Fall Party Ideas

Sadly the summer is over. For some, it was too hot. For others, too short, and someone didn’t even notice it. Yellow colours take over green outside of our windows, evenings are getting cooler, days shorter, and you are less likely to want to run and dance under the rain anymore. So, a party is much needed to avoid autumn apathy. And what could be more fun than a royal ball? So, let’s arrange an autumn ball in honour of her majesty Autumn.

There shouldn’t be any strict rules for costumes. Because in autumn you can find a combination of colours.

Fall Party Ideas 1

So how to decorate your house for such a party?

Start with an emphasis on shades – add orange, yellow, and red.

One of the easiest ways to add colours to a room is to add small coloured cozy details.

What could it be?

  • Themed balloons.
  • Natural flowers. Mandatory attribute of the “autumn” decor.
  • Candles. If you have a fireplace, you must bring firewood and kindle it!
    fairy lights
  • Paper leaves on the floor.

Fall Party Ideas 2


Thunder Contest.
Participants will need to inflate balloons within one minute. Now let’s find out who will have the loudest thunder. Teams will take turns popping their balloons. To make the sound as loud as possible, you must pierce all the balloons simultaneously. After the third thunderbolt, the players rate each other. Each team chooses which of the two opponents made the loudest sound. Those with the most points win.

Dance teacher.
Each of the three teams chooses their dance teacher. Teachers choose one song each, under which they will put the dance together. Then, the students stand in front of their captain and try to repeat all his movements. Competitors evaluate each other. The one who scores more points becomes the winner.

Each team is given a large umbrella. The point is to gather as many people as possible under one umbrella. Only those players whose heads are inside the umbrella’s perimeter are considered. It will be fun if players get creative to place more players’ heads under the umbrella. For example, lift each other.

Picking mushrooms
Participants are divided into teams with an equal number of people. Players must line up at an equal distance; each has a basket of mushrooms (mushrooms can be either real or plastic).

The first participants hold a rope in their hands, on which the teams will string the mushrooms. Next, participants must run to their baskets, take a mushroom and tie it by the leg with a rope, then run back, pass the baton to the second participant, and so on. The team that can string all the mushrooms on a bunch faster will win.

Finish the party with a delicious pumpkin pie.