We're only 6 weeks away from Christmas. Booking a venue and planning a holiday event is a pressing matter in most people's minds. Christmas venues are already being booked up, and the time for planning a fabulous Christmas party is now.

To help you get into the Christmas spirit and holiday party-planning mindset, we released a selection of Christmas party themes so you can get entertainment part off of your to-do list.

This year, we’re offering a collection of fresh ideas and some popular classics. Whatever vibe you’re aiming for with your Christmas party, our Christmas themed shows can help you blow your guests away. Whether it be a sit-down gala dinner, held in combination with your annual awards night or a small cocktail party, all of our Christmas party themes can be customized to meet the needs of your Christmas event’s budget, venue. Here are some ideas

Magic tale shows (great for families)

Christmas is a magical time of year surrounded by enchanting tales. This year, we’ll be recreating the magic of these tales in our shows.


Snow came early this year to Canada, and most of us are already struggling with shovelling driveways, but There is such childlike joy in the snow. We can create a magical frozen fantasy to transport your guests to a world of winter white.

Good Old Days

You can't go wrong with a disco, charleston or great gatsby themed parties. We even go further back to medieval times. This year we have created a masquerade ball themed dance (polonaise). Our dancers appear in royal gowns and suits, also known as the habit à la française. 

Carnival themed party

This theme is perfect if you want to take your guests from Canadian winter and transform to Hot Brazilian and the carebian carnival. Our Brazilian and Latin Dancers, clad in glorious costumes of sequins and feathers, blow the audience away with exhilarating dance routines, drums, fire and upbeat moves that will make you want to get up and dance yourself!

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Whatever theme you chose we guarantee with our dancers, you will have plenty of fun, and your guests will remember your party until next Christmas.