Burlesque is an entertaining theatrical show, close to the genres of musical, cabaret and vaudeville. The main elements of such a show are humorous dialogues and monologues with sexual overtones and erotic dance numbers. Even though the burlesque roots go back to antiquity, this art form gained popularity only in the middle of the 19th century. Burlesque is a show that emerged less than a hundred years ago. But you must admit - better late than never, right?

The 1920s. were golden years for burlesque.

Since its inception as a comedy show in the 21st century, burlesque has become a dance style that combines strip plastic, cabaret and comedy elements. Burlesque is not a striptease but rather a parody to it, although it has many sensual moves.

The main qualities of burlesque are exciting and bright characters. Its features: stunning, theatrical costumes, accessories dancers have very strong acting skills.

The audience is captured by the acting skill of artists. It is not only about the sensual dance moves and hip twists; it's about performing so that the audience can't stop gazing and wanting more.

burlesque show 1

There are two types of burlesque: graceful and playful dance in which parody is reduced to a minimum, and the main emphasis is on striptease. And burlesque with spice strip numbers with a substantial comedy and self-irony. Both styles tend to be vintage and very spectacular. Burlesque is an opportunity to feel and be a real woman.

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