weather, in most cases, is unpredictable, but the success of the wedding depends on it. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare and have a backup plan. 

wrong wedding

• If the wedding takes place in an open area, ask the manager if there is a room where you can hold the ceremony in lousy weather. If not, rent a tent.

• Prepare umbrellas for the guests for the ceremony. You can order umbrellas to match the theme of your wedding. 

• If after all the prayers to Zeus it still rains, make the best of it. Photo-shoot and dances in the rain are a lot of fun and romantic.      

2.The wedding dress is ruined

Do not panic. Everything is fixable.

Someone stepped on a hem, spilled wine or sauce on you, or you hooked it somewhere.

• When it comes to alcohol stains, especially on silk fabrics, take immediate action. First, removed the liquid before it absorbs into the material. Next, blot the area with a sponge dipped in soapy water or just a soft cloth, and let it dry.

• If the spill is greasy, immediately cover the stain with baby powder. If possible, leave it on the fabric for at least 30 minutes. After that, rinse off the powder with cold water - it will absorb the grease, and there will be no trace.

•in case of a rip, sew up the cut area. Prepare a matching lace in advance and stick it on top of a tear or a burn. 

3.Someone horrible toast

Your friend or relative had a bit too much to drink and now making an awkward joke or uses inappropriate language. 

What to do?

• Ask the host to respectfully take the microphone away from the speaker with the words "Wonderful toast" playfully and with a joke, divert the guests' attention to newlyweds by raising their glasses.

• Discuss congratulatory speeches of friends in advance. Then, remind them that the toast will be in front of all the guests, including your grandparents - old school people who may disapprove of it.

And for those relatives who love toasts, "rooted in the depths of centuries," strictly set the duration of their speech. 

An important part here is that the experienced host of your event has no problems with impromptu, and humour should smooth out unpleasant situations without any issues. 

4.Oh, those kids

Tantrums in the middle of the ceremony are not the best music selection for the wedding day. Children that are running around the banquet hall and knocking everything in their path - even more so.

• The best way to prevent this is to hire a nanny or animator. Then, kids will be under supervision all the time and will be busy with something, which will prevent such incidents and allow you and their parents to relax. 

5.Unexpected guests

• To prevent this situation, warn all guests that you limited seating at the celebration. Also, let the invitations clearly state whether the guest can bring a couple with them or not.

But just in case, order a couple of dishes and extra chairs and cutlery "just in case."

6.No one is dancing

• The best way to provoke everyone is to show by the example of how to have fun! Start dancing with your groom and guests of honour, and then take people to the dance floor. 

• If you are not brave enough to dance yourself, consider hiring professional dancers that would "stir up" the guests. You will have an entire dance floor in no time.